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Fun Times with my Friend's 5 Year old Daughter!

It was around 3am on Thursday morning last week when a tiny voice awakened me from my sleep. it was my guy friend's 5 year old daughter! Let's call her "Laura". That's not her real name but for anonymity's sake I will refer to her as Laura throughout this article. Laura had just been dropped off by her mother to spend a few days with us. Try as I might I just couldn't get back to sleep! So I emerged from the bedroom in my hilarious sleep attire which included a silver emf hood hat and blue light glasses! I looked pretty odd and so I immediately took on the character of the "Sleep Monster!"

Mind you, my interactions with Laura have been minimal over the past 3 years due to some unfortunate issues between the parents. So I sneak into the living room and in a funny voice I start moaning something like "The sleep monster is here... You woke me up...You woke up the sleep monster!" My arms were flaring all around. My guy friend was worried that my strange outfit would scare his daughter... but all she could do is laugh! Laura was laughing like crazy! After that... it was all over! Laura wouldn't stop following me around! She had become my number one fan!

Over the course of the visit Laura was taught how to interact properly with my cats. After being scratched a few times she learned that she couldn't be as rough with them as she wanted to be. Laura also learned that she couldn't get her way all the time. A tough lesson for a little girl that's used to being spoiled. I bathed Laura a few times, took her with me to the grocery store, took her swimming, showed her how to feed the friendly squirrel at my building, showed her how to feed the horses at the horse stables behind my building, I took her to the park and we had quite a few important and enlightening discussions.

I taught Laura about the Law of Attraction, Money manifestation, healthy eating, energy healing, prayer, meditation, compassion for insects (and all creatures) and we talked about spirits. She was absorbing everything I was saying! Laura was intrigued by the idea of spirits and wanted to see them. I told her that if she wants to see spirits then she has to talk to them and tell them that. So Laura starts saying out loud, "Spirits I want to see you! Spirits I want to see you!" Adorable!

What an incredible visit! I think I did a great job guiding this beautiful little indigo child. I forgot to mention...she's a pisces (astrological sun sign) just like me! And her father's a pisces too! Three pisces in one apartment! A manifestor (dad), generator (Laura) and projector (me). In case you don't know, manifestor, generator and projector are all types in the system of Human Design. Wow! What a powerful energy we had between the three of us!

I've been told that Laura will start visiting more often. I think it's wonderful to spend time with children. I love children and I really enjoyed spending time with Laura. Ofcourse, I also found it to be quite exhausting at times. Laura was following me around everywhere. She even wanted to sleep with me which I could not allow. Projectors are not supposed to sleep in anyone's aura. The visit was a real challenge because I often felt like I needed a break. I'm the type of person that needs a lot of alone time and rest. On the otherhand, being followed around all day long by an adoring 5 year old is quite the compliment... and when she told her mom that I was "the coolest", well, that is the greatest compliment that I could ever receive...especially from a 5 year old indigo child!

Til next time... Spend more time with children. Be a positive role model! Afterall... children are the future!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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