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My Nine Ether Hair Upgrade: Is it Time for You to Cover your Hair?

So it all started on Shabbat, June 11th 2022, approximately 11 days ago! I was reading the Torah portion (parshah) "Naso." In Naso it explains that a woman who acts in a way that makes her strongly suspect of adultery is referred to as the "sotah." After reading the torah portion Naso and Naso in Depth, which is a summary of the torah portion along with commentary, I decided to move on to the Zohar! In Book 17 of the Zohar I continued to read about Naso. That's when it got interesting!

In Book 17, Page 94, #77 of the Zohar Rabbi Chizkiyah states, "A wife who exposes her hair outside to show her beauty causes destitution to visit upon the house." Then at #78 Rabbi Yehuda states, "The hairs on the head of a woman that were exposed cause another kind of hair to be exposed, meaning the powers of the other side that permeate the hair and impair her. Therefore a woman should be careful that none of her hair is visible even to the beams of her house, and all the more so outside." Then #79 states "The hair causes the harshest things, because they are judgments." Then #80 states "Therefore a woman should be covered even in the inside corners of her home. If she adheres to this it is written, "Your children like olive plants." Just as an olive tree does not lose its leaf cover in winter or summer and always has more value than the rest of the trees so should her sons elevate in respect over the rest of the people. Her husband will also be blessed in everything... with wealth, children and grandchildren." I was quite intrigued and decided to continue my research on this topic.

In the Zohar in Acharei Mot #71 "Kinds of Impurity" it states "We learn of the many kinds of impurity that descended with the serpent and how some of them clung to the female. When she is defiled harsh judgments circulate in the world. When the woman wants to be purified she must cut her hair and her nails." Then #402 states "We have learned that 125 kinds of impurity descended to earth joined and held by the side of the mighty serpent, and the greater 27 of them hold to the female to join with her." Then in the Zohar in Beha'alot'cha #10 it states "One who comes from the side of judgement must not grow hair. Then #52 states "Whoever comes from the side of judgment must not grow hair, since it increases judgment in the world. Consequently, a woman similarly is required to attend to it that her hair should not be visible outside, and she must cover her head and veil her hair. All those that come from the side of judgment are then blessed."

For those that are not well versed in kabbalah... There are 10 sefirot on the Tree of Life. The sefirot are described as channels of Divine creative life force or consciousness through which the unknowable Divine essence is revealed to mankind. The sefirot Gevurah is the essence of judgment and limitation and it is the feminine energy of God. The sefirot Chesed is the essence of kindness, mercy and compassion and it is the masculine energy of God. So long story short, women being feminine are intrinsically connected to Gevurah or judgment. So in my opinion, ( I am not a Torah or Zohar scholar... I'm just trying to connect the dots) when the zohar states that "Whoever comes from the side of judgement must not grow hair", it is basically saying women because women are connected with the sefirot of judgment in the Tree of Life. I'm sure this could be explained a lot better. But this is the simple version of it!

Okay, anyway so here's the deal... I always thought that orthodox Jewish women shaving their heads, wearing wigs and/or just covering their heads was purely misogynistic. A way of keeping women down. I was never feeling it. Judaism has always felt a bit misogynistic to me, as well as all the other religions around the world that appear to force women to cover their hair and heads... But now my view on this has changed. Apparently something is up with this hair covering rule! The Zohar is one of the most secret mystical Kabbalistic books ever written and it warns about women exposing their hair. It also speaks of women not growing their hair. I became confused because all of these warnings contradict what my spiritual mentor had advised me to do years ago. He told me to let my hair grow and never cut it. Not even a trim! I was told that hair is very powerful. It is an antenna to the universe... and once you cut it or even trim it a little bit, it takes 3 years for the hair to retrieve it's full power again! Therefore it's been many years since I've even trimmed my hair! So once again I always assumed that making Jewish women shave their heads, cut their hair off or simply cover it was a way of disabling the power inherent in their hair. In this way the women would be more easily controlled by their men... Misogyny at it's finest! However, I was wrong and this is not the case! At least I think I was wrong.

After reading what the Zohar states about women and hair, it became apparent to me that women are vulnerable to some kind of negative energy and this negative energy has a tendency to attach itself to hair! Particularly women's hair! Being that I am an empathic energy healer and I have experienced many energetic attacks over the years... (I am very familiar with psychic phenomena) I decided that I must start covering my hair... at all times! And see what happens! I'm always running experiments on myself ofcourse! I wanted to see if any positive changes would occur. But before I go into that I want to explain to you what my spiritual mentor told me after I mentioned what the Zohar had to say about women and hair.

First my mentor explained to me that the Zohar was passed down to pale/ light skinned Jews from melanated Jews (or perhaps Hebrew Israelites.) So the Zohar is primarily meant for pale/light skinned people. Then he went on to say that pale/ light skinned Jews (or any pale/ light skinned people for that matter) lack a substance called "nine ether" in their hair. Nine ether is a combination of all gases and is only present in kinky melanated hair. Nine ether allows dark melanated people to fully absorb the energy of the sun. Pale/ light skinned people cannot do this! However, if pale/ light skinned people cover their hair with fabric wraps or wigs it enhances their absorption of the sun's powerful energy and in essence makes them more powerful. So the Jewish women who cover their hair are actually more powerful than those who don't! There is nothing misogynistic about that at all! It's quite fascinating actually!

Then my mentor went on to tell me that wigs made from natural hair (melanated kinky hair) increases ones power much more than a simple fabric wrap. He recommended that I wear a braided wig made from natural hair for optimum absorption of the sun. Unfortunately I had a very difficult time finding a braided wig made from natural hair online... so I opted for a short afro wig made from real hair (I hope)! Long story short, ever since I started covering my hair in fabric wraps after reading Naso, and then adding the afro wig, it seems like a lot of good things have been happening! I can't say that covering my hair is the only reason why good things are happening. There are a combination of factors at play right now. But I am definitely undergoing a positive energetic transformation at this time!

I'd like to mention one more interesting fact before I end this article... Remember how powerful white men wore white wigs in colonial days. All the kings, politicians and judges... the nobility! And these wigs just happened to be made of human hair! Do you know what these men were really doing? They knew the secret and weren't telling anyone. They were increasing their absorption of the sun's energy thus becoming ever more powerful! Wow!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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