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4 Super Powerful Immune System Boosters

In an effort to cure my own faulty immune system, I have discovered 4 amazing super powerful immune system boosters that are far superior to the typical immune system boosters we all may have heard of. Some of these immune system boosters have even been reported to cure cancer among other things! Let's take a look!

1. Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)

DMSO is an organic sulfur compound that was discovered in Germany in the late 19th century. A by-product of the paper making industry, DMSO is a colorless liquid that gained notoriety for its ability to penetrate the skin and other biological membranes. Scientists discovered that they could use DMSO as a carrier to transport small molecules through the skin. DMSO shows promise in treating a variety of conditions that include: arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. But long story short, the FDA stepped in and made it illegal to use DMSO in the United States for any health issues except for interstitial cystitis. So you know when the FDA makes something illegal it must be good! Lol I personally started using DMSO topically for muscle and joint aches. I found that the 99.9% version was a bit strong, caused itchiness and burning and didn't really solve my aches and pains issue. I read that the 99.9% version is a bit too strong to use topically though (oops...I had already purchased it!). Also, it should be diluted with pure aloe which I haven't tried yet. So I'm still learning about DMSO myself! But here's where it gets interesting. Recently, at a time when I felt my immune system starting to break down and after reading many amazing testimonials of people who took DMSO internally, I decided to bite the bullet. I started to take 1/ 8 of a teaspoon of DMSO daily under the tongue and then swallowed it with at least 8 ounces of water. It seemed to stop me from getting sick but the fatigue did not disappear. So I took things one step further. I decided to take the DMSO with colloidal silver under the tongue in the evening before going to bed and bingo! I woke up the next day feeling incredible with tons of energy. Since then I've been brave and increased the dose to 1 teaspoon a night before bed (with colloidal silver). But I am not a doctor and I urge you to do your own research on this. Just go on google and read up on all the benefits of DMSO. It's amazing! Then when you are ready you can purchase a bottle on amazon! I recommend the unscented DMSO in a glass bottle. But if you take it internally you may still end up smelling. Yes, DMSO naturally has a bad smell to it! My good friend tells me I've been smelling a bit like rotten potatoes lately! Not so good! But perhaps worth it?

2. Colloidal Silver

Speaking of colloidal silver,... Created using electrolysis to suspend pure, metallic elemental silver in distilled water, for thousands of years silver has been used as a healing and anti-bacterial agent by civilizations throughout the world. Its medical, preservative and restorative powers can be traced as far back as the ancient Greek and Roman Empires. Long before the development of modern pharmaceuticals, silver was employed as a germicide and antibiotic. Not until the late 1800's did western scientists re-discover what had been known for thousands of years- that silver is a powerful germ fighter. Medicinal silver compounds were then developed and silver became commonly used as a medicine. However, with the discovery of pharmaceutical antibiotics, interest in Silver as an anti-microbial agent declined almost to the point of extinction. But resurgence of silver to conventional medicine began in the 1970s when the late Dr. Carl Moyer, chairman of Washington University's Department of Surgery, received a grant to develop better methods of treatment for burn victims. Often used as an alternative to antibiotics, colloidal silver is antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, etc. It can help clear up eye infections, treat ear infections, soothe burns, cut and scrapes, eliminate sinus infections, ease skin conditions, sore throat, pneumonia, etc... I personally take it when I feel a cold or flu coming on. I've been using the Sovereign Silver Brand which is sold at most health food stores these days. There may be better versions but this one has worked pretty well for me! As I mentioned, I took it with DMSO one night and it brought me back to life the next day. I also recently used it in combination with DMSO, water and food grade hydrogen peroxide as a douche to cure what appeared to be a yeast infection. And all the symptoms were gone overnight! Pretty miraculous if you ask me!

