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Are You Getting Haunted by Negative Entities?

Have you ever had a strange feeling that something was in the room with you even though the room was entirely empty? Have you ever been spooked, got the chills or even seen shadows moving out of your peripheral vision? Have your pets reacted strangely (particularly cats) when you get this strange feeling? Are you concerned that if you tell anyone about these experiences that you may be considered crazy? Perhaps you may even get referred to a psychiatrist? Would you believe that some people feel this way every day and/or night? And some people even have difficulties sleeping because of this terrorizing feeling. Perhaps you are one of these people? Well, I actually understand your plight... You see, I'm writing this article because I have had this experience before and I have figured out just how to stop what I consider to be “negative entity hauntings!” I've had a few spooky moments as a young child. But most children get scared of the dark when it's time to go to sleep. This is not a new phenomenon. And many children, especially after watching a horror film, will most definitely believe that something horrifying may be lurking in their dark room at night. As a young child, I recall asking a negative entity to “Please go away and not come back” because it was scaring me. I did believe that something dreadful was in the room with me on quite a few occasions. And in the 5th grade, when my friend and I decided to call on the devil (in my bedroom) my worst fears were confirmed. My cat 'Sara' walked into my bedroom and let out a huge hiss as if she was privy to something monstrous that my friend and I could not see. At this point I was very much convinced that negative entities did in fact exist. Ofcourse I was scared half to death and asked the devil to kindly leave us alone as we had made a mistake calling him over. Ooops! Lol Yeah, you definitely don't want to be calling on the devil. Not a good idea I'd say! But hey, I was young and experimenting! It took me many years to get to the point where I would actually start getting haunted on a consistent basis... and finally end up learning how to protect myself from negative entities. Towards the end of 2012, I started noticing some very strange things. One day I saw a shadow of a man walking across the wall of my apartment and I got the chills. It was an unpleasant feeling. The shadow seemed to stop walking in the middle of my living room. One of my cats noticed this and was staring directly at the wall where the shadow had stopped. At the same time the internet and television stopped working. I raised my hand up and asked the spirit to remove any negative, lower vibrational, unbalanced entities, energies or spirits from my living space. Then I asked the spirit to please get the television to work again. The television immediately started working! Whoa! But the internet didn't. So I raised my hand up again and asked for the internet to work. Two seconds later the internet was working. Okay... so that was a bit crazy! Then I started sensing things in the bedroom with me when I was going to sleep at night. These things were actually not scary. They were quite peaceful in fact. They felt like relatives from a past life or something. One felt like a cat that was sitting on the bed with me, but when I opened my eyes nothing was there. Another felt like a person was sitting on the bed with me but again no one was there. One being was running it's hands (or energy) through my hair. It felt amazing. I felt like I was surrounded by some very loving spirits that were watching over me and guiding me. These paranormal events seemed to be the beginning of quite a profound journey for me. Soon after, in 2013, I had decided to become a vegetarian, then gluten free, then a vegan and then a reiki energy healer. Things were happening very quickly. For some reason or another I was evolving spiritually at a rapid pace! When I became a reiki energy healer I started picking up negative entities off of my clients. This is typically normal. In a reiki session, the healer may remove negative entities from the client's energy field and then send them away. However, I started having abnormal experiences whereby I would keep the negative entity with me! I was having a most difficult time removing them from my own energy field. One client in particular left me with something that was following me around and haunting me for approximately 3 days. Even my cat 'Roscoe' was acting highly unusual. He could detect, perhaps even see, what was going on. I could feel it. I woke up in the middle of the night and knew that this entity was at the end of my bed by my feet watching me. In fact, my left bare foot was sticking out of the blanket and I was getting a pain in that foot. I covered my foot with the blanket and the pain went away. I took my foot out of the blanket again and the pain was back. I felt a bit freaked out and placed my foot back under the blanket and left it there for the rest of the night. Long story short, the next day I went to my favorite crystal store and the lady working there told me that I had a negative entity attachment. This was the first time I ever consciously experienced something like this. The lady then proceeded to burn a whole bunch of sage around me but still looked concerned. She then advised me to go home and take a bath in salt water and make sure to dip my head several times to remove the entity. I did this and sure enough I no longer felt haunted. But this was just the beginning! Ha Ha! A few months later I started a raw vegan diet/ monoatomic gold phase. Monoatomic gold is a substance that opens up the third eye (psychic abilities/ intuition). The monoatomic gold was actually given to me by one of my spiritual mentors. It was blessed by some spiritual guru in Egypt. I started taking one monoatomic gold pill a day like I was taking a vitamin. I was also meditating a lot on the gold. I started getting ringing in my left ear and becoming super sensitive to everything. The ringing would get louder and louder until eventually,... the ringing turned into talking! An entity started talking to me. Now, I could go into a long fascinating story that's beyond belief... I'm talking disembodied spirits, cat spirit, spider spirit, voodoo spirits and so forth but I'll save my entity adventures for another article. What I really want to do is provide some important information on how to stop the hauntings! Because that's what ended up happening to me! I was getting haunted by some bad stuff... Ofcourse, there was some really cool good stuff hanging out with me too... and everything in between. But there were some very creepy moments... and these things were messing with my sleep! So first off, I stopped taking the monoatomic gold. I had to figure out how to get myself back to normal. I went to several integrative doctors and used essential oils, crystals, reiki, salt baths, salt scrubs, energy devices... you name it... I tried it! But every time I was finally able to remove a negative entity from my energy field, another one would appear. Sometimes it felt like there was more than one. It