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The Best Way to Opt out of the Covid-19 Vaccine

I'd like to start out by saying that many people have been investing in fake covid-19 vaccine cards as of late, and although that may work for a moment, all in due time the vaccine card is going to be replaced with a bar code on your phone. At least that's what I've been told. So in the near future, when the vaccine card is no longer a sufficient method to prove your vaccination status what will you do? The answer is... (drum roll please)... You will need to have a religious exemption! I've been advised that this is going to be the very best way to opt out of the vaccine!

Now I've heard that the Jehovah's Witnesses and Christian Scientists are exempt from vaccinations, but why go through all the trouble of joining a new religion when you can just create your own religion! Ha ha! Yeah, I'm really serious! In fact, I'm not the only one promoting the idea of creating a new religion to achieve vaccine exemption status! I recently received an email from a doctor in La Crescenta, California stating the following:

Subject: Time Sensitive - COVID Vaccine Exemption

Hi Jennie, Given the extreme climate, we have been asked a LOT about COVID vaccine exemptions. Currently, religious exemption is the way to go. If you are curious to learn more on this subject, please learn more during one of the following free webinars promoted by Christina Hildebrand of A Voice for Choice Advocacy. I have copied/pasted her email below so you have complete information on the free webinars. More Workshops Due to Popular Demand Is your Employer or College Mandating the COVID or Flu vaccine? Do you have sincerely held religious beliefs against vaccination? Are you struggling with how to convey your beliefs to your employer/college? Participate in a Religious Exemption Writing Workshop. Advance Registration Required Over 900 people wanted to participate in the Religious Exemption writing workshops put on by A Voice for Choice Advocacy last weekend. We increased the number from 3 to 6 workshops, and we created observer spots so many more could attend, but there were still people we had to turn away because there was just so much demand. We have added more workshops in the next week, and will continue to have these until everyone that wants to attend has attended. You have priority registration access, before we send it out to our whole mailing list again. So please sign up as soon as possible to guarantee a spot. Who should attend? Anyone who has an employer or is attending a college/university actively requiring the COVID and/or flu vaccine. If you are not being required to vaccinate or submit an exemption, please wait until a later date so those people that need to submit theirs in the next week can get a spot. Please do not attend on behalf of another adult (spouse, sister, etc.) The person attending must be the one who the religious exemption is for. Attendance will be limited to 80 per workshop. The first 15 who sign up will be active participants each and the other 65 will be participating observers. Observers will be able to attend the workshop in listening mode, and will be able to go through the process of writing their religious exemption, but will not be able to get live feedback. Christina is happy to review all attendees' religious exemptions via email. What is expected of attendees? You will be creating your own unique Religious Exemptions which includes your own religious truths and no one else's. No templates will be provided. You will be expected to actively participate and formulate your religious beliefs, under Christina's direction. Active participants (not Observers) will share their exemption wording ideas during the workshop. This information will remain confidential to the group. Active participants will need to have a working camera, on at all times. When are the workshops and how does one register? There are currently three workshops, but more will be added until demand is met. The next workshop will be on: - Monday August 16, 2021 6-8 PM PST Why is A Voice for Choice Advocacy putting these on? We have assisted over 1000 employees and students get their religious exemptions to COVID and/or flu vaccines successfully accepted. Because more and more employers and colleges are requiring the COVID vaccine, Christina is offering three Religious Exemption Writing Workshops, for people who are looking for guidance in creating a religious exemption for their employment or studies. Please read the details and register below: Is there a charge for the workshops? There is no charge for the workshops, but a donation of at least $20 to A Voice for Choice Advocacy ( would be appreciated. Hope to see you there! Together we can make change happen! Christina Hildebrand President/Founder A Voice for Choice Advocacy, Inc. Have a great week, and please feel free to pass this along! To your best health, Yoshi Rahm, D.O. (818) 957-6909

It's simply amazing how I seem to end up on all these empowering covid-19 mailing lists! And the emails always seem to arrive just in time! I was actually a patient at this integrative doctor's office quite a few years back. The IV treatments didn't really work out for me and I ended up moving on, but now I'm on their incredibly empowering email list! Wow!

So interestingly enough, my close friend has actually been talking about religious exemptions for a while now. In fact, he started his own religion/ Private House of Worship back in 2016. How did he know? lol I guess that's just the beauty of being synchronized and in tune with the universe! Amazing ain't it? So in 2016 my friend contacted a company to help him put together his 501c3 House of Worship. And now in 2021, I just helped this same friend put together a website for his House of Worship/ Religion. I also helped him write up his mission statement and by laws which includes... (drum roll again please)... No vaccines!

Ofcourse it's important to note that my friend's new religion (which is also now my new religion) was not specifically created to avoid taking vaccines. It just so happens to be one of our religious beliefs! If you do decide to create your own religion I think it would be best to make it appear legitimate and not as if you created it just so you can avoid taking the vaccine!

I suppose creating a new religion in 2021 may appear suspicious regardless. It's also time consuming and a bit costly if your going the Private 501c3 route. But there are other joining me and my friend in our religion! However, it's important to note that you cannot join if your primary motive is to avoid the vaccine mandates. This is a very important disclaimer! We are actually looking for people who have a real desire to create a better tomorrow.

So here's some more info on my new religion: We are a private philanthropic, humanitarian and spiritual organization. We are a community of individuals who are dedicated to ushering in the New Age of Utopia (Aquarius) on planet Earth. Our primary purpose is to achieve advanced spiritual enlightenment, connect with our higher selves and become one with the divine holy light of the grand creator of the universe. We also have a strong desire to make the world a better place. We aim to find solutions to the problems we face on this planet in the hope of creating a better tomorrow for all of humanity. We study and empower ourselves with ancient mystical philosophies and esoteric knowledge in order to accomplish these spiritual, philanthropic and humanitarian goals. We believe in living a life defined by divine light, love and truth. We acknowledge the teachings of a diverse group of Gods from multiple cultures on this planet and we incorporate many of these teachings into our practices. Therefore all men, women and children of any faith may join us. All that we ask is that you are a peaceful being with light and love in your heart and that you do believe in a higher power. If you feel inspired by what you just read and feel a calling to join my new religion please send an email to with "New Religion Membership Inquiry" in the subject line and I will forward your inquiry to my friend. For the sake of anonymity I decided not to disclose the name of our organization in this article as it's becoming very dangerous to have unconventional beliefs these days. But I think I have given you enough information on our new religion in this article to at least peak your interest! So that's the story folks! Til next time...Stay creative and maintain your freedom at all costs!


My myofascial massage therapist just forwarded me this very interesting website:

Check out the vaccines page:

and the religious exemptions page: Nice!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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