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Bravery Amidst Tyranny

There comes a time, perhaps a few times, in everyone’s life when one must decide to either be brave and take a stand against injustice and tyranny or simply submit to it. Perhaps it started in grade school when you took a stand against that school bully? Or perhaps you finally stood up for yourself against an unjust employer? We all have choices to make, and our choices will determine the course of the rest of our lives.

We can either get stepped on and bullied forever more, or we can be brave and stand up for ourselves. In some cases bravery may equate to stupidity, like trying to take a gun away from a robber, especially if you are not trained in self-defense. That may not be so wise of a decision, however the brave thought is a nice sentiment. But perhaps if you are willing to risk your life to save another life, then being brave is the correct decision. Or if the rewards outweigh the risks then being brave could be the right choice. In essence one must decide what they are willing to risk and choose their actions wisely!

I can actually recall my first act of bravery. I was a toddler and I was helplessly trapped in a playpen that my mother had placed me in. She left me alone in the room as I screamed and cried to be let out. So I began to think, "I don’t want to be in this playpen and no one is coming to my rescue so I must take matters into my own hands." I began to climb up the playpen. I reached the top and looked over the side. It seemed like a steep fall, however I could not take the bondage any longer, and so I bravely dove head first out of my playpen! I did in fact land on my head and I started to cry. Perhaps diving out of my playpen was not the wisest decision, yet I remember thinking as I cried that I was free. I had escaped my prison! I was crying out of joy! And a little shock ofcourse! My mother came to my rescue and never placed me in that playpen ever again. And so I learned one of my first lessons in life. My bravery equaled victory! I believe it’s these small moments of bravery that prepare us for the large moments.

And when we choose bravery over fear, time and again throughout our lives, we tend to seek out other brave souls as our companions. At least this has been the case for me. I seek out and/or perhaps just synchronistically find brave free thinkers. This article is in fact inspired by one of my bravest companions. I witnessed something quite inspirational this week. I witnessed my brave friend take a magnificent stand against injustice in the United States corporate defacto judicial system- without a lawyer! Now that’s brave!

However, if I wasn’t aware of what I now know, I might say that my friend’s bravery was in fact foolish, risky and perhaps just plain stupid! You see… we’ve been taught since childhood to believe in the judicial system and to believe in our society’s authority figures. It’s not just a belief though. It’s fear! Fear of the system has been deeply rooted within our psyches, whether we realize it or not! This fear has been instilled within us through our parents, teachers, movies, television programs, news programs, marketing and through our own interactions with public servants (police, judges, etc). We’ve been taught that dealing with the court system without a lawyer is doomed for failure. Yet this is not necessarily the case! But back to my brave friend…

You see… this friend of mine is a different breed of human! He is highly unusual. Approximately a year and a half ago my friend decided to change his status. He is no longer a citizen of the United States Corporation. He is a secured party creditor. This means he is now the authorized representative with sole power of attorney over his corporate fiction debtor. In short, the judicial system and all of their judges no longer have authority or jurisdiction over him. Wow! But even with this new status, my friend had never encountered any circumstances with which he would need to exercise this new power…that is until now. He was recently found guilty of a crime that he did not commit, without any authentic evidence or competent witnesses, and he was placed on 5 years probation. But he still had another hearing coming up in connection with this fraudulent charge and sentence... a hearing in which he could actual create positive change.

And so I’ve watched by friend diligently study private law day and night preparing for his court hearing. I watched him submit papers to the court house that only the bravest of men would even fathom submitting. So on the day of his hearing we were both a bit nervous. How would this really play out? We really didn’t know. We’ve only heard stories and watched videos on this. Well first they made sure that the court room was empty so none of the other cases would hear what my friend had to say. Then I watched my friend read the most incredible speech about being a secured party creditor and the court having no jurisdiction over him. The judge and the bailiff quietly listened to the entire speech with the utmost respect. The entire energy of the courtroom changed. Then the judge gave my friend some choices.

What transpired is that my friend will be receiving a whole new court hearing as the new version of himself as a secured party creditor. Amazingly this new hearing is going to give him the opportunity to vacate the prior judgment against him. In other words, if all goes as planned, the 5 year probation will be dropped altogether without even having to appeal! It will just get dismissed! Hurray for my friend! I’m in absolute awe and I can indeed say that this man, my very good friend, is the epitome of bravery amidst tyranny! We can all learn a thing or two from him!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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