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So You Want To Save The World?

After reading my last article/ poem “Look What They've Done!”, you must be thinking to yourself... “Damn, this planet is really in trouble!” Well, that is, if you believe what I am expressing in the poem... Some choose to believe that much of what I am pointing out is merely conspiracy theories. Others are simply at the point where they're just too numb to it all! Another day... another disaster! Nothing new here on planet earth right? But some of us who are deeply empathic, try as we might, we simply cannot ignore the negative and discombobulated state of our planet. It affects our energy and consciousness daily! As this one billboard in Los Angeles has been putting it, “None of us are well until all of us are well.” Very poignant remark! So as a caring, sensitive, empathic individual who has high hopes of saving the world, what is one to do?

The idea that you personally can make a significant positive difference on this planet can be a very overwhelming concept to embrace. And saving the planet? Well...this appears to be quite the daunting task indeed! One might even believe that this is not really possible. We're too far gone perhaps? Yet, you believe differently. You believe that anything is possible. Yet, how can one person alone accomplish such a master feat? Even more challenging is the fact that most people barely even have the time, resources or finances to engage in such a lofty idea. Most people are working 9-5 jobs everyday. Some people are working two jobs to support themselves and perhaps to support their families as well. After doing all this work, there's limited time to spend with friends and family.... and one still needs to eat and bills and simply survive! So in reality, as I've stated, most people really don't have the time, resources or finances to save the world. They probably don't even have time to think about saving the world.

But you, my friend, are an anomaly right? For some reason, you broke out of the mold. You've managed to find some time to think about saving the world... you believe it is possible and you actually want to implement a plan to do so! Bravo! I commend you on your initiative! Believe it or not though, you are not as much of an anomaly as you may think you are. More and more people are starting to wake up now. There is a great shift taking place on this planet. It's about time, huh? Well, we are now in the Age of Aquarius... so this does make a lot of sense!

So where to begin? There are many things in this world that appear to be out of our control, however there is one thing that is most definitely in our control. So...The answer is easier than one may think! You begin... with yourself! “Myself”, you say? “That's the answer? Save the world by saving myself?” Yes! Yes! Yes! You save yourself... because in essence you are the world! Albeit a much smaller version of the world (at least in physical size.) You are a microcosm of the world. We are all the world. The entire world is within all of us and we are all very connected to one another. Much more connected than one may think.

Humanity is connected energetically. When something happens on this planet, especially something that is affecting humans, it affects all of us whether we know it or not. I don't watch the news, however I am so empathic that I can just wake up and feel that something is terribly wrong on a particular day. Then someone will tell me there was an earthquake or some other disaster that I wasn't aware of. Not everyone is going to be as empathic as I am, nor as you are, but regardless we are all affected energetically by circumstances on this planet. If we can make things better...even just a little better, it has an impact on everyone! So in reality, if you make yourself better, you are enhancing the planet and contributing to a better world!

When we start making changes in our own lives, it sends out a certain frequency to everyone else around us. Our thoughts and actions have a rippling affect on humanity. This may sound quite profound. But if enough people start changing themselves for the better, more and more people will be affected by this energy and they too will start to change for the better. Eventually, the whole world will change for the better! I recommend reading about the Hundreth Monkey Effect. Basically, once a critical number of people on this planet have changed for the better, or I'd like to say once they've raised their vibration to a higher frequency, this learned behavior (positive energy shift) will instantly spread to the rest of the people on the planet! This is how we will end up shifting the consciousness of humanity to a more loving and positive vibration. This is how we will save the world. And we don't have to wait for this to happen...It is happening right now!

So start with having positive thoughts. Think to yourself...”Yes, positive change is possible.” “Yes, I can make a difference in this world.” “Yes, I can make a difference in my world.” What don't you like about the world? What don't you like about yourself? Are you too critical/ judgmental? Work on being more compassionate and understanding. Are you eating bad foods? Work on changing your diet. Lacking patience? Start meditating! Ingesting toxic substances (alcohol, drugs, etc)? Work on your willpower and make an attempt to quit these substances. Watching too much television? Start cutting down. Unable to forgive yourself or others? Start working on forgiveness. Financial difficulties? Work on your prosperity consciousness. Depression? Work on your happiness consciousness. Hateful? Work on your love consciousness. Start telling yourself over and over again “I am love, love is everywhere, love is the only thing that exists” and watch how much love you start to feel and attract in your life. We all feel hateful at times. We just have to learn to let that go. It takes practice but change is very possible.

Nobody is perfect. We all have things to work on... And you'll find that the more you work on yourself and better yourself, the more your immediate environment and those around you will start changing for the better too. You will become a positive example for others. A leader! An inspiration! By understanding your own issues and taking the initiative to change for the better, you will be able to help others who may have the same issues you've been dealing with. You may even start teaching others to make positive changes in their lives. You affect those around you, then they affect others around them and so on and so forth... and before you know it... yes... have made a positive difference in the entire world! You see... you must be the change that you seek in this world... that's how little ol' you can actually save the world! So get to it! And thanks for believing in yourself and this world! We are all going to be just fine! Please share this article so we can save the world just a little bit faster. Articles create rippling effects too! Peace and Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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