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More Covid-19 Vaccine Info! Should You Take The Vaccine?

So the other day some random Jewish group in New York sent me some Covid-19 vaccine info. They had me on their mailing list at my old New York address for some reason. My mother forwarded the mail to me. When I opened this letter I was quite surprised at what I saw! Everything I've been saying all along! After reading through all the documents I immediately called my mother to read her the first page. She didn't seem affected by what I was telling her. Same old reaction as always... Criticism and then she changes the topic. After that conversation with my mother I decided to email the Jewish group (whoever they are) to tell them how grateful I was to receive their information package.

I wrote to them and said," Subject: INQUIRY: I Received Your Covid-19 Vaccine Info in the Mail

Greetings...shalom! I'm not sure how I ended up on your mailing list in New York. I've been living in Los Angeles for over 20 years. However, my mother forwarded my mail to me and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up your letter and read your covid-19 vaccine info. I've been warning my parents about this vaccine since the very beginning. They both took the vaccine but I didn't. They are still pressuring me to take it which will never happen. If it's possible I would like you to add their names to your mailing list and send them the same fact sheets you sent me. I know it's too late for them... but at least these facts can help them understand my take on the situation and perhaps stop them from trying to pressure me into taking the vaccine. My own mother doesn't want me to visit her until I take the vaccine. And she can't fly to me due to health issues. I do hope I get to see my mother again in this lifetime! I read her the first page of the Covid vaccine info you sent me over the phone. She's wondering if you're an orthodox group. We're not orthodox but I don't think that makes a difference in making an intelligent decision. Anyway... Can you please send the same info to these 3 people? (Etc.) I would greatly appreciate it! I've already sent my mom, (her boyfriend Ray) and my dad the Zohar for protection and I pray for them everyday. Thank you for spreading the word! Your organization(s) are a blessing! I write a spiritual blog: LoverinHellBook I may copy some of your info and include your links and email address in an article soon if that's okay? Thanks so much! Your covid-19 vaccine info made my week!

Sincerely, Jennie

I received a quick response from Moshe the very next day: Shalom, Thanks so much for your encouraging words, they are very much appreciated. In regards to the mailing that miraculously ended up in your hands, we sent out different information in different locations so I am not sure which one you received. Please let me know. I would gladly mail whatever you want to your parents but my question to you is do you think it will make them extremely nervous or mad (there are varying reactions of the vaccinated when being exposed to the truth) since they sadly have already taken the shot? Also I hope you are aware that this wasn't just 2 doses and done and they are planning to continuously forcing booster shots on everyone, and every additional shot increases the risks . Do you think that seeing real information can cause them to hesitate before accepting a booster? Also, how about adding on in the mailing some information from Dr Judy Mikovitz and other top researchers about what someone who already took the vaccine can do to hopefully prevent some of the future damage? You can certainly copy whatever info you would like as well as links and emails. It was published to be shared. May G-d be with you, Best Moshe I responded:


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I really appreciate everything you are saying. Sadly, I'm not sure your info will make any impact on my parent's thoughts or feelings about the vaccine. They seem pretty set in their views. I definitely don't want to scare them, make them nervous or angry but I've warned them so much already and all they've done is ignored me. Nothing I've said to them has broken through. I've sent them articles and videos. They go ignored or even condemned. And my mother constantly calls me "dumb" for not taking the vaccine. But who knows? Perhaps hearing this info from a Jewish source will make a difference? I am hopeful that one day soon they will wake up and finally understand what I've been saying all along, and then at the very least they won't take the booster shots. All I can do is hope and pray. FYI I am actually forwarding this email to both my parents and my mother's boyfriend. I'm not sure they will read it. Many of my emails to them go unread, especially if they are covid related but it's worth a shot. I had promised my father a while back that I would stop talking about covid. But he called me recently and left me a voice message about his concerns for me because I'm not taking the vaccine. Then I received your info packet a day later! Coincidence? I think not! My mother and her boyfriend are okay with receiving the info by mail. I haven't asked my father for permission. I was thinking that maybe it's best for him to just receive the package in person. He will receive this email but I'm not sure he will read it. It may just end up in his special "Jennie" section of his emails to read later (aka never). He seems to read everything that arrives in the postal mail though! Yes, I've heard of Dr. Judy Mikovitz and I even watched a video or two of her warning people about Dr. Fauci back when covid began. Yes, please add that info about Dr Judy Mikovitz and other top researchers about what someone who already took the vaccine can do to hopefully prevent some of the future damage. In fact, can you please send that info to me as well? I already wrote an article about preventing future damage but perhaps there's more for me to learn? There always seems to be more info to learn! My address is: (etc) I scanned two of the information sheets you sent me and attached them to this email. I actually scanned them to use in my next article that publishes today! I am super excited to promote your information... which I consider to be my information. It's everything I've been saying all along....but much better organized! Thank you so much! By the way? Are you a non profit? Do you take donations? I haven't read through your entire website yet! But it looks fantastic! May G-d be with you as well, Jennie

Ready to read the amazing life changing information that I received in the mail? Check it out!

Covid Info Jewish Source
Download PDF • 3.54MB

Also for more information about this Jewish group that miraculously mailed me this covid-19 information please visit:

You can also email them at:

Stay safe!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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