was quite overwhelming. I started to call myself an “entity magnet'. Even my reiki teacher didn't know how to help me. She gave me lot's of great advice. She was an expert at removing negative entities with reiki. But she couldn't figure out why I was dealing with such an incredible situation. It took me a while, but I finally got some answers. First, it turns out, I have a gene mutation called the MTHFR gene mutation which predisposes me to mood disorders. It runs in my family. Both of my parents have it. In fact, approximately 40% of the population has this gene mutation (mainly caucasians and hispanics). With the MTHFR gene mutation one cannot absorb synthetic B12 (cyanocobalamin) nor the synthetic folic acid version of folate. During my raw vegan/ monoatomic gold phase, I had been supplementing with synthetic B12. I ended up going B12 deficient. I also believe I was deficient in other vitamins and minerals that I was not aware of. Now, I don't believe that these deficiencies were specifically causing a mood disorder which was making me feel like I was being haunted. Although a mood disorder was definitely apparent! But the hauntings were very real! They were verified by the lady working at the crystal store even though that situation was way before the vegan diet/ monoatomic gold phase. My good friend was also privy to an episode with a spider spirit. In fact, I warned him that the spider spirit sent a spider into his book bag so that the spider could jump out at him later and scare him. My friend ignored me until the next day when the spider jumped out at him. That's when he knew that something was up. Anyway, this was a very intriguing time for me and I have many fabulous entity stories. But long story short, I believe that we are surrounded by entities (positive, negative and everything in between) at all times. But when we have a health issue, we become particularly vulnerable to negative entities. This is my perspective. You can visit all the witch doctors, reiki healers and voodoo priests that you desire. They may help you... But in the end, you must fix whatever is imbalanced inside of you otherwise more spirits will take the place of the ones that get removed! If you have an imbalance you will attract imbalances... even in the spirit world! Once you fix your physical/ mental health issues, your energy will get fixed and you will stop becoming an entity magnet! You will stop getting haunted. And I believe many mental health issues are caused by underlying physical health issues. I am not one one for taking psychotropic drugs, but rather B vitamins (Methyl Guard Plus is excellent to fix deficiencies), minerals, herbs and amino acids. But yes, there are certain things you can do in the meantime while fixing your health to slow down or halt the hauntings! Take salt baths and dip your head under the water often. Sleep holding selenite crystal balls (with reiki if possible). Use black tourmaline and shungite stones for protection. Wear essential oils that protect you from negative entities such as Rosemary, Juniper, Black Spruce, etc. You can also make an essential oil spray and spray yourself and your living space with these sprays. You can also burn some sage and smudge your space. You can even raise your hand up and ask the spirit to help you remove these negative entities that are haunting you. Don't forget to ask the spirit to help you heal yourself so you stop attracting and holding on to negative entities. One more interesting suggestion... I believe candida overgrowth may have an influence on these hauntings. You can try adding food grade hydrogen peroxide to your daily regimen to kill off the candida. This may actually help! If you are craving sugar, experiencing yeast infections, anxiety, depression, emf/ electrical sensitivities, nail biting, joint pain, headaches... you may have a candida overgrowth! Candida overgrowth is known to cause mood disorders and physical health issues. You may also wish to try the Turpentine Parasite cleanse to kill off parasites. Make sure you take the peroxide and the turpentine at least 2 weeks apart! They do not mix well at all! Finally, a very important note,... After a while I noticed a few things that immediately stopped me from getting spooked and haunted. A few drops of 1:1 CBD: THC oil under the tongue seemed to stop everything in its tracks! A natural sleep and cortisol balancing pill called “Cortisol Health” seemed to immediately stop the hauntings as well. I would start getting spooked, then take the oil or the the pills and everything would just stop and go back to normal. After a while I stopped taking the CBD/ THC oil. I was using the Cortisol Health pills instead. The Cortisol Health pills were getting pricey though so I eventually replaced them with Irish Sea Moss... then Kelp powder. I have a hunch that a mineral deficiency, particularly magnesium deficiency, was the cause of what I would consider to be hypomanic induced hauntings. I do believe hypomania may have been at play, however this hypomania was immediately balanced out with the CBD:THC oil or the Cortisol Health pills (which contain magnesium). But don't get me wrong, just because I'm using the bi-polar/ cyclothymic term of 'hypomanic' doesn't mean that the hauntings were not real. They were very real for me and I'm sure very real for many others who have experienced such hauntings. I believe those with mood disorders, such as bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia, are actually very special beings. Something in the brain triggers a phenomenon which allows these special beings to become aware of other dimensions and other dimensional entities. They can see and hear things in the spirit world that many other people will never experience unless they are on psychedelic drugs. It's just unfortunate that our left-brained, conventional, pharmaceutical-based western society has to brand these special people as crazy, put them in a psych ward and give them drugs. In other societies that are more spiritually advanced, those with bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia would be considered healers on the cusp of their awakening. But that's a whole other story for another article! In the meantime, if you are being haunted, try some of my suggestions. Do not get pressured into taking psychotropic drugs! Believe me, I had doctors trying to pressure me into that. Even my own father has been trying to get me on prozac for years. These drugs just don't resonate with me. I am not trying to run from who I am. I am not trying to run from my inherent spiritual nature. I am special. I know this. I have a special gift and I am here to share my knowledge and experiences with the world. Hopefully this article will help some people to stop getting haunted... or to have a better understanding of what they are experiencing...or why they are experiencing what they are experiencing.... at the very least! Don't let people call you crazy! Spirit hauntings are very real and can be stopped! I learned how to stop my hauntings... so you can most definitely learn how to stop yours! Peace and Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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