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Using Your Intuition May Just Save Your Life!

Using your intuition may just save your life... and everything happens for a reason- or so the saying goes! Just this past Saturday, my good friend/ spiritual mentor who stays at my apartment most of the time (kind of like a roommate), started talking about our internet connection in the apartment. We both have laptops that we use in the living room. I sit at a desk on my laptop and he sits on a futon on the floor on his laptop. However, on quite a few occasions our energies will clash and my friend will either leave the apartment and go to his office for a few days or he'll hide in the other room (my bedroom). But unfortunately we only have an internet connection in the living room, so if he hides in the bedroom he is unable to be productive on his computer. All he can really do back there is meditate.

So on Saturday my friend begins a conversation with me about somehow getting an internet wire through the wall so that we can have an internet connection in the bedroom, especially for those precarious days when my friend is feeling extra moody and trying to escape my energy. We discuss the possibility of drilling a hole in the living room wall to run a wire into the bedroom. So I look at the wall and notice that there's already a hole with a wire running through. My friend inspects this hole and wire and decides that the wire is an old cable wire that is unnecessary. We don't watch television or cable anymore. So he decides to break and tear the wire out of the wall to make room for an internet wire to go through the wall into the bedroom. However, as soon as he does this he realizes that the cable that he destroyed was actually the internet cable. Oops! So now we have no internet connection!

So my friend now attempts to fix his blunder. The hole in the living room

wall goes through to my bedroom closet. So we both go into the bedroom to inspect the closet and we notice that there's a frayed wire in very bad condition coming out of the floor. My friend seems to think that this wire could have easily set the apartment on fire at any given moment. We are unable to fix the wire so we call spectrum to schedule an appointment with a technician. Oddly, there is a technician right in our neighborhood available to come over within 15 minutes. So we happily accept the appointment!

So the technician comes over and inspects the frayed wire in the closet. He seems surprised at what he sees and states that the wire should've been changed to a new one a long time ago. He went on to state that the building would have been liable had anything happened... meaning... the wire was in such bad condition that it could've easily set on fire and burned down the whole apartment. Wow! And being that were currently in a mercury retrograde phase, along with 6 other retrogrades this month, this fire could have easily happened any day now ... but somehow, intuitively, my friend ripped the wire apart, we discovered the frayed wire in the closet and we called spectrum to fix the issue before anything bad could happen.

Besides using our intuition to avoid a potential disaster and/or death by fire, everything was also quite synchronized... The technician told us that he couldn't believe that we were able to get an appointment so quickly. He was pretty sure that there was at least a 10 day wait time to schedule an appointment because of Covid-19, yet we managed to get an appointment within 15 minutes. The technician removed and replaced the dangerous

frayed wire in the bedroom closet and also helped drill an extra hole in the wall so my friend could use the internet in the bedroom. He stayed for an hour, and although he was supposed to charge us $250, he decided not to charge us at all! He actually thanked us for our good energy! How's that for a happy ending? So in summary... bad things could've easily happened this retrograde... a frayed wire hidden in a closet could have easily set the apartment on fire... but our intuition and quick thinking saved the day!

Remember... using your intuition is very important... it may just save your life! So try not to over-think things! Just use your intuition!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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