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Disaster Preparedness

Fires, earthquakes, floods, power outages, hurricanes... None of us are completely immune or exempt from the perilous whims of mother nature (or other nefarious forces at play). At any moment anything could happen... Hopefully we've all learned this lesson by now after experiencing the worldwide shut down due to the supposed covid-19 virual pandemic. So if a disaster were to strike would you be prepared to weather the storm? I say... better safe than sorry!

So here's some things to consider... What if you lose power for a particularly long period of time? If loss of power is concerning to you I suggest investing in a back up generator! It's also important to have flashlights on hand as well as candles. You can even invest in some emergency LED lights that turn on automatically when the power goes out. This should make your power outage a bit more comfortable! Need to cook too? No problem! Get yourself an emergency sterno cooking set. Yeah... I tried it out once. Not the greatest. Better off just eating canned food til the power comes back on! But if you have to cook...or at the very least heat something up, the sterno can help.

What if there is a mass power outage whereby stores cannot accept credit cards and you can't get money out of the ATM machines? What then? How will you buy food or emergency supplies? The answer is... Make sure you keep some cash stashed in your home, preferably some of it in small bills. Breaking hundred dollar bills at the gas station during a mass power outage may not be the easiest thing to achieve. And just in case the dollar crashes during this mass power outage... Ha ha! How likely is that to happen? You may also wish to store some gold and silver bullion to spend on essentials if necessary.

Also, if there's a mass power outage then there won't be any gas available at any gas stations to fill your car up. You won't even be able to escape the disaster if that's what you want to do! So if lack of fuel for your vehicle is a concern you may wish to store some gasoline in safe storage containers ofcourse! Now, if everyone in town is inspired by the same thoughts you are having to get out quick... well, then the roads will be jammed and you still won't be able to go anywhere even if you have enough gas. That's where your private helicopter comes into play to scoop you out of the publicly owned concrete jungle and back to your privately owned allodial land that's running efficiently off the power grid! Ha ha! Just kidding! Or am I? Yes I know... this may all sound a bit far fetched ...but one never knows? We are living in strange times...

Ok... so now let's say that the water gets turned off... for a longer than comfortable period of time. Do you have water stored to drink? I suggest having at least 2 weeks worth of water stored in your home... just in case! Make sure it's 2 weeks worth of water for everyone in your household! Remember... don't forget your pets! They need water too! Supposedly 1 gallon of water per person should be sufficient. Also make sure you have enough water for cooking and other things you may need water for. I have approximately 2 weeks of water stored in 3 and 5 ounce glass bottles. I like glass because it doesn't leach toxic plastic chemicals into the water. I fill my bottles with reverse osmosis (or reverse osmosis alkaline water) and I add 1 ounce of sovereign silver per gallon just to make sure the water stays drinkable! Silver kills all types of pathogens and viruses... in case you didn't know!

Another way to handle a water emergency is to invest in a Berkey water filtration machine. You can purify rain water and supposedly even lake water with the Berkey! Ofcourse you would need to collect rain water or live by a lake! But these are options! If you do choose to use the Berkey make sure you invest in the fluoride removing add-on! Fluoride is never too good to ingest!

Okay... what about food? Do you have enough food for at least 2 weeks? Food that is not perishable? I purchased 2 weeks worth of rice cakes and almond butter! That'll keep me alive for two weeks. Ofcourse by the end of 2 weeks I will probably never want to eat another rice cake or almond butter again lol! So I have some cans of wild caught sockeye salmon as well! I also have protein powder and many many superfood powders! Yes, I think I could survive 2 weeks! Ofcourse, if the disaster lasts longer than that I may be in trouble. So, the more food and water saved the better! And please don't forget your pets! I have 30 days worth of emergency cat food in my kitchen cabinet. The only thing worse then starving to death is watching your beloved pets starve to death... Now that's unacceptable!

Speaking of pets... if there's a fire and you need to get out quick, make sure you have travel containers on hand for all your pets. You'll want to make sure you can grab all of them quickly, get them in there containers and get out of there fast!

If things get seriously out of hand you may consider investing in weapons. Guns, zappers, machetes...I don't know? I'm not much of a weapons person, however I've never really been in a position to have to defend myself physically. I recently purchased a fighter flare flashlight... That's my main weapon of choice right now. I point the flashlight in my attacker's eyes and it's supposed to disorient them? Especially with the strobe light feature? Will this work on a flesh eating zombie? Sure hope so! The fighter flare flashlight also makes an alarm sound, can brake glass, cut rope, has a compass on it and a magnet! Hey... that's better than nothing! I suppose if the idea of handling weapons is a concern you can always keep a buff bodybuilding security guard type of friend around. I'm pretty lucky... my best guy friend just happens to be big and brawny. So, yeah... he'll help me fight off all the zombies! Lol

Worried about covid? What if something worse than covid is in the works? My recommendation... keep your immune system strong! Keep exercising (even if the gyms are closed)... Buy some weights... Maybe a pull up bar? Go for a jog (without a mask), Get some sun! Get some oxygen! Eat right... take your vitamins (D3, vitamin C, etc) and your superfoods! Boost your immune system with acupuncture and herbs! And stay positive! Fear will lower your immune system faster than anything! If you're prepared for the worst.. then what do you really have to fear? Nothing!

Alright... enough doom and gloom! You get the point... Prepare Prepare Prepare! Who knows what tomorrow may bring? We all need to stay ready! Hope for the best... but prepare for the worst!

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Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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