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Natural Healing for Feline Viruses (Herpes and/or Calicivirus)

My cat Roscoe arrived at my front door in East Hollywood approximately 10 years ago. I actually expected his arrival as I had been practicing law of attraction (unknowingly) and had visualized a cat showing up at my front door in the middle of the night. He arrived pretty quickly in fact! Perhaps it was a few days or a week? I don't remember. However, I was so passionate about a cat showing up at my front door that he manifested. And so Roscoe was born into my life!

We've had an incredible intuitive bond. But something about him has plagued and perplexed me for years. He tends to break out with bloody sores on his face every so often and he also makes weird breathing sounds when he's lying down in a certain position, as if he's experiencing respiratory issues. However, every time I've taken Roscoe to the vet for an examination they've never actually heard the strange breathing noises that I hear, and they assume that the bloody sores must be food allergies. The vet always tells me to do a food elimination diet. Besides that... I've always been told that Roscoe is in perfect health. The examinations are perfect and the blood tests are perfect! And so I deducted that the food allergies must be from seafood, particularly shrimp and lobster, because it appeared that when he ate these foods he would break out. And so life went on...

Until this month! Something changed. My other cat, Felix, who I rescued off the street of East Hollywood approximately 9 years ago, had to go to the vet a few times. It turns out he was in pain and needed a fractured tooth to be removed. Throughout this ordeal I noticed that he broke out with a sore on his chin. Roscoe also broke out with a sore on his chin. That's odd I thought. If these out breaks are attributed to food allergies, then why would Felix all of a sudden have a sore on his chin after 9 years? And then it dawned on me! This is a not a food allergy at all! This is some type of contagious virus that has been misdiagnosed. The stress of taking Felix to the vet 4 times in a row must've caused Felix and Roscoe to break out. But for my poor sensitive Roscoe, it was just more stress then he could handle. He broke out with the most horrible bloody pussy sores on his mouth and chin. It was official... he had some type of virus...not a food sensitivity! And the stress of Felix's vet visits brought it all out! Worse than I've ever seen it! I was beyond concerned...

I love experimenting with natural supplements and herbs on myself, but I am extra careful when it comes to my cats. But Roscoe was suffering, and hiding...and not eating much... and his fur was starting to smell bad because it probably hurt him too much to clean himself...and the sores were getting worse. So I began to do some research online, read a bunch of supplement reviews on amazon and asked around for help. I determined that Roscoe (and Felix... and probably my other cat Dottie) either have feline herpes or the calicivirus. Neither are curable (supposedly)... and both are highly contagious with cats. Both viruses can cause respiratory issues, which would explain Roscoe's strange breathing. I was told by a lady at the animal sanctuary down the block from me that I needed to take Roscoe to the vet right away, however I read online that if I took him to the vet, all they would do is recommend expensive tests and prescribe antibiotics because there is no conventional cure for these viruses. So I decided to carefully take matters into my own hands. Thankfully I figured out what needed to be done!

Here's the natural treatment plan that I came up with:

1) I administered 1 dropper full of Colloidal Silver (Sovereign Silver) 3x a day directly into Roscoe's mouth. Silver is a natural antibiotic. It's safe for cats and for people. I realized that I was stressing him out even more at first and had to give him treats when I did this. The treats made everything better!

2) I cleaned his sores daily (or every other day) with a pinch of dish liquid in warm water. I used a soft bamboo paper towel to do this. Then I cleaned off the soap with just warm water. After the cleaning I used Aquaphor on his sores. Aquaphor is a non-medicated petroleum-based healing ointment. Turns out it's very safe for cats in small amounts and works wonders!

3) I also started adding immune system supplements to all of my cats meals! I added a new supplement everyday so they could easily adjust. Here's the list:

It appears that the sores started going away after I started using the Aquaphor, Bixbi Immunity and L-Lysine. Roscoe started eating more, stopped hiding and started smelling better! He was able to comfortably lick himself and eat again! No side effects! Just awesome results! It's absolutely amazing...but there was no need for a vet visit! I stopped using Sovereign Silver when I noticed that the sores were going away, however I plan to continue using the rest of the supplements in their food on a daily basis. When dealing with a virus it is very important to keep the immune system strong. I also recommend feeding your pet a healthy diet. I've been using Ziwi Peak, Open Farm and Feline Natural. Many feel that a raw food diet is the best way to go, however I've been advised by my vet that a cooked diet is best for a cat with a compromised immune system. But I still opt for the best, most natural canned cat food I can find with meats that are grass fed and no extra toxic ingredients added.

Anyway, I am so grateful that I managed to figure this all out without taking Roscoe to the vet. My preference is to heal things naturally... without pharmaceuticals...and so it's good to know that this is possible with my cats as well as with myself!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a veterinarian, just a very caring cat mom who is into natural remedies. Results may vary! It is best to double check everything with your vet. Wishing you and your pet the best health ever!

Update: After I wrote this article my poor little Dottie broke out on her nose. It was terrible! All red and sore and pussy. I gave her the same treatment as Roscoe, except that I added the silver to her food and on dehydrated chicken treats. I tried using Aquaphor on her nose twice by cornering her in her cage. She is a bit feral and I can't pick her up. After doing that twice she made sure I wouldn't get to her again. Her nose appeared to be getting worse. As a final desperate act, I sent her some reiki distance healing. Amazing! The next day her nose was looking much better! When all else fails... energy healing is incredible!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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