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Do You Have Your Own Personal Orisha Watching Over You?

I'd like to begin this article with an important disclaimer since the spiritual mentor who opened me up to the Orishas seems to feel that I place myself in potential danger by writing this article. First and foremost, I am in no way an expert on this subject. I just learned about the Orishas perhaps a week or so ago. I am a complete novice on this subject matter... an infant if you will. Most of my information has been taken from one video online, a few articles and my spiritual mentors. I realize that there are quite a few different variations and beliefs regarding the Orishas. Different cultures practice different things. I cannot say what is right or wrong. We all have to figure this out for ourselves... or consult a priest, also called a "Babalawo." Perhaps the priest goes by a different name in certain cultures? I have not consulted any priests yet. This article is primarily about my experience learning about the Orishas and possibly feeling their energy in my life. That's it! I am a humble seeker of truth and can honestly admit that “all I know is that I know nothing.” So please forgive me if I write something that is not agreeable to you or your culture, and please feel free to send me a message correcting any errors you find in this article. I am trying my best here. Thank you for understanding! Now to the article...

It appears that I just graduated to a new world of truth! The world of the Orishas!- 4th dimensional beings that affect our 3rd dimensional reality! And a 5th dimensional being called "Oni Olodumare" who created the 4th dimension and all the powerful Orishas of the 4th dimension. "Olodumare is unseen, but sees all.  Olodumare is the source of all that exists." Some would compare the Orishas to archangels or demi deities. Oni Olodumare and the Orishas originated with the Yoruba people in Africa before any other religion was created.

Supposedly every person has their own personal Orisha watching over them, guiding and protecting them. We can discover who this Orisha is by receiving a general reading from a Babalawo, however it may be possible to get a sense of who your Orisha is by studying the characteristic traits they embody.

According to some there are nine main Orishas. Others say seven. I watched a video about the nine and then I read an article about the seven. I actually read a few articles trying to figure this all out. So is it seven or nine? I don't know. Depends on who you are asking I suppose? There's probably even more then that! However, as my friend and I were watching the video 9 Powerful Orishas from Yoruba Mythology, I started taking notes trying to figure out who I identified with the most.

The video started with Shango: Male, King of Orishas, Music and Dance, Justice, Truth, Unity, Integrity, Wisdom, Compassion. 2) Yemiah: Female, Queen of the sea, Mother of Life/ Fertility, Mermaid, Moon, Tides, Protection, Cures illnesses, Compassion, Empathy, Strength, One of the earliest Orishas, February 2nd Celebration- Offering thrown into the sea. 3) Ogun: Male, warrior, bravery, strength, I'm not sure but I think that he went away to battle and requested that when he returned the whole town should practice silence and fast for a day. Upon returning everyone was eating and celebrating. Ogun got angry and killed everyone. Then he jumped into a hole in the ground and disappeared never to be seen again. This seemed like an odd introduction to the Orisha of war, but for some reason it felt oddly familiar. I love to practice silence and fast. Also Ogun was ignored by his followers, he got angry, left and hid. I am often ignored, I get angry and then I leave and hide. Hmmm...

4) Oshun: Female, Goddess of Beauty, Love, Comfort, Rivers, Waterfalls, Power, Resilience, A warrior, Maternal, Fertility, Feminine Charm, Goddess of Wealth and prosperity, yellow outfit, Holds a mirror and fan, female power, intuition. Offer honey, fruits and sweets to Oshun. 5) Ahhosi: Male, Hunting, Justice, Brings Foresight and planning, A wise King, Brought prosperity to his people, Attainment of goals and abundance, January 20th is a day dedicated to Ahhosi: drumming, singing, dancing, fruits and veggies thrown into nature.

6) Oba: Female, Marriage, Relationships, Faithful beautiful wife, regal Queen, Intense love, Sacrifice, Resilience, Inner strength to conquer challenges, strength, bravery, justice. 7) Eshu (Elegua) Male, Mediator between Man and Gods, Orisha of duality, Equilibrium between opposing forces, Sly, Clever, Enjoys playing pranks, He spends time at crossroads, he can shape events, he gives wisdom and aid to Shango, People offer rituals and offerings at the crossroads, He provides Guildance, Protection and Assistance. My best guy friend/ spiritual mentor was told by his Babalawo that he is being watched over by Eshu also known as Elegua. I purchased a cute little Elegua statue for him.

8) Babalu Aye: Male, Diseases, Healer, Cause and Cure of illnesses, strong connection with earth, Cemeteries, Purify and Cures People, Compassion towards humanity, Drives away negative energies, Herbal Medicine, Can cure the incurable, Striving for balance and wellness, Started out as a man. After hearing this description my friend screams out "This is you!" It does sound like me. I am a healer. I am into herbal medicine. I love to cure illnesses and drive away negative energies, etc... Hmmm...

And finally 9) Oya: Female, She was married to Shango, Central Orisha, Strength, Courage, Compassion, Change, Majestic, Dances in the sky during storms, Queens of the Winds, Power to Control the Winds, She holds a horsehair whip, Powerful, Independent Woman, Female Empowerment.

Any of these descriptions feel familiar? Of course these are relatively simple descriptions. There's definitely more information to be found on each of these Orishas when you take the time to research them.

I looked a little more into Babalu Aye. He is also associated with Saint Lazarus and December 17. My birthday is on the 17th. Hmmm... And bloodstone which is associated with Pisces. His colors are purple, yellow and earth tones. Supposedly all healers are children of Babalu Aye. As I thought of him I received a text message to help heal a dog who was having trouble walking. Was this a sign that Babalu Aye was with me? He is often depicted with two dogs walking next to him licking his wounds.

But then I also found myself vibing with Ogun. For some reason I could really relate to his story.... especially the fasting and practicing silence part! I was alone one night eating a meal thinking about Ogun. I saw energy/ light moving in front of me. It was quick. I feel like it may have been Ogun visiting me? But then I received an email for a healing as if to remind me that Babalu Aye may be around too? I asked my friend/ mentor to ask one of our spiritual mentors who he thought was with me. He said I am being watched over by Ogun!

So I did a little more research on Ogun and found more similarities in this one particular article called The Seven African Powers: The Most Powerful Orishas. Ogun is creative, a problem solver, and a healer with the ability to transform negative energy into positive. He is revered for his sense of loyalty, determination, and strength. A few other things caught my attention. Now all that's left is to do an actual reading with a Babalawo! To be continued I suppose...

I leave you with this prayer I found online...

Olodumare, mo ji loni. Mo wo'gun merin aye. 

Creator, I greet the new day. I greet the four directions that create the world.

Igun 'kini, igun 'keji, igun 'keta, igun 'kerin Olojo oni. 

The first corner, the second corner, the third corner, the fourth corner are owners of the day.

Gbogo ire gbaa tioba wa nile aye. Wa fun mi ni temi. T'aya -t 'omo t'egbe - t - ogba,

They brought us the good fortune that sustains us on earth. They bring me all things that sustain my spirit,

wa fi yiye wa. Ki of f'ona han wa. Wa fi eni -eleni se temi, 

With you there is no failure, we praise the road you created, nothing can block the power of the Spirit. 

Alaye o alaye o. Afuyegegege meseegbe. Alujonu eniyan ti nf'owo ka le. 

We praise the Light of the Earth; it sustains the abundance of Creation.

A ni kosi igi meji ninu igbo bu obi. Eyiti o ba ya'ko a ya abidun - dun -- dun -- dun. Alaye o, alaye o.

It brings us the food of the forest. It brings us the sweet things in life. We praise the Light of the Earth; we praise the Light of the Earth. 


May it be so.

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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