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Master Your Own System

Beginning from the time we are born, we are all helplessly indoctrinated into various systems. Our parents and family members program us with all the thoughts, feelings, emotions and belief systems that they have been programmed with throughout their lifetimes. Then we attend a school for many years. Perhaps it's a school within the public school system. Some of us may have the luxury of attending private school. But regardless of the type(s) of school(s) we may attend, we are still being programmed by the school's system. If we do not follow protocol accordingly we may actually fail out of school... which we are taught will have a detrimental effect on our future. Therefore there is a tremendous pressure for us to master the school system otherwise we may just become a failure at life. This is some serious deep rooted fear programming that starts very early on.

Now, if you attend a public school, chances are that you will be programmed to choose a career whereby you will work for some other person or company for the rest of your life. A private school may teach you to start your own business and work for yourself. Ofcourse family programming also comes into play here. If one is raised by parents who worked for other people their entire lives, it is very likely that they will teach their children to work for other people too. For them, this would be the safest and most conventional way to make a living. Anything else may be too risky! However, if a child is raised by independent business owning parents, then chances are that they will be taught how to start their own business or they'll just work for the family business until they inherit the business for themselves.

I was actually raised by two high school teachers who had basically programmed me to work for other people. I also mastered the programming of the school system. I was an excellent student. I participated in many extra curricular activities. I interned at a few prestigious corporations. I even graduated business school with honors. However, before I graduated business school I had a spiritual awakening which basically broke me out of years of

programming! There seemed to be something much more important to life than being indoctrinated into these various systems. There was something that superseded all of this! But back to systems...

After you graduate high school or college, you will probably join the work force since you've been programmed to do so... You will undergo training for the job you've decided to take... and once again you will be indoctrinated into a new system. The corporate business system! You will have to learn to master your career in this fast paced corporate business world.

Then ofcourse we are also constantly being programmed with societal rules and laws, social etiquette, religious systems, so on and so forth... Then we may encounter people who claim that their lives have been changed for the better by some type of system... (Ex: Scientology) So now you join some new system and become completely programmed and indoctrinated once again... That is... if you are easily susceptible to being indoctrinated into someone else's system or school of thought. Perhaps you find this new system helpful or inspiring though. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this. It's great when we find things that we resonate with that are actually beneficial for us. Some systems are incredible... like the human design system! Fantastic!

Now I've encountered many systems and schools of thought throughout my lifetime. Perhaps it's my scorpio moon and scorpio rising, among other astrological placements... I am very open-minded but I also question a lot of things. I don't just blindly follow the status quo. I may appear vulnerable and naïve due to my friendly and outgoing personality, however, I am a very difficult case when it comes to indoctrination, mind control and manipulation. I've learned a lot from all of the systems I've encountered, but I never once became utterly consumed and taken over by a system. I pick and choose what I like from each system and mold it into something I can use. So after years of experience I finally figured out which system works best for me. And you know what that is? My own system!

You see... self mastery is what's most important! You are your own system. Study yourself! Figure out what makes you happy. Figure out what makes you more productive. Figure out what foods make you stronger and healthier... Figure out what supplements you need to take. Figure out how to communicate with people more efficiently. Figure out how to balance your emotions. Figure out how to overcome adversities. You know what? You figure out just exactly what you believe you need to figure out for yourself! Because if you can figure yourself out... If you gain clarity and understanding as to what works best for you... Then you can create and master your own system... at which point you can master anything imaginable!

Self mastery may be the hardest thing you've ever mastered...but it's the most important, most overlooked system that you can master (in my humble opinion)! So if you find that you're too busy mastering all types of systems... (career, school, religion, even loved ones) but ignoring the most important system of all... which is yourself... Perhaps it's time to re-evaluate what's really important to you! Perhaps it's time... finally... to take a step in the direction of

mastering yourself!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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