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Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet Instantly!

Battling sugar cravings, candida and/or parasites? Have you been trying to remove sugar from your diet only to find that the cravings are just too intense not to satisfy? Has this been one of the greatest challenges of your life? I have been in your position before, quite a few times in fact. And I am here to tell you that eliminating sugar from your diet is not impossible, nor must you suffer the excruciating sugar cravings that come with it. The secret to overcoming sugar is simpler than you may think! The answer lies in the leaf of a plant native to South America. It's called Stevia!

Perhaps you've heard of stevia? It's a popular sugar substitute that is 200 to 300x sweeter than table sugar! It has zero calories and no glycemic impact. Also, besides instantly eliminating sugar cravings, stevia also has many health benefits. It is a great alternative for those who are overweight and/ or suffer from diabetes. It also helps reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer, normalizes blood pressure and regulates the heart beat.

So the first step is to purchase the correct stevia product. Many stevia products have fillers and unhealthy ingredients added to them. Some of these ingredients may even cause stomach upset. I personally prefer to use Sweetleaf Organic Stevia Extract. Organic stevia leaf extract is the only ingredient in Sweetleaf. I even contacted the company at one point to find out if the product is raw which they told me it basically is. So there's minimal processing involved which is perfect!

Okay, so how should you utilize stevia to combat sugar cravings?This is an especially vital question if you are not much of a cook. I personally am not! You are going to want to create an easy to prepare tasty treat to satisfy your cravings. Minimal preparation is key, otherwise you may slip up and decide to grab something with sugar in it to eat. If you read my last article, then you know that I've been on a pureed liquid diet for over 50 days now. I was battling terrible sugar cravings until I started experimenting with stevia and creating delicious liquidy desserts, which when refrigerated would turn into puddings and mouse.

I discovered a few ingredients that work very well together. At first I used chia seeds along with almond milk, vanilla and stevia. It was very good but I was concerned about ingesting too much almond milk because I can't really tolerate nuts and seeds. So then I switched to chia seeds with water, vanilla and stevia. I also started adding in cinnamon, however I soon realized that I was having a bad reaction to the chia seeds, vanilla and the cinnamon. Then I tried cooked (sprouted) brown rice with water, avocado, coconut oil and stevia blended together. It was delicious! I also tried replacing the brown rice with buckwheat but unfortunately I experienced sensitivities to the buckwheat.

After a while I decided to go grain free so I couldn't use the brown rice or the buckwheat anymore. As an alternative for grains I tried using tiger nut flour. I also added acai to the mix. It was delicious but then I realized that I had sensitivities to the tiger nut flour and had to eliminate it. Although it was raw, I suppose it was still too processed for me. Finally, I decided to use zucchini and cooked potato along with water, acai and stevia. Perfect! Delicious and no side effects. Organic, vegan, gluten free, grain free, soy free, corn free...but most importantly sugar free! No more sugar cravings! Hurray! FYI did end up eliminating the potato as well...but at that point it was still an overall win for me... no more sugar cravings! Battle won!

Now for the bad news... I believe that stevia may be causing me more harm than good. I've been experiencing a lot of joint pain and so I decided to do some research online. It appears that stevia may cause inflammation, pain and other negative health issues for certain people. So... alas I had to ditch the sugar and the stevia! But the stevia did in fact stop my sugar cravings! This reminds me of the time I quit coffee by drinking soda. Soda is no good either, but it got me off the coffee... and green tea got me off the soda and eventually I was down to just drinking water. So my recommendation is to use the stevia to get off the sugar and then stop the stevia soon after. Even with the negative side effects I've been experiencing, stevia has still been a great choice for me. I no longer crave sugar! Amazing!

UPDATE July 17, 2019: I found an even better natural sugar free sweetener called Monk Fruit! Monk fruit extract is a concentrated form of Luo Han Guo. Monk Fruit has been used as a food, beverage, and traditional medicine for centuries in Asia, and is known for its triterpene glycoside, non-caloric fruit sweeteners. From the plant family Cucurbitac, it’s a relative of the cucumber, melon and squash. While most Lo Han Guo/ Monk fruit products contain other ingredients (specifically erythritol which is made from corn), NuNaturals Monk Fruit Pure Extract Powder includes only one ingredient: Lo Han Guo extract. It tastes decent and helps eliminate sugar cravings just like stevia. Awesome!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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