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A Fiery Retrograde is Upon Us!

Mercury Retrograde is at it again folks! In case you are unaware of what Mercury Retrograde is, it's an astrological phenomenon that occurs 3-4 times every year whereby the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards, yet it's actually speeding past earth. Mercury Retrograde is known as a difficult period of time that seems to bring confusion and complications to all of our lives for approximately a month or so. Whenever something out of the ordinary seems to go wrong, my good friend and I will typically turn to one another and ask “Are we going into another Retrograde?”

So this time around, during the Pre-Mercury Retrograde shadow phase (18 days before Retrograde was set to hit), my good friend and I get into a very bad argument. I don't recall what the argument was about, but we don't typically argue. The fight was so bad that I immediately went online and looked up Mercury Retrograde. Lo and behold we were in the Pre-Mercury Retrograde shadow phase. I started to explain this to my friend. The knowledge of the retrograde seemed to take a bit of the edge off of the argument. But then it got worse...

I was so caught up in the heat of this battle with my friend that I drove to the gym to go swimming without my swim cap, goggles and swimsuit! I left everything at home! I had to spend $60 at the gym shop just to purchase goggles and 2 swim caps (2 caps because I like to put conditioner on my hair before I swim and I need 2 layers of caps to make this work). It was a very pricey mistake. Thankfully I had an old run down swimsuit with me so I didn't have to purchase a new swimsuit. But when I got in the pool guess what? My new expensive goggles weren't even working properly. They were letting in a ton of water! $30 goggles for nothing! Final sale! I couldn't even return them! What an ordeal!

Just 11 days later the same friend I was arguing with walks into my bedroom at 7am to tell me that my car battery died. He was sitting in my car, for what he told me was approximately 20 minutes or so, and the battery just died on him. My car is a relatively new Honda CRV. I had just got an oil change done a few days prior to this strange event and my car battery also just passed an inspection. It didn't make sense. My friend felt bad and told me that he would handle the situation, but as much as he tried, he just couldn't get through to roadside assistance on the phone. They kept hanging up on him! Finally at long last he gets them on the phone.

But it gets worse! Roadside assistance refuses to come boost my car unless I pay $80 because I hadn't made my monthly car insurance payment yet. Something was very very wrong here! And my friend didn't have the $80 so I was stuck paying it. Finally, after a long wait, roadside assistance arrives and boosts my car. But again, this is not a typical everyday occurrence for me. Car batteries don't just die on me all the time... or ever really!

Then it got even crazier when the earthquakes started hitting Southern California on July 5th (just 2 days before Mercury was set to go Retrograde on July 7th). Wow! The energy on the planet was starting to get real intense. For me personally... for one reason or another, I've had the unfortunate displeasure of finding myself in the company of some very negative, judgmental, know it all and energy draining people. I tend to keep to myself most of the time, but as the universe would have it, I was somehow maneuvered into spending time with people I just shouldn't have been around at all. On a few occasions I had to take some serious time to clear and re-boot my energy due to the undesirable element I had come into contact with. I even had to take some afternoon naps to get some of my energy back.

But there have been some nice moments as well... such as going to the beach for the first time in ages! The beach is always refreshing and recharging, even if the sun is a bit draining. I've also been having the most outrageous unprecedented food cravings for almond butter and chocolate for the past 2 weeks... two foods that I used to eat all the time, but I'm really not supposed to be eating nowadays. So I said, “The hell with it- I'm gonna eat these foods and enjoy every moment of it!” Ofcourse I only eat the best raw organic sprouted almond butters and organic chocolate/ cacao butter/ carob with no added sugars! So I'm still being healthy! But wow! My appetite has increased enormously and I've even gone back to eating fruit and animal protein again. So this retrograde has definitely impacted my appetite in a weird way! Mercury Retrograde tends to bring things back from the past. In my case, quite a few foods from my past have reappeared back in my life again!

So what is really in store for us this Mercury Retrograde you ask? Well, I've been told that this one is going to be a real doozy! It's supposed to be fiery, angry and quite aggressive! I've already witnessed some excessive road rage. I've seen people honking and going crazy for absolutely no real reason. I've also recently witnessed an intense altercation in the shower area of my gym that seemed to escalate beyond the norm. Well, normally there are no fights in the shower area so it was a bit surprising! And my friend told me that there's been a whole slew of shootings in his small home town in Ohio. Pretty crazy! Tensions are high right now.

So my suggestion for the next few weeks... Stay extra cautious and aware of your surroundings. It's a bit more dangerous and violent right now than usual. Stay away from large crowds! Do whatever you can to stay calm and relaxed during this crazy time! L-theanine works wonders! So does matcha green tea powder (which contains l-theanine). I actually just replaced my l-theanine supplement with matcha and I've been feeling really really awesome! Do your best to stay away from drama... Family and close relationships will be affected. There will be many mis-communications.

Make an effort to stay grounded, balanced and unaffected by the chaos that is taking place around you right now. Do now allow the anger on the planet to disturb your inner peace. Just because there are quite a few angry people around doesn't mean that you must succumb to the anger as well. Remember, Mercury Retrograde is also a time for inner reflection, learning, evolving and becoming better. We are all being tested right now, and although things may seem negative and chaotic, this test is really for the greater good. So take a deep breath, lie down on some grass, make some time to meditate, contemplate your existence and have a greater understanding of why you are experiencing what you are experiencing right now during this Mercury Retrograde! A deeper understanding will help you get through this crazy time in a more peaceful and productive manner. Peace and Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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