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You Can't Force a Spiritual Awakening

I had what I consider to be my first and most important spiritual awakening back in college approximately 20 years ago. On this one fateful day, that I can clearly remember, I discovered my life's purpose and awakened to the realization that a higher power/ God energy does in fact exist. Even more importantly, I became aware that this energy is working through me. This new found connection to the spirit world would in fact have a domino effect on my consciousness, and so I continued and still continue to this very day to have more and more spiritual awakenings. I've found that once the door has been opened and were on the spiritual path, we never really stop waking up. But we must first have our initial groundbreaking spiritual awakening!

So how do we get there? What really creates a spiritual awakening? I feel that one must have an inner urge or desire to understand the very nature of this reality. Without this deep sense of questioning and passion to find the truth, a spiritual awakening may be difficult to procure. But that yearning for truth and spiritual connection may not be so easy to come by, especially on this materialistic plane. One must first be receptive to the spirit world. So how does one become receptive? Well, there are environmental factors. One may be raised in a spiritual household or surrounded by very spiritual individuals. We are always affected by our environment. There are also astrological factors. Certain signs are more spiritual and open minded than others. All the water signs are particularly spiritual in nature such as Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. I have all 3 signs in my astrological chart. Sagittarius is another sign that is a truth seeker and philosophical in nature. I believe astrology plays a huge role in deciding whether or not someone is apt to having a spiritual awakening in this lifetime. But one may need more than just environmental and astrological factors to get them on the spiritual path to enlightenment!

From what I've seen with my own life and with the lives of others, receptivity usually comes about through some type of life change, shift or crisis. It could be a health problem, near death experience, romantic break-up, etc. If a person experiences one of these major life shifts and is spiritual in nature, then there is a very good chance that a spiritual awakening will take place. In my case, I was dealing with depression, irritability, anger and physical health problems. It got to the point where I was in so much pain both physically and mentally that a spiritual awakening was just bound to happen! And being that my astrology chart is full of pisces and scorpio and at least one placement of cancer, makes me particularly spiritual in nature. So the odds were always in my favor! And I consider myself pretty lucky indeed, for I've never been quite the same since my first awakening. It took me many years, however I've figured out how to cure my own health problems without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, and many other miraculous achievements that would have been very difficult had I remained in my unbalanced and unenlightened state.

So having experienced my own pain and suffering and then awakening up to the fact that I am one with God, the infinite energy that courses through myself and everyone else...and then curing all of my health problems (or at least most of them) ... one might think that I could easily persuade others who are suffering to have their own spiritual awakenings. Ha ha! Not so fast! Yes, oftentimes when one has a spiritual awakening they just want to go around and tell everyone about it. The awakening can be so profound and so powerful that it just feels necessary to spread the word. We want to get the message out and help others achieve their spiritual awakenings too! But unfortunately, as many of us already know, not everyone is ready to hear about our spiritual awakening... nor even close to having one of their own. And many a time, when we try to discuss our awakening with a non receptive person, it just goes in one ear and out the other! No, if one is not ready to hear the message then they are not going to hear it. It took me some time to really understand this. You can try to help people as much as you'd like... But you can't force a spiritual awakening! This is a lesson that I've had to learn over and over again.

No matter how may spiritual books you give to a person, you can't force them to read these books. No matter how much you explain the immense powers that exist in this universe, not everyone is ready to understand or believe. You can talk and talk and talk and try your very best... Believe me...I've been there! I've provided reiki energy healing, crystals, spiritual articles, positive affirmations, meditations and breathing exercises...etc etc... If a person is not ready they just won't hear anything you're saying! Nope! Just won't happen! Try as you might... you just can't force a spiritual awakening down a person's throat. It just doesn't work that way. You can't just plug someone else's brain into your brain and press the download button. It sure would be great if that was possible though! But even so, if a person isn't ready for the information, the download can actually be quite detrimental. If a person isn't ready, they shouldn't be forced to digest what they can't handle. And just because a person has access to spiritual information, doesn't necessarily mean they are going to understand this information or really absorb and feel this information. Spirituality is a knowing but it's also a feeling, a 6th sense. You don't just know that a higher power exists... you feel it running through you. At least, that's my interpretation. Everyone has different ways of sensing things. What I sense may not be what another senses, but it can still be considered a spiritual awakening. I really cannot judge another's awakening. We all awaken in a way that works for us.

