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If You Get a Chance to Help Someone... Just Do It!

I am always ready to help someone in need. Even when I'm in a moody state of mind and really don't want to be bothered by anyone, I still feel compelled to lend a helping hand if the situation arises. Consciously and subconsciously, at every moment of every day, I am waiting for people, animals and even insects to ask me for help. And when the opportunity arrives...I am more than happy to be of service! In fact, people seem surprised at how ready I am to help them. At times it even becomes awkward. People are always on guard in a big city...always suspicious of malice or some ulterior motive. I have to be careful and not overdue my helping...if that makes any sense? Many times people are not used to being approached by a person like myself who genuinely gets excited about helping. And I do not wish to alarm anyone with my kindness so I have to remain a bit inconspicuous at times.

I was shopping at cosco recently. Well, I was just buying medication for one of my cats. After the purchase was complete I noticed an elderly lady in a wheelchair looking as if she needed help finding something. I walked right up to this lady and told her that although I am not an employee at cosco I would be happy to help her. She looked a bit stunned. Why would a random customer want to help her? But that's just who I am. She explained that she was waiting for the cosco employee to get done helping another customer, but that she was looking for a buffered aspirin. I told her that I wasn't sure where it was but I would try to find it. I started looking around but couldn't find it anywhere. Finally, the lady was in my aisle with the cosco employee helping her. It was time for me to leave! I don't think she even realized that I was still trying to find that buffered aspirin for her!

One time I saw a sign for a lost deaf cat outside my building. Something told me that I needed to help find this cat. So I called the number on the flyer and it turned out to be a guy I had met before. So we got together and started searching for his cat. But he had an apparent drinking problem and was getting a bit verbally aggressive with me. I began to wonder if I should have even got involved in this crazy cat hunt! But I understood that he was acting out because he was quite upset about his losing his cat, and I felt obligated to continue helping him, especially because his cat was deaf and really needed to be found! However, the energy being directed at me was not so great and I had to tell him about himself, in a peaceful diplomatic way ofcourse. He was not very happy about this. He finally ends up telling me that I am helping him too much! Wow! Long story short, I sent some reiki energy healing to his cat and lo and behold I found his cat the very next day! I guess my over-helping was a good thing in this case... And would you believe I barely even got a thank you from the guy! But that's okay...I did my job and it was time for me to move on and help others in need! I don't do God's work for thank you's or praise anyway. I do it because it's my duty to be of service to humanity and those in need.

There was a young lady stationed at the atm machine one evening recently who was asking me for money. She told me that she needed to take a train to Palmdale California but didn't have the money to buy the ticket. She then insisted that the money wasn't for drugs. I told her that I wasn't judging her and that I would understand if she or anyone else was using drugs. We live in such difficult times that drugs may actually be helpful. Then I went into a whole rant about cannabis oil. I don't think she expected that response. But I was being very honest about my feelings with her. More importantly,...I was treating her like a human being! How often do we just ignore those in need and act like they aren't even alive? Like we don't even hear them calling out to us? Shameful society! Again she insisted that the money wasn't for drugs. She didn't really strike me as a drug user though. She actually had a very pleasant energy. Ofcourse the thought ran through my mind that the money may have not been for a train ticket, but regardless I handed her a 20 dollar bill and told her that it didn't matter what the money was for. Even if she didn't need the money for a train ticket, it didn't matter to me. I told her that sometimes it's just good to give, regardless of the reason. It's just good to help someone in need. She gave me a big hug, thanked me and disappeared into the night.

I was meditating and chanting barefoot on grass during this past full moon when something told me that it was time for me to get up and go. I immediately ran into an amazon delivery guy who was lost at my building and couldn't find an apartment that he needed to deliver a package to. I stay at a very large apartment complex and I didn't even know where the apartment was. The delivery guy didn't speak any english and so I felt it was my duty to walk with him until we both found the apartment he was looking for. He was beyond surprised and grateful. It only took a few minutes out of my life to help this man. How often does it seem like a few minutes is just too much to give? In such a fast paced society a few minutes can feel like an eternity sometimes. But how good does it feel to just slow down and take those few moments to help a being that's in need? These small moments are priceless!

Then the next morning I'm on my balcony and I look down to see a tiny little bee struggling to move in a shadow. He asks me for help (telepathically ofcourse). So I began giving him some reiki energy healing. His little wings started to flutter and he attempted to walk but there was still a struggle. Something told me that he needed to warm up in the sunlight. I grabbed a piece of unopened mail and had him walk on to it. I lifted him up into the sunlight. He was coming back to life. All of a sudden I accidentally dropped him on the ground and when I went to pick him up again he immediately walked onto the mail as if he knew what was transpiring. Again, I lifted him into the sunlight. His energy was coming back very fast! A few seconds later he lifted his wings and flew off into the bright blue sky. I was in awe. I felt an amazing wave of love come over me. A few minutes later I heard a bee buzzing over my head very loud as if to say thank you! Job well done! In my opinion there is no creature too big or too small to help! You just have to be aware. That's all... just be aware of your surroundings....and you'll find even the tiniest of creatures looking up to you for assistance. It happens to me all the time... as in the case of this bee.

You see... Every time I help a person, an animal or even an insect... it fills me with joy. It fills me with purpose. And then I find myself hoping that even more people, animals and insects will come along asking me for help... because I want to feel that good feeling again. I want to feel that connection. It's addictive. And so when more people, animals and insects show up needing me... I get so happy. I say, “Thank you universe for allowing me to be of service. Please allow me to continue doing this. Send me more people, animals and insects to help.” And you know what? The universe continues sending them! And then I feel even more joy, abundance and love. Why is this? How could helping others feel so good? Because in reality we are all one. We are all reflections of one another. When you help others you are really helping yourself. When you give to others you are giving to yourself. This is why I say... If You Get a Chance to Help Someone... Just Do It! Don't allow the opportunity to pass! Slow down for a moment. Allow yourself to feel the immense joy that comes with being of service to humanity, to animals, the planet... and to the divine spirit of the universe! Peace and Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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