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Waiting to be Saved? Don't Wait! Save yourself!

Are you waiting to be saved? Or are you waiting for someone to come and save this planet? Who exactly are you waiting for? Jesus? Muhammad? Aliens? Robots? Or some mysterious event that will occur soon? I believe deep down we are all hopeful that someone or something miraculous will happen in this lifetime. Perhaps something that will save ourselves and this world from all the evils that have inflicted us for so long? Perhaps some divine intervention if you will?

Throughout the centuries many religions have taught us to look outside of ourselves for answers. We've been taught to envision some mighty being (sometimes beings), usually personified as a man, floating somewhere above us in the sky and watching over us...and when it's time, he will come down and save us all. Well folks, the age of Pisces (superstition, ignorance and fear) is pretty much at its end now. The age of Aquarius (enlightenment, information and philanthropy) is upon us.

Yes... It really would be nice if some being would come down here to make things better...or some circumstance would take place to solve all of our worlds problems, however the chances of this happening doesn't seem very likely. And now that we are in the age of enlightenment, I think more of us are waking up to the truth. The God-man in the sky theory is not ringing true for many of us anymore. But I still won't rule out the possibility... because I do believe anything is possible. I have an open mind. I just don't think the odds of this happening are in our favor. And let's just say for arguments sake that we do decide to wait to be saved... Wouldn't it make more sense to try to save ourselves while we know? Just in case no one comes?

Perhaps it's not that you are waiting for something so extreme like a God or aliens or Robots to save you? Just something? Anything? You know? Maybe you are just waiting for a friend, family member or lover to come save you? Or perhaps you're just waiting to win the lotto? Or for someone to come along and hand you the perfect life? You know? Or an investor for a project? Or a publisher for a book? This seems reasonable... However, I waited a few years hoping a publisher would come along to publish my spiritual poetry book, “A Lover in the Land of Hell.” And after waiting and waiting and waiting... well...I decided that perhaps it would make more sense to stop waiting and publish the book myself. So that's what I did... and you know what? I'm sure glad I did that!

This life is not easy. And I believe many people are waiting to be saved. Perhaps waiting to be saved from depression? Anxiety? Physical health problems? Financial problems? Domestic problems? Etc... But the truth of the matter is... neither God, aliens, robots, friends, family, the spirit of your dead ancestors or a random mysterious person or event is going to save you! No, none of these people are going to save you from yourself... or from this world! These people/ beings (or even events) may provide you with some guidance, some healing, some reassurance... But solve all of your life's problems? Save you from this reality? I highly doubt that.

And it's not that I don't have faith. I sure do have a lot of faith. But the faith is not in an outside force. The faith is not in any person, plant, animal or alien... doctor, politician, celebrity or sports team! Not even in any so-called God! The faith is in myself and in my connection to the universe, life force energy, the spirit, God-energy that permeates everyone and everything. I am not waiting for someone or something to come and save me. I am already saved. The answers I seek are already within me. And the same answers that you seek are already right there within you too! Why must we always look up to someone else but not look up to ourselves?

Even on a grand worldwide scale. If we as humanity wish to be saved, we must look within. We must save ourselves. This is the logical solution. Because if we continue waiting for someone or something else to save us... chances are we're gonna be waiting a long time! Perhaps forever! And even if someone or something comes along to help us solve all of our problems, help save us from whatever it is we need to be saved from... well, things change. People change. Life changes. New issues arise. Nothing is permanent! So we cannot rely on an outside source to save us! Anything outside of ourselves is fleeting.

So how do we save ourselves? Most importantly...we need to stop looking to others for answers and solutions to our problems. We need to stop looking up at the clouds and start looking within ourselves. We really need to take responsibility for our own lives. In reality...waiting on others is just a lazy approach. How can we expect anything to get accomplished if we just continue to wait for someone or something to come along and save us. In reality, if anyone or anything is even thinking to come along and save us, it would probably be more apt to help us if we took the initiative to help ourselves you know?

Think of it this way... God (or the energy of God that exists in everything) is kind of like a loving parent. A loving parent will always do their best to help their children, but they also want to see their children make their own effort in life so they can learn and grow. You can't learn and grow if you have someone else doing everything for you all the time. And this would explain why a so-called God would allow so much evil to exist in this world. Because we are here to learn and grow... not have everything handed to us and done for us. children of planet earth... as children of this universe... we need to stop waiting on our parents (God/ the divine spirit) or on actual individuals or events to solve all of our problems. We need to actually make an effort to create change ourselves. So if you are still waiting for someone or something to come along and save you... My suggestion is...Don't wait! SAVE YOURSELF! In taking the initiative to do so... everything you need will begin to manifest! Your thoughts and actions create your reality! When you move...things move. When you wait... things wait. It's the Law of Attraction! Don't stagnate! Manifest! Please... let's make an effort to save ourselves!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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