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The Real Computer Chip is in the Air!

It has been speculated that there is a nefarious new world order plan to track and control the world's population with computer chips. In fact, computer chipping has already begun in several cities across the globe. When I say computer chipping, I am referring to the chips actually being injected under a person's skin, usually in their hand. This is a bit more invasive than the typical computer chip that we all seem to have become accustomed to in our credit cards now. And ofcourse our phones have chips in them too and pretty much all of our electronics! So, in reality, we have all been computer chipped for a while now. We are being tracked through our devices! However, there appears to be a plan to inject these chips into all humans on the planet to make tracking even more efficient. Perhaps easier said than done right?

Some people are waking up to the fact that computer chipping can be a violation of privacy and perhaps even dangerous to their well-being. Others are convinced that computer chipping is the new wave of the future. I suppose the appeal is that you can do all types of cool stuff without using a key or credit card. For instance, you can swipe your hand to pay for groceries at a grocery store or use your hand to lock and unlock the door to your home, office, etc. Chip technology is pretty amazing!

Perhaps computer chipping would be okay if this technology were to be used for the greater good. But what if there was a differing opinion on what the greater good is? What if those in power felt that the greater good was to computer chip the entire world's population and then press a kill switch? Perhaps computer chipping is really a heinous agenda for de-population? Or perhaps they can press a button to control our thoughts and emotions? Or perhaps they just want to turn everybody into robotic zombies... if they haven't done so already! Or even worse... perhaps they are going to create a robot zombie apocalypse? Anyway, the list goes on and on...Who really knows?

I personally do not feel very comfortable with the idea of being computer chipped. I already experience electro-sensitivities to computers, wi-fi and cell phones. I actually wear all types of emf neutralizing devices just to combat the negative effects. So whose to say that placing a chip in my body won't make me feel even worse? And I'm sure many others are quite opposed to placing this type of foreign object in their body as well. Do we even know if doing this is safe? They've already started to outlaw wi-fi in certain countries due to safety concerns. They recognize that there can be non-thermal biological effects from wireless radiation. And there's other reasons for opposition. For instance quite a few superstitious Christians believe that the chip is the '666' mark of the beast. They would never accept a chip in their body!

The government, and the powers that be that control the government, understand that not everyone is going to be so accepting of having a computer chip injected into their hand or any other part of their body. So another plan must be implemented! A rather sneaky plan that would be difficult for us to escape from! Although, if you really think about it... they've already got us with the credit cards and the cell phones. But for some reason, that is not enough! So how can they get us all to accept this chip whether we like it or not? Or even better...whether we know it or not?

One of my knowledgeable sources has divulged to me some information about the computer chip and where things are headed with it. Ever hear of chemtrails? If you've taken the time to look up at the sky you may occasionally see strange streaks of white clouds. It's completely unnatural looking. You may even spot a plane or two letting out this white trail of cloud. They do this in Los Angeles all the time. And then coincidentally it rains the next day! Those in the field of aeronautics say that these trails are harmless. They are called contrails and are said to be a trail of condensed water from an aircraft or rocket at high altitude seen as a white streak against the sky. However, many people believe that the trail of white cloud coming out of these planes is a bunch of chemicals being pumped into the atmosphere to purposely make us sick. But it may actually be more sinister than that! I've been told that these chemtrails actually contain microscopic computer chips also referred to as nanobots or smart dust! And when it rains, they all come down to our atmosphere and we breathe them in. Perhaps they land in our water, our food supply, etc... but most importantly they land in us! We are basically being biologically microchipped !

So what are these nanobots/ smart dust going to do to us? I've been told that these intelligent dust particles may embed themselves in our brain to create an entirely new form of brain-machine interface. This interface will somehow communicate with the wi-fi grid that we are constantly surrounded by and form a link to the new 5G. Through this technology the rulers of this planet may be able to spy on our thoughts and also program our thoughts. Yes, there may be some mind control involved in all of this. One lady told me that once the 5G gets connected, we will all appear as a bunch of tiny dots on the satellite system. The nanobots/ smart dust that collect in our body will basically be glowing dots. So even if we have all of our cell phones turned off we will still be able to be tracked. There's no hiding folks! How's that for lack of privacy? We would be helplessly connected, perhaps even controlled, by a worldwide super computer network. In essence, we would all be merging with artificial intelligence. We would become part human part robot. It's the dawning of transhumanism! Yeah... it's that serious!

So what are the implications? Well, this could spell disaster if you care about your physical health, mental health and personal freedom. In one article I read, this smart dust has been found to be one of the main causes of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases! That's not so good is it? And let's just say for arguments sake that there really is no negative agenda in all of this? Then why such secrecy? Perhaps those in control feel that the public is not ready to know that they are being experimented on? Wouldn't it be nice if we were given a choice in all of this... instead of just having smart dust scattered throughout our atmosphere? And scattered throughout our body?

So what can one do to protect themselves from this insidious agenda? Some suggest using orgone technology like a cloud buster to help clear away chemtrails. I am not 100% sure this would be ideal but it's definitely something worth looking into. It appears that they are really targeting big cities. So moving to a small city may be the best approach, however this is not feasible for most of us. One of my sources feels that just getting away from wi-fi 2 hours a week can be quite helpful. But wi-fi appears to be everywhere right? Not exactly! There are some beautiful gardens that don't seem to be inundated with wi-fi. There's also hiking trails. Going out into nature seems to be the way to go! And when you do go out into nature, please remember to turn off your cell phone!

One of my spiritual mentors claims that one shouldn't worry about these chemtrails as long as they are constantly detoxing and not getting any flu shots or vaccinations. So they must be doing something with these vaccinations that corresponds with the nanobots/ smart dust. It's interesting how President Trump is starting to promote vaccines now, although he was against them before. Politics! There's always some type of agenda. Don't allow yourself to get caught up in so-called public opinion. It can be to your detriment in the long run. Please do not need a flu shot or a vaccine! Just eat right and boost your immune system naturally! I get acupuncture, I take asian herbs... If I feel anything coming on I just take some sovereign silver- a natural antibiotic! I haven't had a cold or flu in ages! Please don't get caught up in their fear tactics!

Yes... I know this may all sound quite fantastical- like out of a science fiction film! But you have to ask yourself how far a tyrannical world power is willing to go to achieve complete global domination and control? Or perhaps those in power are not so tyrannical? Let's hope not! But it appears they definitely have a plan in mind... and the public apparently doesn't have any say in it! The new world order is upon us folks! You may not believe any of this article, but I'd like to say better safe than sorry. Yes, it's true, we may not be able to escape our destiny of being merged with artificial intelligence. However, we should all try to take protective measures to ensure our personal safety and survival. Look up the Georgia Guidestones and you'll see that there's a plan to de-populate the planet. It seems that this may be a necessary evil. We are overpopulated. And yes, I believe many will have to go. Question is...will it be you? If you take certain precautions it doesn't have to be! Final thoughts... when all else fails...detox, detox, detox!

Ok, now take a deep breath and understand that we are all living in an illusionary dimension... so regardless, everything will be alright! But while we're here... we might as well make it the best illusion possible! Peace and Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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