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It's a Really Bad Time To Be A Bad Person!

We are all guilty of being “bad” at some point or another in our lives. And when I use the term “bad” I mean it in such a way that the person who performs the bad act is doing such an act on purpose with the intent to hurt or harm another living being. Oftentimes so called bad things happen unintentionally. A person may offend someone by unknowingly saying something offensive without the intent of actually hurting or harming them. Misunderstandings like this happen all the time. If you read my article “Why are People Getting So Offended?” then you would really understand what I am talking about.

Little children do what adults would consider so-called “bad” things. But typically children are unable to differentiate good from bad or right from wrong until a parent or adult corrects their behavior. A child typically does not have an ill intent, unless ofcourse they were just born with an evil spirit (and this does happen sometimes.) There's also genetic, energetic, astrological and even environmental/ biological toxin factors. But usually a child is not purposely trying to hurt or harm anyone, and once the negative behavior is corrected a few times, the child should start to understand right from wrong or good from bad, at least based on the guardian's perspective of good and bad and right and wrong. Eventually a child can decide on their own whether or not they want to engage in an act that they would consider bad or wrong. This decision is an act of free will. So ofcourse, thinking or knowing that something is bad or wrong doesn't necessarily stop a person from performing a bad or wrong act.

Children also tend to imitate what they see and experience in their environment regardless of whether it's good or bad or right or wrong. Environmental factors at home, at school and also television programming will influence a child's perception of good and bad. These perceptions will create behavioral patterns which may perpetuate into adulthood. So let's say a child watches his father get drunk and beat on his mother all the time. The child may grow up to be an alcoholic and start beating on his or her spouse or may end up getting beat on by his or her spouse. Abusing alcohol and/ or beating on a person is so-called wrong and bad behavior, but it's also a learned behavior.

So ofcourse with therapy a person may learn to change their behaviors and become a better person,... that is if they decide that they even have a desire to change. A person may choose to continue doing something that is hurtful to others because they feel it is too difficult to stop. Perhaps deep down they want to do the right thing but are having a difficult time breaking the cycle. In the end, they know that hurting a person that they love or care for is actually hurting them. They are doing wrong and bad things, but it's not really with the intent to hurt or harm others....even if others are getting harmed or hurt. They are really just at the mercy of negative programming. Perhaps many or most of us are at the mercy of negative programming? So should the universe give us a pardon for the bad things we do because of bad programming?

Then ofcourse there can be a difference of opinion as to whether something is good or bad or right or wrong. Lying is considered to be a bad thing to do, however if the truth is going to be hurtful to a person or persons, then many people will opt to lie. Lying could be considered the right thing to do in certain circumstances. However if a lie is told to intentionally hurt or harm someone then that may not be so good. There's also things that people would consider a bad act but for a good cause. Many consider killing to be bad. But killing in a war is often considered killing for a good cause. Killing in self defense is usually considered to be acceptable as well. But killing to exact revenge is usually not okay, although it happens quite a bit on this planet... and in some societies it would be considered justifiable.

Pre-meditated killings are considered pretty bad. Accidental killings are still bad, but not as bad as killing on purpose. And ofcourse, if a mentally unstable person kills someone, then it's bad but perhaps not their fault because they were mentally unstable. Anyway, I didn't mean to go on and on about murder... But this just goes to show you that right and wrong and good and bad is sometimes difficult to differentiate as there's different levels of right and wrong and good and bad. The circumstance and the intention behind the act appears to determine just how wrong or bad an act may be considered. It's all a matter of one's perception and the laws that dictate right and wrong in one's society.

In nature animals cheat, steal and kill all the time. But do they do so with malicious intent? Usually not! Animals are just utilizing their natural instincts to survive. Animals typically kill other animals in order to protect their young from predators, mate or hunt for food. If hungry enough, animals will bully and even steal food from other animals that are weaker than them. Sometimes they may even test animals that are stronger than them. An intelligent animal may even outsmart a less intelligent animal that is stronger than them. Regardless... Do you think that these animals actually have a desire to hurt or harm the animals that they are bullying and stealing food from? Is the lion angry at the deer that it sinks its teeth into? No, they are just hungry and need to eat and feed their offspring. This is the way the animal kingdom works.

Ofcourse there's some random occurrences in nature where animals may seem to express an ill intent like monkeys killing and eating the babies of rival monkeys, but typically animals are just trying to survive and reproduce. There's no negative emotion of hate, anger or fear involved. And animals typically don't sit around all day thinking about how they are going to exact revenge on some other animal that just ate their baby. They usually grieve for a moment and then move on. Animals know that at any given moment they can either be predator or prey. They must focus on survival and the survival of their young... not get emotional about things!

But back to humans... Anyone can take a so-called bad or wrong act, analyze it and twist it into a so-called good or right act. This is human nature. This may happen when a person feels particularly guilty about doing something that they know was wrong or bad. In order to feel better about the situation, the person will decide that their wrongdoing was actually a right doing. They will convince themselves that they had to do what they did to protect themselves, protect their children, survive and so forth. They will lie to themselves just to support their wrongdoing.

Oftentimes the bad or wrong act is performed out of fear. A person may lie on someone else in court for fear that the other party may win the hearing or court case if they don't lie. This person may come up with all sorts of rationalizations as to why they had to lie, even if the lie hurts or harms another person. They may even be lying on someone that they care about or used to care about. And they may even continue to lie and lie because they are so scared of what could happen if they didn't do so.

But I digress... My point is... Regardless of the wrongdoing...There's always some type of karmic repercussion... Especially if a person knowingly lies or performs an unjust act with the intent to hurt or harm another. Yes, this is a world of duality. There must be a balance between right and wrong as well as good and bad. If bad or wrong things did not exist, then this world would not exist. I actually think it's important to keep this balance. Nobody is ever perfectly good or always doing exactly the so-called right thing... and I don't believe that we need to be perfect or always 100% good. And as I've stated earlier, we all have different perceptions of what is right and wrong and good and bad. However, right now on this planet, if you are doing bad things with the intention to hurt or harm others, it's really really a bad time for that. It's an even worse time to intentionally hurt or harm good people with good intentions that continuously do good things, help people and help the planet!

There's energetic/ astrological cycles at play. Purposely doing or saying bad or wrong things right now with the intent to hurt or harm others is like a karmic death sentence. It's really not the time to be a bad person. So, I don't mean to alarm anyone... but if you feel like you've said or done some bad things recently... perhaps with malicious intent...with the emotion of hate, anger or fear... and these things you've said or done may have hurt or harmed someone... especially a good person... then you may want to take some time to do a bunch of really really good things. Cause... It's a really bad time to be a bad person! You may also try working on balancing your emotions and not acting out of anger, hate or fear... If you can break the cycle of purposely causing pain and misery in other people's lives... in the end, you will be a happier person!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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