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Have I Been Cursing Myself?

This past Friday morning, on December 30th 2022, I experienced a heightened intuitive energetic connection to the spirit/ most high divine creator. After reciting my first set of morning prayers I felt compelled to take notes on my experience. The following is what I wrote (with a few extra added sentiments and edits):

Have I Been Cursing Myself? After I received the King Solomon Seal book I was guided to meditate on the seal of protection for all encompassing protection. I actually received a ringing in my ear as I read the description of the seal. The owner of the seal cannot be harmed. If attacked, the foe's weapon shall turn against him. In my mind this meant that if someone tried to curse me, the curse would get blocked and returned to them. After meditating on this seal I performed a solar ritual on my balcony... A ritual that I perform daily. However, this time I decided to light the candle. I usually just light the incense. Candle lighting appears to bring very strange energy to me at times. But I felt strong with the power of Solomon's seals protecting me and so I decided to light the candle. In the midst of the ritual I heard two cats howling at each other very loud under my balcony. I knew at that moment that my ritual had made an energetic impression on the universe... on myself... and on the person I suspected had been cursing me.

However, days later, after some strange mishaps occurred, I was guided to take back what I said and not return curses to the sender. I had this odd feeling that somehow I was sending the initial curses to myself and then by returning them to sender I was simply cursing myself twice! Perhaps simply the thought of an existing curse might create one out of thin air?

Days later, after working with Solomon's seals some more and attaching two seals to the wall of my bedroom, placing one under my bed and one in my car, I was guided to remove Saint Expedite's unused altar off the balcony away from my solar altar. I felt like Expedite was guiding me to place his altar way high up in the living room on top of a tall shelf, whereby my 6 year old step daughter can't reach him and fiddle with articles on his altar- which she was doing before. I washed his red cloth and rearranged 5 quarters in a nice geometric pattern and replaced his old closed glass of water with a nice open glass of reiki infused water. Energy shifted and I believe Expedite was happy with his new home in the living room facing the balcony door.

I decided at this point that I felt safer about lighting candles on my solar altar on my balcony with Expedite's altar having been removed. I felt like my solar rituals may have been disturbing Expedite which could have been causing some bad energy around the apartment and in my life. At this point I posted a new Solomon's Seal on my bedroom wall which bestows riches, wealth, success, peace, serenity of mind, discovery of treasures, and position of honor and glory.

The next morning I woke up feeling good. As I was reciting my morning prayers a weird thought crossed my mind... Have I been cursing myself this whole time? But it dawned on me that all the pain and struggle I've been going through has been a blessing forcing me to learn to be better. Perhaps I have been blessing myself with curses so I can be stronger? Perhaps the most high divine creator has been in on this plan with my higher self this whole time? I should be grateful for all the so-called curses, hardships, pain and suffering that I've endured for all these years. It's been a grand test and guess what? I'm passing the test with above average scores. The plan is working. I am mastering myself and I am mastering this reality. All this time that I believed my close relative was cursing me it was really me that was cursing me! Could this be? And perhaps these perceived curses have not even been curses but actually blessings in disguise. I had to pause to think about this before continuing my prayers.

So I sat back down and opened my Walking in the Fire book. Usually I have the book's cover holding my page for me so I can go right to the invocation for protection page. But for some reason the page holder (book cover) had been removed. So I turned to a random page, trying to get back to the invocation for protection page, and immediately read the words "Don't curse yourself!" I was flabbergasted! The words "Don't curse yourself" happened to be a sentence that was part of the Holy Goralot of Ahitophel answer guide. The Holy Goralot of Ahitophel is a holy book whereby one may seek insight and ask important questions that get answered directly by G-d/ Hashem. Well, it seemed as if G-d was answering the question I had been pondering at that very moment. The entire answer to my question read as follows: " 74. Know that no one can do anything to you that is not the will of Heaven. Don't curse yourself today. Have faith in G-d and he will prosper you." Wow! This was exactly what I needed to hear...or rather... read!

As I was praying Shacharit (the Hebrew morning prayer) I received more insight on G-d's answer to my question. This is all happening so I can make corrections for mistakes that I have been making. My Tikkun process!

Wow! What an exceptional insightful Friday morning I had!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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