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Embracing Your Day of Disaster!

We all experience bad days. You know... that day when everything seems to go wrong? A day of disaster if you will! One disaster seems to lead to the next which seems to lead to the next and so forth. It's Murphy's Law! If something can go wrong, it will. But, when that momentum gets going... it really gets going. Good seems to lead to more good, and likewise bad leads to more bad. In my opinion there's many reasons why a day can turn into a string of negative events. There's astrological reasons, personal energy reasons, subconscious thoughts, subliminal programming... perhaps even negative frequencies that are being beamed at us on that particular day!

As I write this article it's the evening of Tuesday May 7th, 2019. I just experienced what I would consider to be a day of disaster... although, in reality, it was really not that bad of a day. However, there was definitely a string of negative events taking place. In the morning I like to meditate in my meditation pyramid. It helps me get my mind and energy together. I was just starting to relax when all of a sudden I hear my cat Dottie hissing louder and louder. My cat Roscoe was annoying her. I open my eyes from my moment of blissful silence to yell, “Roscoe stop that.” He doesn't stop. I throw a pillow at him. He still doesn't stop. I have to get up, walk over to him and tell him to get out of Dottie's face or I will place him in the bedroom. He stops and I go back into my meditation. The day already got off to a bad start!

I take a walk to the bank to make a bank deposit and I notice that my account is in the negatives. Not only that, but I find out that the bank took a $35 overdraft fee because it went into the negatives. Then I drop my favorite blue light glasses on the floor and they break! Then a client sets up a reiki session only to cancel just a few minutes later. Then I go to the nail salon to get a pedicure. I had brought my own natural non toxic nail polishes with me. All of a sudden I drop my brand new nail polish on the floor and it breaks. Nail polish splatters everywhere! Then I walk into a nearby cafe to purchase a bowl of soup for a sick friend. I ask the lady behind the counter if they still have the chicken soup. The lady tells me that yes, they still have the chicken soup. I tell her that I'd like to order a bowl. Then the lady tells me that they just closed... It was 6pm on the dot. They closed at 6pm. I said, “Really? Can you check to see if I can still get a soup?” She walks into the chicken and yells out, “Kitchen is closed right?” She had absolutely no interest in providing me with any type of positive customer service. It was unbelievable.

It was at this point in the day when I thought to myself, “ Wow...what a weird day.” So I recounted all the things that went wrong... and there were really quite a few. A day of disaster! Any person with an anger problem might have blown a fuse... but not I! I was calm as can be all day long. I didn't allow any of these strange negative events to bother me. And so in reality, it wasn't really a day of disaster after all. It was a day of triumph. Because life tossed a bunch of bullshit at me (excuse my language) and I took the bullshit with ease. I actually had quite a pleasant productive day amidst the insanity. Although quite a few things went wrong... there's one really important thing that didn't go wrong... and that one thing is me! I didn't succumb to the negativity. My attitude stayed balanced and positive. The day may have been a disaster, but I certainly was not!

So the take away is this... We will all encounter bad days... days of disaster! The important thing to remember is that although our days are made up of events, sometimes annoying unfortunate events, we do not have to submit ourselves to them. The day does not belong to the disasters! The day belongs to us! We may not be able to control what life throws at us on any particular day, but we can control our thoughts, feelings and reactions. Perhaps some days will not be the best of days... but at the very least...we can be our best! Embrace everyday with positivity and even your worst day will not be so bad! Remember... events don't define your day. You define it!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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