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Revelations of the Week

So I've been trying to figure out just what to write about this week. So many topics have flooded my mind... and now it's Wednesday... article publishing day (5:10pm to be exact) and I haven't even written anything yet! But I had a revelation a few hours ago! Perhaps I can simply and briefly discuss all of the topics that have been flooding my mind this week? Perhaps this time my article will be a little different. Perhaps a little more personal... like a personal diary? I can tell you what has transpired this past week. Sound interesting? I do hope you find what I write to be interesting. At the very least, what I write can help me organize my thoughts a little better. I've been a bit overwhelmed with information this week. Information overload if you will! I've been so overloaded in fact that I waited until the very last minute to write this article!

So let's get to it! In my last article/ poem I expressed an idea that we all need to invest in gold, silver and private land. I actually wrote this poem when I woke up one morning. I must've been dreaming about Gold and Land! I have in fact started investing in physical and digital precious metals. My spiritual mentors advised me to learn from a guru called the "Dollar Vigilante." So this week I paid for a premium membership to the Dollar Vigilante site. I get emails daily about cryptocurrencies. I've got to admit. I don't have a clue about what these emails are saying but I'm trying to understand. I've downloaded a few books from the site. I read a short but very informative piece on precious metal investments and so now I have a better understanding about that. I read a full book about bitcoin and I'm about to read a book about defensive investing. I also read a short book called "Seed Money." (Not on the Dollar Vigilante site) My friend told me about this book. I still have the longer version of the book waiting to be read. Yes, my brain is on overdrive learning how to invest before the inevitable collapse!

And as this is all going on, I am now preparing to do a full 3 day distilled water fast. I started with fresh pressed almond milk last night followed by fruit, veggie and almond milk today. My last juice was at 2:45pm and so now I am strictly distilled water. Should be quite interesting. I don't think I ever did 3 full days of any water. Supposedly distilled water is the ultimate water fast. I've been meaning to do it for a while now but I couldn't figure out how to buy distilled water in glass. I do not drink water in plastic bottles! Finally, I was on a website reading about executing a distilled water fast and I found a comment about Mountain Valley selling distilled water in glass. Excellent! I immediately contacted Mountain Valley to put in an order.

I also figured out that I haven't had a headache/ migraine in over a month. Pretty miraculous! I came close a few times. Even right now as I write this article I don't feel so great. My neck hurts and a headache is attempting to manifest. It's not quite all the way there yet. But I noticed that food could very well be the culprit....or perhaps it was my parasite cleanse? I purposely ate a burger and fries on Sunday (grass fed, grass finished with gluten free bun, rice oil for fries) followed by pasta, pizza and 2 chocolate cupcakes (organic, vegan and gluten free) on Monday and then pasta, pizza and icecream on Tuesday. It was a full moon and I was taking my favorite parasite pills (mimosa pudica seeds). So I was baiting the parasites with foods I try not to eat too often. A great excuse for eating crappy! I love coming up with good excuses to cheat on my diet! A full moon parasite cleanse is one of my best excuses!

My stomach didn't feel so good on Monday when I really went for it and ate way too much. So maybe the pain I am feeling is from over-eating, eating the wrong foods or just detoxing parasites? Perhaps all of the above! But back to not having a headache for over a month... I started taking something called colloidal gold! Could this be the reason I stopped getting headaches? I'm thinking this could be a serious possibility! Colloidal Gold was the last supplement I had started before the headaches miraculously ended.

I also started wearing a pretty fantastic energy pendant called the "Wellness Pendant." I discovered this pendant at a crystal store in Pasadena months ago. I seemed to gravitate towards it as it was dangling from the wall in the store. I held this pendant in my hand and felt that I was supposed to buy it. There was something to it. Anyway, I finally purchased two of them last week. One is called "Ground" and one is called "Flow". Ground is for energy, endurance and concentration. Flow is for meditation, sleep and lucid dreaming. Anyway. these pendants may just be the strongest I have ever experienced! The first night I wore the Flow pendant in my meditation pyramid I felt so much going on in my body. I felt an intense energy in my third eye and energy moving in my lower chakras/ spine. I noticed that I had more energy wearing the Ground pendant and even did 6 pull ups the next day... I hadn't done any pulls ups in over a month! I also noticed that my interactions with people were much more positive and pleasant while wearing the Ground pendant. But after 3 days of constantly wearing these pendants (I kept switching between Ground and Flow) I started to feel like I was getting a headache. It could be the pendants! So I decided to take them off and give my energy field a break.

I remember back in 2012 when I purchased my first orgonite pendant. The instructions said to place it in a room and get used to the energy for a week or so, then start wearing the pendant in small increments. I was so gung ho about this pendant that I decided to just wear it immediately. Well, approximately 24 hours later I had the absolute worst migraine ever and I was vomiting in a garbage can in Whole Foods. I removed the orgonite from my body and felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. I gave the pendant to my friend who was able to wear it without a problem. Anyway, it's 2020 now, 8 years later, and I can wear my orgonite pendant along with several other high frequency energy devices all day long no problem. I don't sleep with them on but I doubt that would cause any problems for me. So now I just have to get used to the Wellness Pendants. As soon as my neck pain goes away and I stop feeling like I'm getting a migraine I will most definitely be wearing these pendants again. In fact, I was so amazed by the energy of these pendants that I purchased them for my mom, her boyfriend, my dad, my best friend and my best friend's sister. Yeah...the Wellness Pendant is that serious!

Besides that, I have decided to say hebrew prayers before and after each meal I eat. It's actually the prayers I used to recite at my childhood sleepaway camp that I attended for 8 summers in a row starting at 10 years old. So interestingly, all of a sudden all these camp pictures start popping up on my facebook page. Then a fellow camper contacted me to tell me that she always looked up to me like a mentor. She too is a healer and a musician. She told me that I inspired her to perform music. Absolutely amazing! But you see how energy works? I have been reciting prayers from sleepaway camp and all of a sudden sleep away camp starts to manifest in my present reality. Fascinating! But yes, it always fills my heart with joy when someone tells me that I've had a positive influence on their life. It's part of my life's mission/ purpose to help people. So being told that I was a positive role model is a reminder that I am in fact living my life's purpose. This makes me happy!

A few more events took place this week that I considered writing about, but I think I will end this article now... on a positive note! We never really know just how much we influence the people that we are surrounded by. Everything we say and do creates a rippling effect in this world. The world would not be the same without you! Aspire to be a positive role model! Aspire to help people! You have the potential to make more of a positive difference then you'll ever know. Till next time... Stay positive and spread positivity, love and light wherever you go!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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