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Connecting with Saint Expedite

About a month or so ago my mentor handed me my first voodoo book titled "A Beginner's Guide to Voodoo 2nd Edition" by Issendai Bechan. It was in PDF format (not sold on amazon) so I immediately printed it out and read it! My mentor than gave me two audio books to listen to: "The Watchers and Their Ways" and "The Magical Rites of Prosperity" both written by Baal Kadmon. I proceeded to listen to both audio books! Interestingly, both audio books were dedicated to Saint Expedite. That got my attention! I wondered... who is this Saint Expedite guy? And why are these books being dedicated to him?

In "The Magical Rites of Prosperity" audio, the author Baal Kadmon goes into detail about this great Saint. Supposedly he answers prayers... and quickly! Thus the name "Expedite", "Expedito" and "Expeditus." Not only does he move fast, but it appears that he always pulls through! ALWAYS! Now, I can't say that I know this for a fact yet. I only know what I've read so far. The majority of what I've read about Saint Expedite has been super positive. I've looked through quite a few amazon reviews regarding Saint Expedite products. All of his amazon reviews are amazing! This saint has many many happy fans! Now, I did run into a few comments in a thread about people still waiting for their prayers to be answered... Baal Kadmon says that sometimes it just takes a little longer for prayers to be answered and that we just need to remain patient... and never give Saint expedite his promised offering(s) before our prayers are answered. He should only get rewarded when he does his job! However, when our prayers do get answered we must provide the promised offerings as soon as possible otherwise Saint Expedite can take back what he gave us and then some... Definitely don't want that!

As the story goes, some nuns at a convent somewhere received some packages. One package in particular had "Expedite" written on it. When the nuns opened the package they found a statue of a saint. They didn't know what his name was, however they noticed that a lot of good things started happening after the statue arrived. The nuns decided to pray to this great saint, but since they didn't know his name they decided to name him after what was written on the package "Expedite"... thus Saint Expedite! The nuns started to notice that every time they prayed to Saint Expedite there prayers would get answered... and very quickly!

This Saint became known for resolving emergency financial problems (his specialty appears to be manifesting money) as well as all sorts of other issues... with great speed! Faster than any other spirit in the spirit world! And like I said previously, he supposedly always pulls through. Some situations may take a little longer, but for the most part he answers prayers very fast! Because of all of this... I became very interested in connecting with Saint Expedite! I do like to get things done quickly and efficiently! And there's been so many things that I've been trying to get done for years but progress has been torturously slow... especially with manifesting money! Now I'm not saying that I'm in desperate straits... Far from it! I have it better than most people. I live a very comfortable life. I am truly blessed and the money always comes when I need it. But things could be better! And that's why I decided to petition Saint Expedite for help.

My mentor handed me yet another book titled "The Magick of Saint Expedite" by Baal Kadmon, however it took me another month or so to bring myself to read it. It wasn't until I started listening to some voodoo music, followed by the shadow of mercury retrograde hitting and the approaching of the new moon in Taurus, that I felt that it was finally time to read about and connect with Saint Expedite. So this past Thursday I read the entire book. It was a quick easy read! After reading this book I knew what it was time to do. It was finally time to connect with this great saint who is known to make miracles happen! So that evening I went on amazon and purchased everything I would need for my first Saint Expedite Ritual. I purchased his statue, 7 day red candles, a night stand/ table to use as an altar, a red clothe for the table, Saint Expedite oil and a pendant to wear. I went to the dollar store and purchased a nice glass to hold his water. I actually went back and purchased a 2nd one just in case the first one broke, I also purchased an audio from Baal Kadmon's site to help me connect with Saint Expedite. Yeah, I went all out for this saint!

That evening after making all of my purchases I was in the kitchen washing dishes and having some negative thoughts about a person I do not like. All of a sudden I saw a huge bright light in the living room out of my peripheral. It was about the size of a person. Maybe a little bigger? Like the aura of a person? I thought to myself... Is this Saint Expedite visiting me? Then I felt some tingly sensations in my head and I knew.... Something positive was visiting me... and I'm pretty sure it was him! That was cool! And the negative thoughts dissipated because now I was thinking about Saint Expedite!

