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Avoiding Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Radiation During my Trip to New York

I just came back from a trip to New York visiting family and I actually feel pretty good. This is typically not the case, however this time I took some extra precautions to protect myself from toxic wi-fi and cell phone radiation. I believe these emfs (electro magnetic frequencies) have been particularly harmful for me during my past visits. I usually arrive back in Los Angeles feeling fatigued, depressed and oftentimes even physically sick. I am quite sensitive to wi-fi and cell phone radiation. So I made a new plan this time to ensure that I would not be affected so adversely.

My first step was to call up my mom and dad and ask them to turn off the wi-fi for my visit. At the very least, the wi-fi needs to be off while I'm sleeping in their homes. The plan was to stay with my mother for two days and then with my father for two days. My mother was very accommodating, although she didn't quite understand how wi-fi could affect me so badly. It doesn't affect her, at least not that she is aware of! My father on the other hand refused to accommodate my simple wi-fi request, and so I decided to book a hotel for myself near my father's home in Long Island. I think he was a bit surprised by this move, however the last time I slept there I was in the guest room with the wi-fi router. When lying in bed I started to get a headache and had trouble sleeping. I had to turn the wi-fi off every night, which seemed to upset my dad every morning when he woke up and the phone wasn't working. I literally unplugged everything in the wall to make sure I was safe.

This time I decided to spare my father the stress of having to deal with all of my craziness, even though he offered to allow me to stay on the couch in the living room instead of the guest room with the wi-fi router. I was still concerned that the wi-fi would affect me from that distance and so I opted for the hotel room where I would be able to unplug everything from the walls.

Even with all of my emf protection devices (earth calm system, Q-Link System, orgonite, shungite, tesla purple plate and earthing bracelets) I was still a bit paranoid and opted to purchase a silver emf hat called the “Brain Coat” on amazon! I was particularly excited about this hat after I had learned how terribly horrible the emfs are when flying on an airplane. Not only are we getting hit with all the wi-fi and cell phone radiation on the plane that's being bounced around inside the craft during the flight, but we are also being hit with radiation from outer space! I tend to suffer from headaches and so I was hoping that this special hat would save me from getting one on this trip. I also thought that it would be great to go through security at the airport with this hat on so that my head would be protected from the x-ray machine.

I tested the “brain coat” out on myself for about a week before my trip. It seemed to be the real deal. I felt much better when using my cell phone and computer while wearing the brain coat. I also slept with it on at night, although it does seem to fall off a lot! After experiencing the brain coat first hand at home, I was expecting that the brain coat would be an absolute traveling game changer for me. So here's what happened...

I decided to wear my brain coat hat to the airport under another hat so I wouldn't look so crazy. The brain coat does look a little weird with flaps covering the ears. When the lyft driver picked me up I realized this was a great move. Talk about being trapped in a car with emf's! Getting through security at Delta was a bit intense as always. They made me take my hat off but allowed me to wear my silver brain coat and blue light glasses through the x-ray machine. Whew! That was a relief except that now I was looking a little crazy at the airport with my brain coat on. No big deal though...this is LA! Were all a little crazy here right? Then, ofcourse they had to dig through all my bags! I had one healing emf device called the pulsating orgonite wand that didn't make the cut through security. It looked too much like a stick of dynamite I suppose. I ended up having to check my suitcase with the wand in it.

On the plane I was sitting in a tight seat surrounded by pretty much everyone on their smart phones and laptops (an emf sensitive person's worst nightmare). My stupid (non-smart phone) was turned off ofcourse after I made all of my calls to let my family know I was on my way. Throughout the flight I was dealing with anxiety and a bit of nausea. The lady sitting next to me had a stomach ache which I managed to feel in my own body. I gave her some reiki and she got better... but that's a whole other story. 4 ½ hours later I made it through the flight with all my devices and brain coat on the entire time. The great thing about Delta is that you can turn your computer screen off in front of you so there's was no need for me to wear my blue light glasses the entire flight. That screen can be a real energy drain on the eyes and your entire body actually!

I was a bit nauseous for the first couple days at my mother's apartment. Even when she turned the wi-fi off I believe I was still affected by her smart phone (and her boyfriend's smart phone) and the neighbor's wi-fi. I had my phone off the majority of the trip. When the wi-fi was connected to use her laptop I could only tolerate it for about an hour or so max. I would start to feel extra nauseous and irritable. I also felt little pains in my head and ears here and there and a wave of energy on the top of my head when on the computer too long. All the while I was wearing my devices and my brain coat. It was still a tricky situation. I also made the mistake of riding in the car with my mom and her boyfriend without my brain coat on. After the first time I would not do that again. I was getting pains in my head and ears in the car as well!

