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That Crazy Time When I Met My Guardian Angel!

I believe it was February 3rd, 2014 when I first met with my guardian angel. I was taking an Advanced Reiki Training class with Jessica Miller at the International Center for Reiki Training in La Crescenta, CA. At one point in the training, our entire class was led through a guided meditation. This was a meditation/ creative visualization with the specific goal for each of us to meet with our guardian angel! I really had no particular expectation... but boy was I in for a unique experience!

I started out walking on a beach. It was a beautiful sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky! And no one else was on the beach. I was all alone. Just me, the sand and the gorgeous glistening blue ocean. Perhaps there were a few seagulls... but that's about it. It was very peaceful and serene. All of a sudden I started rising up off the sand. I was headed towards the sky. I was flying! I don't know where I was headed but I was in the sky flying, or perhaps even floating, along with the clouds. The wonderful warm sun was beaming down on me and I could feel the pressure of the wind gently hitting my body. It was amazing!

I noticed an old man sitting on a cloud in the distance. He had a kind and peaceful demeanor about him. He had long white hair and a long white beard. He resembled what I would imagine “God” looks like... at least in the biblical sense. An old white man in the sky! As I approached the old man, I wondered to myself if this old man could be my guardian angel. But I decided that an old man in the sky sitting on a cloud would just be too cliché of a scenario for me and so I smiled and perhaps even waved to the old man as I floated right past him. I kept on flying until I reached an island.

I flew down to the island where there stood a plain and simple wood cabin. There was nothing particularly special about this wood cabin. It was rather unassuming. I decided to walk into the cabin and low and behold it was a bar! A dark gritty hole in the wall bar! I laughed to myself and thought, “ This is where I'm supposed to meet my guardian angel?” Not as glamorous as the old man in the sky image! But perhaps a little more down to earth... literally! From what I can recall, I was greeted by a rustic looking old man (again with long white hair and a long white beard.) In fact, he looked just like the old man in the sky except a bit more human and less God-like! He basically looked like some random old guy that you'd find in a country hick bar. I thought to myself, “Is this the same old man from the sky? Just in a different outfit? Could this actually be my guardian angel?”

So this old man leads me to a private room in the back of the bar. It's full of boxes. It appeared to be a stock room. Just an unenchanting dark greyish room with a bunch of boxes and a large window with square panels behind one section of the boxes. A pinch of light was peering in through the not so clear glass panels. At this point the rustic old man turns into Santa Claus lol! As if the old man in the sky was not cliché enough... I was stunned! He reveals to me that he is my guardian angel. My guardian angel is Santa Claus! Lol And all the boxes...well... they must've been presents! I was in awe!

My guardian angel Santa Claus began to speak to me. Although his speaking voice was a bit muffled, he actually sounded slightly like my father. The fact that he chose a voice that sounded like my very own dad seemed a bit strange, but the familiar tone was also comforting. Then he handed me a gift. It was a crystal lotus flower. All of a sudden a beautiful colorful bouquet of flowers bursts out of the crystal and blooms right before me. It was magnificent. Then all the flowers wilted and died. I became nervous and concerned. Was my visit with Santa about to turn negative? But then the flowers immediately burst back to life. I was relieved. This gift appeared to be a positive omen afterall!

It was finally time to say goodbye. I walked out of the bar and flew back to the beach. Eventually I opened my eyes and I was back in my reiki class in La Crescenta, CA! Wow! What a crazy trip! And I wasn't even tripping! The whole meditation/ visualization was so surreal. We went around the room and my classmates and I each took turns describing our experiences. As I explained my fantastic journey I also found myself interpreting the journey.

First I came to realize that all three of the old men in my meditation/ visualization were actually the same person... or rather the same being! My guardian angel kept morphing into different characters until I liked and accepted what I saw. In reality, his appearance simply changed based on the atmosphere we were in. But regardless of the persona he chose to take on, he still maintained a positive friendly and peaceful vibe at all times which made the experience all the more pleasant for me. He was a very like-able guy! My guardian angel was quite the chameleon. He was actually with me the entire time waiting for me to recognize him. How ingenius! In fact, one could say that he is always with me and watching over me... and perhaps even takes on different forms in our own physical reality... not just in the meditation? Who knows?

What really fascinated me was that I was in a stock room full of boxes sitting with Santa Claus before my teacher even mentions in the guided meditation that our guardian angel hands us a gift. It was a perfect synchronicity that my guardian angel chose to reveal himself as Santa Claus and then surprise me with a gift! I was also quite intrigued by the symbology of the gift. To me the crystal represented the eternal everlasting nature of our spirit. The flowers

represented our vibrant physical form coming to life in this physical reality. However, the flowers (our physical vessel) are at the mercy of natural laws and will eventually perish. But since matter nor energy can neither be created nor destroyed, our physical vessel (mind and spirit) simply changes form. Therefore all life is re-born time and time again. It's called reincarnation! So in essence we truly never die. Therefore, after the flowers died they just burst into bloom again! In actuality they never died at all! They are the essence of the crystal lotus flower which is eternal.

I also felt that the flowers bursting into a bloom, then dying, then coming back to life again was a symbolic representation of the death and re-birth that I was currently undergoing. I was in the process of becoming a new and improved spiritual being. I was evolving consciously! And perhaps this spiritual death and re-birth happens over and over again just as we physically die and are re-born over and over again. It's a never ending cycle of both physical and spiritual evolution. What a blessed gift that is!

It's pretty crazy, but to this very day, 6 years later, I still remember the whole meditation so very clearly. I don't think I could ever forget it! It was truly a remarkable experience! So to my guardian angel... wherever you are... thanks for that crazy awesome adventure! It was a great pleasure meeting you up in the sky and in that hole in the wall bar. I suppose it's just good to know that you're with me wherever I go! Location is of no consequence... you will always dress for the occasion. I look forward to meeting you in another meditation some day or whenever/ wherever were supposed to meet! Til next time! Thanks for your guidance, love and support!

FYI After I wrote this article, my guardian angel actually appeared to me in a dream, this time as a young woman! At least I think it was my guardian angel. She said she was... But that's a story for another time. I'm still digesting the message/ warning I received! So I guess my guardian angel really is just hanging around these days waiting to be noticed... Well energy flows where attention goes... Want to meet your guardian angel? I think all you have to do is ask! Til next time! Peace and Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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