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Take the Time to Lend a Listening Ear Sometimes!

It was just this past Monday, November 2nd, 2019, when I encountered an older caucasian gentleman in the parking lot of my pet food store in Los Feliz, CA. As I stepped out of my car, this man approached me asking me if I had any money to spare. His clothing looked nice, yet it was a bit dirty and tattered in a few places. He had a coherent energy about him. He didn't appear to be struggling too badly. But still... he was asking me for money so he must've needed some help. I had exactly $9 in my wallet and so I gave him that $9. He was very happy. Then I handed him a card for my spiritual poetry book and blog. I felt an energy that he might enjoy reading my poems and articles. He seemed intelligent and spiritually conscious. He also had an energy like he had experienced quite a bit of hell in his lifetime. Turns out I was quite right!

I suppose the word “spiritual” must have set off a trigger with this man and so he started to tell me his story. A very long story! But I listened. I listened quite intently actually. This man... his name was Ted, started to tell me that he had a drinking problem, however he's been sober for the past few years. Ted had attended catholic school as a young boy. He recalls his nun teacher reading the bible to him and explaining that Jesus was the son of God. He clearly recalls not understanding what she was talking about. The 10 commandments also didn't seem to make sense to him back then. Ted was an altar boy and after helping out with a funeral and experiencing the death of his own

grandmother, he became frightened by the idea of death and going to hell. Therefore Ted decided to quit being an altar boy.

Perhaps it was this lingering subconscious/ conscious fear of death and hell that led to Ted's near death experience years later. He had been in a plane crash. He explained to me the whole horrific life changing plane crash scenario in great detail. His wife was on the plane sitting next to him and they were both injured quite badly, yet miraculously they survived. Ted recalls struggling to place his hands together (as he was in terrible pain) and reciting the lord's prayer, after which the plane safely landed. It appears this may have been Ted's first spiritual awakening. He felt a connection with a higher power perhaps for the first time in his life. He went on to talk about two car crashes that he had been in after the plane crash. One crash injured his back so badly that his doctor at Cedar Sinai hospital told him that he would need surgery. He decided to get a second opinion. Then somehow he experienced an extraordinary healing. He felt a hot energy on the injured part of his back and the broken pieces seemed to snap back into place. After this happened he was told that he didn't need the surgery afterall. He had made a miraculous recovery!

Eventually Ted quit his job working in sales. He said that working a 9-5 job took up too much of his time. I could totally relate to what he was saying. His wife also ended up divorcing him. Yet through all of the hell that he experienced, Ted was convinced that God had been listening to his prayers and that God had saved him from his plane crash and healed his back. He wanted to let me know that miracles are possible. I agreed entirely with him as I too have experienced some amazing miraculous synchronistic moments in this lifetime. I finally had to end the conversation so I could get on with my errands. I had stood talking (or rather listening) to Ted in the parking lot for approximately 30 minutes! But in my opinion it was an important encounter. Ted obviously felt compelled to share his amazing story with me. And I felt compelled to listen. But I really felt compelled to listen because I knew that it was important for Ted to be heard and understood. Human connection is very important!

I had many realizations after listening to Ted speak. I realized that in reality I was speaking to a reflection of myself. I believe Ted is a healer whether he knows it or not. He is also a teacher. His energy is quite strong. Perhaps stronger than he even knows. His thoughts (fears and beliefs) have manifested both his suffering and the so-called miracles that he has experienced in his lifetime. The $9 I gave him was great and all, but the human contact and energy exchange was of greater importance in my opinion. And I believe as humans this is something that we tend to take for granted. Taking the time to stop and listen to our fellow brother or sister is immensely important.

We race around day to day taking care of all types of errands. We tend to live on tight schedules always on our way to the next destination. There is never enough time in a day! But sometimes it's important to stop and allow time to stand still for just a moment so that we can help our fellow man (or woman). Just lending a listening ear can make all the difference for a person in need. Money isn't everything. Being kind doesn't just mean handing money or a gift to a person and walking away. Communicating, listening and showing compassion... this is why we are here. And this stranger...Ted, he was imparting a special message to me. He was telling me his inspiring spiritual story... an important story I believe. It's a story of faith in the spirit. It's a story of suffering yet rejoicing in the love of the creator. I am grateful to have crossed paths with Ted. Had I not stopped to help him, this article would not have been written. Inspiration appears in many different times... quite often when we least expect it. Stay open to the energy of the universe...and if you get a chance, take the time to lend a listening ear to someone in need. You may be surprised at the positive energy and healing that you receive in exchange. Thanks for the inspiration Ted! Peace and Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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