Next I would take the Long Island Railroad to visit my dad. Again the train was filled with smart phones and laptops. I had my brain coat and other devices on yet I still felt a bit nauseous and uneasy. It was not a very comfortable train ride. Not to mention that I woke up way too early that morning and was still jet lagged. I managed to survive almost two hours on the train. I tried my best to sit away from people, especially those using devices. Tricky but I did the best I could.

Now it was a Thursday and the energy at the hotel was quite pleasant, especially when I unplugged all the important items. I had a room with a kitchen so I unplugged the microwave ofcourse and I unplugged both televisions. I also requested a corner room away from people so that I could minimize my exposure to wi-fi and cell phones. Ahhh...relief! That first night of sleep at the hotel was the best night of sleep I got on the entire trip. Unfortunately the 2nd night didn't work out so well because I ate some food that I shouldn't have. Also, perhaps there was more wi-fi and cell phones on around me because it was a Friday night? I'm not sure. At one point my father asked me to turn the tv on in the hotel. I plugged it in and immediately felt nauseous. Very odd! Thank goodness the tv didn't work for some reason and as soon as we unplugged it I felt okay again.

I did go to my father's apartment to visit and made sure my brain coat was on at all times. I noticed that when I went into the guest room to use the internet, I could actually feel the wi-fi hit me. It was very strong in that room. I also noticed that I was very agitated after staying in that room on that computer for too long. I believe my dad was affected in the same way but didn't notice. Because of this experience I was quite relieved that I chose to stay at the hotel and not at my father's place.

I also wore my brain coat when in the car with my dad driving around. He took me to two of his doctor's appointments during the visit. One of the doctor's offices provided free wi-fi and had fluorescent lights. I had to leave twice. Once because I needed my blue light glasses before I got a headache from the light. The 2nd time I left because the wi-fi was starting to bother me and there was someone sitting right next to me on their smart phone. I couldn't tolerate it. Yes, even with the brain coat on it was too much!

My father took me to visit a couple (his friends) for dinner on the last night of my trip. I immediately asked them if they had wi-fi. They were silent and looked at me with a strange look like why wouldn't they have it. After a little while of wearing my silver brain coat I began to feel like a weirdo and had to take it off. Plus my head felt a little itchy from wearing it so much on the trip. I wasn't near any phones or computers so I figured I should be alright. All was well until they turned their microwave oven on which was right across from me! Oy! I told myself to stay clam. Everything would be ok. Oh well, they were a very nice couple and I did have a very nice time with them. Plus, my head really needed a break from the brain coat. It's not pleasant to have to wear a hat all the time!

Finally, on my trip home I flew with Jet Blue. They forced me to take my brain coat off for the security x-ray. My head felt a little weird for a while after that. It was unfortunate that they made me take it off but what could I do you know? I kept my brain coat on for the entire flight along with my blue glasses since I couldn't turn the screen off in front of me. Once again I took a lyft ride home...still with the brain coat on! I got home and got a good night's rest and actually felt good in the morning.

So here's some final thoughts...besides using all of my devices along with wearing my brain coat, I feel that I took a few other important steps during this trip. My cell phone was off most of the time. I used the computer only once a day (maybe twice) for a small amount of time and got off as quickly as I could, except for the day that my mother forced me to show her how to use ebay to sell stuff. That was a bit torturous. I also spent a little too much time on my father's computer one day. But I did my best and got off the computer when I felt things getting bad.

I made sure the wi-fi was unplugged when I went to sleep at my mother's apartment and pretty much all the time unless we were using her laptop. I also convinced my mother and her boyfriend to turn their cellphones off at night. Interestingly, my mother usually has difficulty sleeping but she did much better during my stay. I stayed away from cell phones and wi-fi as much as I could, and when becoming particularly uncomfortable I simply went outside to get away from the bad energy (except on the plane...can't go outside). I also managed to get a 20-30 min walk everyday (with my phone off) which helped me to get away from the emfs for a little while. I believe that was helpful too. I also forgot to mention that when I went to sleep every night I was plugged into an earthing device. I do this all the time. This keeps me grounded and protected from emfs while sleeping. I wear the bracelets on my legs near my ankles. Can't forget the earthing bracelets! They are immensely helpful!

In a society inundated with cell phones and wi-fi it becomes very tricky to protect yourself against harmful emfs. They are pretty much everywhere now. And it's supposed to get worse once 5G hits! All we can do is try the best we can to protect ourselves. I think I did pretty well this trip! So when traveling (and in everyday life) please consider taking some extra precautions to protect yourself against harmful emfs. You will notice that you feel better...especially after a long flight! Til next time...Peace and Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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