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Blocking out the Noise

They say that the dark is always attracted to the light. When you resonate a high vibrational positive healing frequency, the darkness (also referred to as negativity, the devil and so forth) will be drawn to this positive energy as a moth is drawn to a flame. It's the duality of our reality that creates such balance. And the universe will always step in to create balance where balance lacks. We would like to believe that balance means living a perfect, peaceful, harmonious existence. However this is not balance. Balance comes with good and bad, happy and sad, etc, etc. Perfection actually lies within imperfection. And so I've found that in manifesting peace, I have thus given birth to its adversary...Discord! And for me this discord arrives in the form of “Noise”! A grand conundrum of sorts.

I've spent years creating the perfect harmonious sanctuary to live in. I've adorned my space with reiki energy, crystals, orgonite, all types of positive energy devices and devices that block or neutralize negative energy, harmful EMF's, wi-fi and so forth. I even have a life-sized orgone meditation pyramid in the middle of my living room. I've constructed the perfect peaceful environment for healing. Yet, there's one extreme problem! The darkside wants to destroy it! And what is this darkside using as it's weapon? The answer is “Noise.” Terrible, destructive, putrid noise! And so it dawned on me that the universe, in all it's glory, sent the adversary of peace and quiet, aka noise, right to my front door.

At first this vile abhorrent noise voiced it's disdain as the actual sound of drills, hammers and machetes implemented by the construction workers outside by bedroom and balcony windows, as well as right outside my front door. Soon I began to expect this bedlam to introduce me to my day as it started early in the morning right outside my bedroom window. Even with the window completely shut, the agonizing commotion still comes crashing through. This noise reluctantly became my alarm clock. But then, this outer noise seemed to unearth a more insidious inner noise. This would be the subconscious noise created by all of the suffering my neighbors would endure at the expense of this constant nagging construction work. And as an empath, this subconscious noise would surely affect my consciousness and well being, thus creating noise within my own mind. So I must consciously disconnect from my environmental turmoil. I must disconnect from the collective consciousness of all of my surrounding neighbors.

I lie on the floor practicing yoga, as my apartment gyrates from the impact of the jack hammer smashing through concrete two flights below me. Large piles of wood carelessly dropped to the ground every few minutes. The crashing sound echoes through the apartment complex. With a magnet strapped to my head to prevent the impending headache, I practice slow breathing meditations on my balcony to the sound of pounding hammers and electrical saws. I speak with the manager in the leasing office who calmly explains that this 8-9 hour daily explosion of madness will only last another month and a half for my building...months for the entire complex. And the rent will probably increase when all this horrific work has come to its completion. So what am I to do? How shall I maintain my composure and not lose all sanity amidst this storm that's placed itself right outside the windows and doors of my very own home? A sanctuary where I spend most of my day hiding from the noise of the outside world, as I do not work a 9-5 job like many of my neighbors do.

The answer? As difficult as it may sound, the answer is to stay calm. Yes, I must remain calm amidst the storm! I begin to remember how blessed I am to live in this beautiful luxury apartment, when just several years back I was homeless, living with lunatics off craigslist and in and out of hotels. My fate most certainly could be worse. And so I've made every effort to remain calm....and grateful. It is a challenge indeed. But this is a challenge we will all face at one point or another in this lifetime. Because we live in a universe ruled by the laws of duality. The darkside will always try to test us. It will always try to destroy our peace. Yet, when we gain control over our mind and stay calm, we can suppress, perhaps even eliminate the noise. Eliminate the discord. For the real noise is not noise at all... it is our perception of the noise. The noise will always be there. However, it is actually our perception of the noise that will either create or destroy our inner peace, our peace of mind.

So the lesson to remember here is that no matter how much peace we create in our lives, it's adversary “discord”, will attempt to make an appearance. It's our perception of the appearance of this discord which will ultimately determine whether or not our peaceful existence will remain peaceful or become influenced and absorbed by the discord. We must find balance. We cannot allow the outside noise to become inside noise! And fighting the noise will only cause more noise. So in actuality, we must accept our circumstances and make peace with it. We must accept that the noise exists. And thus...with this acceptance and calmness we actually block out the noise and create true and lasting internal peace! A peace that will neutralize any and all discord being directed at us! Learn to block out the noise and you will live a happier existence within the duality of this beautifully balanced dimension. And don't forget to be grateful!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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