The next day my statue arrived! It was huge! Bigger than I thought it would be! I have to say... I never thought in a million years that I would own a statue of a man holding a cross, but there I was with this statue in my hands laughing to myself! Saint Expedite was a christian after all! And I'm Jewish. So be it! I'm all over the place lol! But I'm just following my intuition... and I'm definitely being guided by some higher benevolent forces that are trying to help me. That's for sure!

Besides the statue, my pendant and red clothe also arrived. I decided to place my Saint Expedite statue and pendant on my Jade Emperor/ ancestor altar so that they could charge up. I also placed one of my ye ming zhu stones on the statue to give it extra energy. I started to feel an intense vibration resonating from the altar. It was the statue! Saint Expedite was definitely present! His energy felt a bit heavy but not in a bad way. I felt some heaviness on my head. Not the usual light tingly feelings I get from other spirits/ angels. Nor the ringing in my ear or the feelings of air pockets going through my ears. Saint Expedite's energy was just heavy and intense. Powerful... but positive! He felt like he may have been an aries with some scorpio in his chart (when he was alive). He definitely carries a warrior vibration. Well, he is wearing a medieval soldiers outfit and he was a soldier so that makes sense. He just feels like a no non sense type of spirit. He gets straight to the point. No bs! Yeah, I'm from New York. Saint Expedite is my type of guy. I kept walking in and out of my bedroom all night to get a hit of his intense energy. The closer I got to his statue the more energy I felt. It was addictive actually. Quite intoxicating. Then when I picked up his pendant off the altar it felt super energized! I put it on and went to sleep wearing it!

I read that Saint Expedite's altar should not be placed in the bedroom because his energy could keep a person awake at night. Well, I had decided that his altar should be on the balcony, especially because his candle is supposed to stay lit for 7 days and that is not safe in an apartment setting with 3 cats. I doubt that the balcony will burn down. I hope not! I slept with his statue in the bedroom with me that evening, and although his statue was a bit creepy in the dark at night, the energy was super positive and so I slept well. I felt comforted actually. It was as if Saint Expedite was my spiritual security guard keeping negative spirits out of the bedroom while I was sleeping.

The next day I Iistened to Saint Expedite's audio on a speaker while resting in my meditation pyramid. (I later found out that the audio was supposed to be listened to with headphones... oh well!) The audio has a very dark vibe to it. Almost like I was in a castle in Transylvania. Almost like Dracula was about to arrive. Yeah, the audio sounds like Dracula music. Thankfully I didn't get creeped out by it! Lol The intensity of the music definitely matched the intensity I felt in my bedroom the night before. It was on point for sure!

Saturday night, after Havadallah, my altar table arrived. I assembled it and placed it on my balcony next to my solar altar. I'm hoping they're not to close together but I really don't have anywhere else to put my Saint Expedite altar. I was reading that he likes to be next to doorways so I placed his altar next to my balcony doorway outside. I also added the red clothe to the altar which I pinned down on both sides to make it fit nicely. I placed the statue in the middle, but realized later that it was supposed to be on the right side in the front and so I moved it. I also added my ye ming zhu stone to the altar for added energy... And later on I added my synergy stones to the altar for a little more high frequency energy. Ofcourse the ye ming zhu and synergy stones would be removed when it was time to perform the ritual. Funny thing, my friend's 6 year old daughter saw the statue and said it was scary! lol I wouldn't say that he's scary. Just very very serious! And that's a good thing! Especially when you're trying to get something done like manifesting money!

Saturday was a powerful day. There was a new moon and a solar eclipse. Something told me to write Saint Expedite a letter introducing myself. So I wrote him a nice letter letting him know that I looked forward to working with him. I told him that I would write an article about him. He loves recognition. I also mentioned that if he was able to get me a certain amount of money before I performed his ritual on Wednesday that I would sing praises to him in the article. Well, it's Wednesday now and I already started his ritual earlier today and I haven't received any amount of money yet. But that's okay. I just wanted to see if he would read my letter and make something happen early... At the very least I gave Saint Expedite a heads up regarding what I was about to ask him for! FYI After I wrote him the note and placed it under his statue on his altar on the balcony there was an earthquake! It happened while I was sleeping but supposedly my 3 cats went nuts and tore up my meditation pyramid. I spent the whole next morning fixing it! I thought that perhaps Saint Expedite was in the apartment getting the cats crazy? But maybe it was just the energy of the earthquake? I don't know. There was so much going on energetically!

