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Healing Albert the Squirrel Part 2

A few articles ago I wrote about a squirrel (that I named "Albert") who lives at my apartment complex. I originally thought that he had a condition called malocclusion which is imperfect position of the teeth when the jaw is closed. Albert was experiencing a difficult time eating nuts in shells and had to have the shells removed for him. He also needed his walnuts to be broken into smaller pieces for him. He took an exceptionally long time eating his nuts as well. Sometimes I would come back an hour later and he was still in the same spot eating his nuts. Then all of a sudden Albert grew a large lump on the right side of his face! I had been in touch with Sharon at the Squirrel Mender (a California non profit) and I also contacted the California Wildlife Center as Sharon had advised me to do. But neither organization was able to assist me with Albert. So I contacted Sharon at the Squirrel Mender again praying that this time there would be something she could do to help Albert! I just couldn't give up on him!

My Text to Sharon: Hi Sharon. Its Jennie again. Hope your week is going well. Just wondering if there's any medication I can give my squirrel to help him. His teeth don't appear to be overgrown. But he does have a large lump on his cheek that seems to have gotten bigger. So maybe it's not malocclusion but something else? Thanks!

Sharon: A cyst. You have the squirrel? A baby?

Me: It's an adult. Same squirrel we discussed last time. He's a squirrel that I feed at my building.

Sharon: A wild squirrel. Where are you located?

How many times a day do you see him?

Me: L** F**** V****** Apartments in A****** V****** LA. I haven't seen him in a few days but my neighbor who also feeds him seen him earlier today and commented that the lump was bigger.

I think he usually comes out in the morning and late afternoon. I have fed him in mid afternoon as well.

I just talked to my neighbor. He usually sees the squirrel at 6pm.

Sometimes at noon. So he hasn't seen him yet today. He saw him yesterday at 6pm.

My schedule has been a little off the last few days which is why I can't give a definite account of the squirrels schedule. But my neighbor also works in the leasing office so he's always around.

The squirrel is friendly and lets me pet his head sometimes.

He knows I'm trying to help him.

He can only eat small pieces of nuts. I always make sure the size is right for him. And my neighbor now takes the peanut out of the shell for him. He can stay in one spot for an hour eating nuts.

So that's the story!

Sharon: If he has trouble eating it may be teeth.

Me: Well, I originally thought it was malocclusion. The right side of mouth seems to have twisted teeth. And the lump is also on the right side.

(2 days later after no response from Sharon)

Me: Hi Sharon, hope you had a good week. I just saw my squirrel again. The lump on his face appears to have popped. Its all wet with puss and a pinch of blood. I'm guessing this is a good sign. It either happened naturally or he received medical treatment. He seems extra skiddish so maybe he did get medical treatment through one of my neighbors?

Sharon: Most likely it opened on his own. Keep an eye on it. If you could give arnica Montana that would be great. Find the homeopathic arnica Montana. Little pellets. Put one in a syringe and fill with water to dissolve. Put 1-2 drops on a shelled nut. Give each time you see her.

Me: Ok. I will look for this on Sunday. Thanks for your help!

Keep you posted! Have a great weekend!

I found arnica montana 30c. Is that good?

Is 3oc ok? Let me know. Thanks! I have to step away from my phone in a moment. Have a great weekend.

Sharon: Perfect. You can put a pellet in a 1cc syringe and fill with water. Just add the drops whenever you can. Good for pain and swelling.

Me: Great. Thanks!

I have a 22.5 gauge syringe with a total of 3ml. Do I fill it to 3ml? Or 1ml? Is 1ml equal to 1cc?

Sharon: Put two pills and fill to 3cc water. Half a shelled walnut and go ahead and put 3-4 drops.

Me: Is 3cc equal to 3ml?

Sharon: Yes. Sorry.

Me: Ok. Great thanks! And then every time I see the squirrel I give him the same dose once a day until its all used up?

Should I continue dosing him after the first dose?

My squirrel just ate the medicated nut! Please let me know what I should do next. I took a great photo showing the side of his face where the lump was.

He came when I called him. Sweet guy!

Hi Sharon, I'm sorry to keep texting you with the same question. Maybe you haven't received my texts or you're very busy? I'm just wondering if I should continue giving my squirrel the homeopathic remedy until it runs out like you originally stated? Its the 2 pills of 30c arnica montana in 3ccs of water for lump/cyst that popped. Thanks!

To reiterate, he already received 4 drops on half a walnut yesterday. Thanks!

Sharon: I'm at Lassen National Park and our service is spotty. 4x first day, 3x second, 2x third and once the fourth and done.

How does he look?

Me: I only see him once every day or so.

Sharon: Ok, as often as you can.

Me: He looks ok. Just has blood and pus across the right side of his face.

Thanks! I will give him a dose every time I see him until the liquid is done. Appreciate your help.

Sharon: Is it looking better?

Me: Well, there was a lot of puss and some blood the first time I saw him and the 2nd time was the picture I sent you. It seemed to mostly get wiped off. That's the only noticeable difference.

Sharon: They look really icky when they burst.

Me: Yeah. It was icky. Now its not so icky.

He's eating his 2nd medicated nut now! I think he looks better?

Sharon: Yes, it looks like it is healing.

Me: I just gave him medicated nut number 3! He looks great!

I just gave him nut number 4. His face is looking much better!

(Then I wrote to my mom and her partner Ray...)

Me to Mom & Ray: Everyday Albert waits for his medicated nut at the same tree at the same time! It must be making him feel good!

My mom: He is so smart!

Sharon: Wow!

Me: Medicated nut number 5! 😃

Me to Mom & Ray: Alberts's no where to be found today!

(Approx. 15 minutes later)

I found Albert at the last moment! 😃

Mom: Good!

Me to Mom & Ray: Medicated nut number 6! 👍

He's being a little extra skiddish today. I think I scared him the other day by trying to get too close to him to take photos. So he didn't come when I called him today but I still managed to track him down. Spent about 40 minutes trying to call him over!

I'm thinking another reason why Albert didn't come to get his medicated nut the other day is because he may not need any more medication. He's looking pretty good! So I skipped yesterday's dose! Let's see how he acts today!

Since squirrels don't speak verbally to humans they must communicate with actions instead.

Albert just received medicated nut number 7! He was out early today!

Albert looks all healed up. I intuitively feel that I can stop giving him the medicine now. I think he's going to be ok!

Me to Sharon at Squirrel Mender:

Thanks for all your help Sharon! Its been 7 days/ 7 doses of medication...and although I still have some medication left over I get the feeling that my squirrel doesn't need any more doses. He looks great and he appears to feel great too! Thanks again for everything! I will send a donation very soon! Appreciate you!

(I think it was actually 8 days cause I skipped a dose!)

Sharon: She looks like she is eating well so hopefully it was just an abscess. Good job!

(Albert is a "he"... but I didn't feel it was necessary to correct her 😃)

Me: 😃

So Albert's Abscess saga finally comes to an end! He is doing well and keeps improving everyday!

Thank the heavens!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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