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I think most of us would agree that living in this world can be a bit challenging. For some of us, it is the ultimate challenge. And it’s true that there’s a percentage of us who will decide to give up, sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently. One could say that attempting and succeeding in suicide is the ultimate permanent decision to give up. Yet for the majority of us, there is a natural instinct to survive that allows us to continue pushing forward no matter how difficult things get. And within this majority there is a select few with a fighting spirit of determination and an inner drive that goes above and beyond the basic instinct of survival.

These few passionate individuals are not restricted by societal norms. They adhere to their own intuition and their own standards of living. They conquer life and create their own reality. These few spectacular beings have a strong and focused mind state. They are able to block out all the naysayers, follow their own path and stop at nothing until they’ve fulfilled what they consider to be their destiny. These few beings are what I call “relentless”…and I believe this relentlessness is the key ingredient that turns an ordinary being into an extraordinary being.

A "relentless" person is someone who keeps trying and never gives up.

re·lent·less adj.

1. Unyielding in severity or strictness; unrelenting: relentless persecution.

2. Steady and persistent; unremitting: a relentless drumbeat.

relentlessness- mercilessness characterized by an unwillingness to relent or let up; “the relentlessness of their pursuit”

“It's not the most talented who wins. It's the most relentless who does.” - Robin Sharma “I was relentless, even in the face of total lack of encouragement, because much more often than you’d think, sheer persistence is the difference between success and failure.”- Donald Trump

Yes, it does seem that more often than not, those who are relentless are the ones who usually achieve the greatest feats in life, overcome the greatest obstacles, become successful, make a difference and change the world!

So why is it that some people are relentless in their pursuits while many are not? If relentlessness is often rewarded with success, wouldn’t more people be relentless? What are the factors that create a relentless person? I believe there are a few different factors. For one, some of us are just born with an unrelenting spirit. Perhaps past life experiences have led these particular beings to exercising relentlessness in this lifetime? I believe there’s also genetic factors. Some people may inherit a relentless disposition, especially if their parents or grandparents were relentless in their pursuits in life. There’s also astrological factors. Certain signs have relentless tendencies. Scorpio is one of the most relentless signs of the zodiac. Virgo’s can also be quite relentless in achieving their goals.

Then there’s environmental factors. It seems that some of the most relentless people are the ones who have lived through the most uncomfortable and challenging situations. Whether having experienced childhood abuse or physical/mental handicaps, etc, being faced with major life challenges and traumas seems to have a definite impact on one’s brain patterns, often changing one's thoughts and making them think differently than others. Sometimes these effects can be detrimental to a person’s ability to cope with life. Other times these effects can be very positive. At times these effects will create a resiliency that leads to a state of relentlessness. This relentlessness will often lead these so-called underdogs to achieve amazing and incredible feats in life.

Ofcourse relentlessness is not always positive. Some of the world’s cruelest dictators have been relentless. Hitler is a great example of this. His relentlessness had millions of people killed. So we can’t say that relentlessness is always a good thing. However, I would imagine it is far better to be relentless than to just give up on one’s dreams and submit to the whims of life. If one has a dream and feels determined to make their dream into a reality, then relentlessness should indeed be the main ingredient for a recipe of success.

They say most people will give up right before they are about to make it. Perhaps if they were a bit more relentless this would not happen? And yes, it’s true that sometimes on our journey we decide to change paths. Perhaps we may lose interest in a certain goal after a while? The excitement we had in the beginning seems to fade. This could definitely happen over time. But losing interest in pursuing a passion due to doubt or fear is definitely not something a relentless person would do. I believe doubt and fear are two of the most destructive energies when it comes to being relentless. There is no doubt or fear when one is relentless. A relentless mind will bypass these negative thoughts altogether and continue moving forward until their mission is achieved.

I believe when relentlessness is used for the greater good, without stepping on or hurting people along the way, it can be a very positive state of being. Relentlessness is motivating. It gives one’s life purpose. And watching an unrelenting person in action can be quite inspiring as well. I truly believe relentlessness is a state of being that we are all capable of achieving once we overcome our own internal obstacles. In reality, if you really want to achieve all that you set out to achieve in life… you must have a relentless mind state … and if you don’t, then you must be relentless in becoming relentless! At the very least…if you want to pick up the qualities of a relentless person, spend some time around successful people. Chances are that they became successful by being relentless. Watch their videos and read their books! You become the company you keep, you become what you watch and you become what you read! Everything is energy! If you really wish to accomplish that lifelong goal of yours or even a short term goal…then you must embody the spirit of relentlessness! If you never give up, your chances of succeeding are much greater indeed! I wish you success on your journey!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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