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Buddhism is Starting to Sound Real Good Right Now!

Ummm, did I say I was Jewish? I think you must've heard me wrong. Buddhist and Jewish sure do sound similar don't they? Interestingly, around the same time that the Israeli/ Palestinian/ Hamas terrorist war began I received within my possession two books about Buddhism: 'The Winning Life: An Introduction to Buddhist Practice' and An Introduction To Buddhism Second Edition SGI-USA.' Clearly the universe was trying to convey a message to me so I decided to read the books! I have to say... Reading these books has been an interesting, positive, empowering experience! Thanks universe for sending them my way!

I've been told that the elite powers that control the world right now are trying to destroy all Abrahamic religions. If this is true then perhaps being a Jew, Christian or Muslim is not really a good idea right now? At the very least, perhaps we shouldn't be proudly displaying our religious affiliations in an aggressive anti-war protest? Seems like that would be asking for trouble! Perhaps the supposed evil elite who control the world are correct in trying to destroy the Abrahamic religions? Afterall, the Abrahamic religions have produced quite a volatile, angry, hateful and violent population of followers. Not to mention arrogant and prideful! Not all of the followers ofcourse (not me!)...but many! Most importantly to consider... These Abrahamic religions appear to perpetuate divisiveness which cannot continue in the Age of Aquarius!

Yes, I may have been raised somewhat Jewish. I say somewhat because my parents were quite lukewarm with it. They are basically atheist Jews. So my Jewish upbringing was very loose. I didn't eat kosher, didn't observe shabbat (unless at my after school program or Jewish summer camps)... I even sang in a church choir! In reality, as a child, I wasn't very much into Judaism at all....and that's probably because I was raised in a very non-religious, non-spiritual household! But in my adult life I experienced a change of heart and somehow decided that Judaism could be good for me... and it has been! I believe that studying the Torah, reading chassidic insights, reading the Zohar, praying, keeping kosher, performing mitzvot and sharing what I've learned with others who want to hear about it has enhanced my life tremendously. Judaism has made me a better person! However that doesn't mean that I think Jews are better then other people, races or religions.

As a sensitive being of light and love I feel that I can empathize and sympathize with all beings regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender, age, species, animate or even inanimate objects of divinity. G-d, divine consciousness, infinite intelligence is within all of us, regardless of the words or language we use to express this sentiment. I believe the true chosen people are those who choose to rise above the evils and chaos of this world to show compassion and love for all sentient beings, knowing that we are all deserving of living a peaceful happy life without fear of persecution regardless of our religious beliefs. I also believe that the true chosen people choose to rise above their natural negative inclinations and evolve into more peaceful enlightened beings. These are the types of people we need on the planet right now! I don't think it even matters if one believes in G-d or not... As long as one believes in peace!

Now please excuse my language, but perhaps the supposed evil elite are saying, "Let's allow these savage war-mongering religious f#cks to destroy each other. In fact, let's promote it. Afterall, we will only be able to manifest world peace when such people have been cleansed from this beautiful planet." Sounds a bit harsh but also oddly on point. So I ask all my Abrahamic religious brothers and sisters...'What feelings truly reside within your heart, for anger and hatred shall surely be reflected back to you, as will compassion, understanding, forgiveness and love. Surely we attract to ourselves what we think and feel and this will only become a stronger reality in the Age of Aquarius. Only loving beings may enter this new age. If your religion is helping you to become more hateful, angry, vengeful, heartless or arrogant then for the sake of your existence and for the sake of the evolution of this planet I implore you to find a more peaceful religion or belief system. If your religion is helping you to become a more loving, compassionate, forgiving, happy, peaceful being then stick to what you are doing. In my humble opinion there is no such thing as a best religion... but there is a best mind state and this can be accomplished by the most religious or non-religious being. This can be accomplished by anyone who seeks peace.

Interestingly, after expressing this last thought I read a statement in a Rosicrucian document that seems to pertain to the topic at hand. As stated in AMORC's Liber 888, "Revolution is the enemy of evolution and that one must never seek to reform things through the use of violence, fanaticism, or intolerance. Such a method of bringing about one's ideas not only opposes human justice, but worse yet, it totally contradicts divine justice and cannot fail to incur very heavy karmic repercussions."

President Daisaku Ikeda, the third president of The Soka Gakkai (an organization dedicated to the happiness of the people, the propagation of Buddhism and world peace) once remarked "History teaches us the bitter lesson that coercive balances of power and attempts to resolve conflicts through military force only create greater division. Choosing dialogue is the key to building peace and achieving a victory of our inner humanity." Ofcourse when you're dealing with purposely organized banker's wars, all this peace talk just goes right out the window. Regardless of the insidious reality of it all though, this buddhist philosophy is definitely an appealing vision. Definitely more appealing than a constant battle over a supposed holy land! Personally, I could do without that!

So perhaps Buddhism is the way? Afterall, it's not an Abrahamic religion now is it? Now don't get me wrong... I'm not saying that I'm denouncing Judaism. But you know what I really like about Buddhism? It's a religion that's all about peace! Buddhists don't appear to have any inclination to fight a Holy War now do they? I like that!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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