3. 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

And that brings me to 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide! H2O2 is an effective, natural disinfectant. This liquid is considered the world’s safest sanitizer as it functions to cleanse by oxidation. It fights infection, eliminates toxins, cures bacteria and viruses, and neutralizes germs. It can be taken internally, topically and intravenously. I haven't taken the intravenous route quite yet, but yes, I have used it topically and internally. I did however mess up recently and forgot to take probiotics while using it internally, thus the possible yeast infection I may have inflicted upon myself! According to some articles I've read, the peroxide may kill off both good and bad bacteria which would cause an imbalance (like a yeast infection) if you are not supplementing with a good probiotic. Although there are many that voice disagreeance with ingesting food grade hydrogen peroxide, and again I repeat that it must be 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (not the usual 3% that we use for cuts and bruises), there seems to be tons of benefits one can gain from using it Some even report curing cancer by taking hydrogen peroxide internally. There is a great book called “The One Minute Cure” that speaks all about the benefits of using food grade hydrogen peroxide. I highly recommend reading this book. I actually went through the entire protocol at one point but then got bored of taking the maintenance dose. Recently I started up again and dove right into taking 16 drops of peroxide a day in approx 10 or so ounces of water (actually 8 drops because it's 50% diluted). I had an immediate burst of energy. Then I started experiencing a herximer/ detox reaction which is perfectly normal. Then I realized I forgot to take my probiotics! Oops! So I took a break and started beefing up on probiotics again. Then, a few days later, on a day when I was feeling a bit depressed, I decided to try my peroxide drink again. Miraculously, right after drinking my peroxide drink, my mood shifted and I felt really positive within minutes. I wasn't even aware that food grade peroxide could do that. Wow! I've also been using food grade peroxide topically on some skin issues I've been dealing with and then adding DMSO to the mix...and even silver! It's burns and tingles a bit more then the usual 3% peroxide, and actually dyes your skin white for a little while, but wow! This may be one of the best recipes I've found for skin conditions yet! Anyway, I highly recommend looking into this amazing immune system booster! I really think there is something to this!

4. Essiac/ 4 Herb Tea

In 1922 a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse first discovered this amazing herbal formula when one of the patients in the hospital where she worked was cured of cancer. The patient had received the herbal preparation from an Ojibway herbalist. She began to experiment with the 4-HERB formula (Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm and Turkey Rhubarb) and found it to be very effective in helping many ailments including cancer. So startling were her results that the Ontario government of Canada became involved. By 1938, Essiac came within three votes of being legalized by the Ontario government as a treatment for terminal cancer patients. Unfortunately her work was destroyed and it took years to surface again. I accidentally discovered Essiac/ 4 Herb tea when searching for some other health product at an online store called Herbal Healer Academy. I was amazed by what I had found! Over 70 pages of testimonials from people who had cured their own cancer, their pet's cancer, their family member's cancer! Hold on...that's right! You heard me correctly! A cancer cure! And it's apparently a cure for many other diseases and health conditions as well! The Herbal Healer Academy is a private membership organization so you have to become a member if you want to purchase anything from them or receive a catalog. The membership is free and the catalog is free. They also have a naturopath on staff that gives free online advice which is amazing too! Anyway, I cannot vouch for all of their products, however the tea is pretty amazing. They sell the herbs so you can brew it yourself, which they recommend if you are fighting a serious disease, or you can purchase the liquid concentrate if you don't feeling like going through the crazy brewing process. It's really not that difficult but hey, when you're sick any activity can be taxing. I've tried the concentrate and the fresh brewed tea. They are both very good! I've even given the brewed tea and the brewed herbs to my cats, no problem! I believe there are several alternative cancer cures that are being hidden from the public, although many are starting to reveal themselves in this new age of information.. But can 70+ pages of testimonials be a lie? I don't know! Perhaps you need to read them for yourself? Check it out: Essiac/ 4 Herb Tea Testimonials FYI I do not work for this company, nor am I affiliated with them whatsoever besides just buying their products. Seriously, I just write these articles to help people. I can't tell you how many people I've referred to this site for the Essiac Tea. Unfortunately, so many people blindly believe in conventional medicine. I can lead the horse to the water but I can't make it drink! All I can do is put the information out there... It's up to you the reader to follow through!

Peace and Blessings!

Legal Disclaimer: I am not a licensed doctor, nor do I claim to be one. I am just a poet, blogger and spiritual healer. This article is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any health issues or diseases. You as the reader assume all responsibility for trying any of the above mentioned immune system boosters. If you have a medical problem or emergency please seek the advice of a licensed professional (preferably an integrative doctor, holistic healer, herbalist, etc), but this is just my humble opinion!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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