Now although I have not manifested any of the money I requested yet, it's interesting to note that within the last few days my best friend/ roommate attracted two situations where he was offered the exact amount of money that I am asking for. Saint Expedite has to know that if my roommate gets the amount of money that I'm asking for then that doesn't count. I have to receive the money personally in my hand or in my bank account. I'm sure Saint Expedite realizes this. But it is interesting to note! The money does appear to be trying to materialize in this physical reality! That's a good sign!

So yesterday my Saint Expedite oil arrived! Just in time! I rubbed the oil all over my candles and my pendant. I also placed some oil on my skin as well. It smells very nice. However, as soon as I lied down in bed and started reciting some prayers, I felt tons of energy running through my body. I wondered how I would fall asleep. I didn't even take my cbd oil. I realized at that point just how strong the oil is. However, after saying my prayers, the energy seemed to settle down, thank goodness, and I fell asleep no problem. But for a moment, the energy running through me reminded me of some bad times when I used to get haunted in my bedroom. The oil is so strong it is almost comparable to moldavite oil. When I woke up the next day (this morning) I felt very energized. After a moment I realized it was too much energy. So perhaps I won't be wearing this oil to sleep again! lol

Anyway, I started my formal ritual to Saint Expedite today, Wednesday, since Wednesday is ruled by Mercury (communication). And the ritual will continue for 7 days! I have to be honest. It was a rough start today. I felt a little crazy. The energy of the oil was so high frequency that I've been buzzing all day. Finally, after getting my energy together (sort of) I performed my daily solar ritual, recited powerful kabbalistic prayers for abundance, then listened to my Saint Expedite audio (with earbuds in my ears) while performing reiki distance healing, then a reiki meditation and then Qi Gong, right before performing my Saint Expedite ritual. And this all happened before I even ate breakfast! I think I overdid myself. It felt like too much! Then my Saint Expedite candle kept getting blown out by the wind. I had to keep relighting it. This ritual was not going exactly as planned. Regardless, I am confident that I made the connection with Saint Expedite and I am very excited to see where this all leads! And ofcourse, as soon as Saint Expedite answers my prayers I will most definitely write an article praising him! I am hoping that this will be my next article! Also upon answering my prayers I will provide him with 5 pieces of pound cake, a glass of red wine, 5 quarters and a red rose! Yes, there are the things he likes the most! Fascinating times indeed! There's actually a lot more that went into this process, including the construction of two upside down/ inside out umbrellas hanging over my altars on the balcony to protect them from possible rain. I just think I've went into enough details for now. I don't want to over talk the whole thing ya know? Til next time... Will Saint Expedite pull through for me? To be determined... I do have faith in him though! Thanks Saint Expedite! I'm so very glad to get to know you finally!

UPDATE Monday May 9, 2022: On Day 3 of my Saint Expedite Ritual I received confirmation that it was absolutely imperative for me to discontinue the ritual! In reality, the ritual discontinued itself! I intuitively knew that something was wrong ever since the morning I woke up and found my meditation pyramid torn apart. That should've been a hint! But I was so caught up in the moment, and spent so much money setting up for this ritual, that I didn't wish to listen to my higher self and cancel the whole thing! Anyway, long story short... Saint Expedite is awesome! I love his energy. I feel a little sad to let him go. However, I am a loyal servant to the great Jade Emperor! I should've never reached out to another spirit to help me manifest money. It was wrong and disrespectful. Believe me...I apologized profusely to both spirits and I feel that I've been forgiven. Anyway, I will go into more details in my next article... "Knowing When to Discontinue a Ritual: My Sincerest Apologies to the Jade Emperor!"

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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