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Inspirational Quotes from “A Lover In the Land of Hell”

In 2014, I wrote the spiritual self-help poetry book “A Lover In the Land of Hell.” In 2017, I finally decided to publish and sell it. It was a miraculous accomplishment considering that I didn't even plan to write a book. It sort of just happened. Nevertheless, this book, that just seemed to appear out of thin air, is filled with quite a few positive and inspiring quotes... And so now, a few years later I'd like to share with you some my favorite quotes from “A Lover in the Land of Hell”...

“If you truly seek change in this God forsaken place take a look in the mirror at your very own face, For you are the change that you seek in this world, When you take steps for yourself you take steps for us all!” - Warrior Spirit

“Seek to raise your vibration, Seek out truth, seek out peace, Change the world with your thoughts, Let disharmony cease” -Warrior Spiritual

“We must learn to cherish this beautiful planet and stop ourselves from creating more damage, You may ask yourself how you're supposed to begin, The earth is crying, you must learn to listen” - The Earth is Crying

“Our society has succumbed to appearances, so you search for the prettiest face, In haste all you find is confusion, an empty consciousness human race” - My Container

“Since then I've learned some lessons, True love won't make you fall, For now I know the love I miss was never love at all” - Being in Love

“Life is what we make of it, Our thoughts affect our soul, So try to be forgiving and let bad feelings go” - Forgive

“More open-mindedness is what we all need, We've been programmed to believe what we believe” - Open-mindedness

“Life is a gamble but there's always that chance, When you start to seek truth your life will advance” - Open-mindedness

“Wake up young soul, It's up to you to bring the real, Start by expressing what you feel, The truth always has more appeal” - Real Shit

“Hardwired for success, it's difficult to settle for less, I strive to be greater than human I must confess” - Greater Than Human

“The universal frequency, divine synchronicity, Merkaba star infinity, this is my true identity” - Manifestation Vibration

“I thank the spirit of the universe for the conscious thoughts in my mind, connecting me to all the nuances of the spiritually divine” - A Tribute to the Universe

“Death is an illusion, we are programmed to believe, that all will cease to exist, the moment we no longer breathe” - The Illusion of Death

Like what you've read so far? You can pick up a copy of “A Lover in the land of Hell” on Amazon or The Book Patch! Here's to raising the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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