I know it's hard. We don't want to see people that we care about suffering. I have one family member in particular that just won't budge. For years I've tried to help him believe in something....anything really. He suffers from depression just as I used to. I solved my depression and so I want to help him solve his. Yet it appears that the more I try to help him, the more I get on his nerves and push him away. In fact, this family member who I love very much and who I know loves me very much actually called me a “know it all” once. That didn't make me feel so good, as I do not believe that I know it all. I just tapped into a frequency that he is not yet aware of. And try as I might, he just can't understand or feel the presence of this immense God energy. He also has been taking psychotropic drugs for many years. It's at the point now where it appears he has treatment resistant depression. The drugs won't work for very long. He has to keep trying new drugs. Unfortunately psychotropic drugs have a significant impact on the 3rd eye chakra, thus shutting down psychic abilities and intuition. This makes having a spiritual awakening virtually impossible. I've been trying to get him off the conventional drugs and to take a more holistic approach, however he just doesn't hear anything I'm saying. He only listens to his psychiatrist. So it's important to be understanding of our loved ones limitations and just try to be as caring and as supportive as we can be. I'm also trying my best to not be so pushy or annoying... or a “know it all” which is easier said than done!

On many occasions I've tried telling friends and family things that they could not understand or were just not ready to hear. I actually lost a friend and family member because of this. Both stopped communicating with me because my information was too challenging to their belief systems. People hold on very tightly to their belief systems. One family member, who I was trying to wake up, actually told me that they he would rather watch tv, go to strip clubs and be entertained. He didn't want to hear anything I was saying. I tried reaching out to him recently to apologize for upsetting him with my information a few years back but he never responded to my text. If someone is not ready spiritually,... if they are not on your frequency, don't be surprised or sad if they disappear from your life. This happens quite a bit. Sorry to say! This is the nature of energy. We attract what's inside of us. If we become enlightened, we tend to find more enlightened people... but the unenlightened may disappear until they are ready to be around the higher frequency energy....until they've had their own spiritual awakening!

I've learned that screaming at another person to wake up and transcend their consciousness is really not a plausible way to help someone have an awakening... although it never hurts to try right? But it seems wiser to be a bit gentle with the nudges. I try indulging people in spiritual conversations to gauge where they're at and what they're ready to hear. I may hand someone a reiki infused crystal as a gift. I may try handing someone a book. Like I said, they may or may not read the book. I've been handing books to one of my family members for years now trying to wake him up. I finally had an epiphany. He is not going to read any of the books. So this time I sent him a spiritually conscious movie. Hmm! Now that might do the trick? It doesn't hurt to try to help someone on their spiritual journey, however it is good to know what they may or may not be receptive to. Someone who watches tv constantly may not be so apt to pick up a book, right?

So don't get down on yourself when it appears that you can't break through to a friend or family member. All the little things you say and do are definitely adding up in their subconscious minds. Just your energy alone is making a positive difference. You are leading by example. We are all in each other's lives for a reason. So don't worry! It may take days, months, years and possibly even lifetimes, but eventually we will all awaken. We all evolve in our own time. Just do your best! Be kind to your unenlightened loved ones. Go easy on them! Be supportive. Lend a listening ear... Understand that they have their own lives to live. They have their own lessons to learn. They have their own concepts to believe in. You can't have their spiritual awakening for them. They have to do it for themselves in their own time. They may just have to suffer until they finally decide for themselves not to suffer anymore. So do as much as you possibly can to help the ones you love but REMEMBER... You Can't Force a Spiritual Awakening!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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