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Daily Activities that Keep a Smile on my Face!

It's that time of year again folks! Mercury Retrograde Season! The Shadow Phase has already begun just a few days ago! Mercury will be moving from Capricorn to Sagittarius. So what does that mean? Supposedly we will all be dealing with a restless feeling of wanting to get sh*t done, which is not easy when in a retrograde phase! Then again, Retrograde affects everyone a little differently... but the major point to remember is to stay calm and know... It is Mercury Retrograde!

I personally feel like Mercury Retrograde is a time to keep things simple! Then again...That's how I strive to live my life... with simplicity! I try to do things daily that keep a smile on my face. Here's a list of a few things that always make my day better...

  1. Reciting a daily prayer/ affirmation (with reiki) in the morning before leaving my bedroom to attend to my daily affairs

      2. Meditating: My new favorite meditation is a Rosicrucian Meditation that I try to perform twice a day. It involves intoning vowel sounds to activate psychic centers in my body... Then I rise to the celestial sanctum where I'm met with an amazing euphoric energy that definitely has a positive/ uplifting impact on the rest of my day! If I run out of time to do it in the

morning, then I get it done in the afternoon and before bed! Just a few minutes of this

simple meditation has remarkable affects on my mood!

3. Another activity that brings me joy is feeding squirrels! I do this just about everyday (if I leave my apartment...which I normally do on weekdays... not always on weekends) I feed the squirrels at my apartment complex, at the library and even next to the store where I purchase the nuts. It's not even neccessary for me to see any squirrels! Just leaving the nuts out for squirrels to find makes me happy! I also noticed recently that crows eat walnuts in shells at the library as well! The more animals I can feed the better it makes me feel!

4. Which brings me to the hummingbirds on my balcony that drink so much sugar water that I can barely keep up with them! I love to hear their little bird sounds and feel their little wings fluttering close to me as I perform my daily solar ritual on the balcony followed by burning ancestor money!

These are things that make me happy! Very simple things!

5. And if I wake up and have money in my bank account, even the smallest amount of money, I am super grateful to be able to shop for simple foods that keep me healthy and strong... Shopping for food brings me joy!

6. And eating the food is even more satisying! I love to eat while reading an uplifting/ inspiring book while positive affirmations play on low volume in the background!

Yes, these are very simple things... but they are important to me! I don't watch television. I don't watch or read the news! I don't talk about anything negative. I am grateful... And because of this only more good things can and will come to me! I remind myself everyday that I attract all the best things in life for myself and all my loved ones, family and friends.

So stay positive my friends! Don't argue... Don't discuss politics or war right now. Don't attend rallys with angry aggressive people surrounding you! Take it from me... Keep it simple! Eat healthy! Think healthy! Stay grateful! Make the best of your Mercury Retrograde Season! Peace and Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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