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My 1.4 Gram Mushroom Trip

First let me start off by saying that yes, I know that 1.4 grams does not technically constitute a mushroom trip... However, this is the most magic (psilocybin) mushrooms I have consumed to date. Now I don't drink alcohol, smoke marijuana or cigarettes nor ingest any type of drugs including pharmaceuticals these days. However, magic mushrooms recently sparked my interest. I had decided to experiment with psilocybin mushrooms a few months back after my mentor had advised me that these mushrooms are helpful in protecting oneself from 5G radiation, mind control and so forth. However, being that I am genetically predisposed to mood disorders with the MTHFR gene mutation, I know that I really shouldn't be ingesting anything psychoactive or hallucinogenic, therefore I decided to play things safe.

I started out micro dosing on .1 grams and raised the dose by .1 grams every 4 days. I would take my mushroom dose with a breakfast shake and sometimes I would add solid (sprouted) almonds/ macadamia nuts and berries to my shake as well. I didn't feel comfortable taking the mushrooms on an empty stomach. When I reached .7 and .8 grams I started feeling super sensitive and emotional. I was very affected by anyone else's energy that I happened to be around. This was not a positive experience for me. At 1.0 grams I had somehow invoked an early menstrual cycle and anxiety. I wasn't so sure that I would ever attempt to go higher then 1.0 grams... That is until this past Christmas December 25th, 2019!

I had done some research on how to create a positive anxiety-free mushroom trip. With this new knowledge I felt reassured that I could safely and slowly continue raising my magic mushroom dosage without experiencing an adverse reaction. I was pleasantly surprised! Turns out that the amino acid l-theanine, which I've already been taking daily, is quite helpful when consuming magic mushrooms. So is magnesium which I also started taking recently in the form of a concentrated sea water complex. With these two powerful supplements in my system, along with the amino acid l-tyrosine, l-lysine, trace mineral selenium, molybdenum, a huge dose of lipsomal and buffered vitamin c with bioflavanoids, live silica, coq10 and a superfood shake mixed with solid berries and almonds, I was on my way to having a very intense and positive mushroom experience!

So it was Christmas, December 25th, 2019, and as you may know from reading my last article, I don't celebrate holidays! So I was home just hanging out with my good guy friend and my 3 cats. It was just another day for me. Pretty quiet actually.... However I was dealing with an incredible migraine! Seems like I get headaches every time there's a holiday actually! I started stretching and doing some chi gong exercises on my balcony. That's when something whispered to my mind... “Today you will do mushrooms! 1.4 grams! It will take away the headache!” “Okay”, I thought... “Yeah... mushrooms today it shall be!”

So I took my supplements, made my shake/ cereal ( as I call it) and added 7 pills of mushroom powder to it. Each pill contains approximately .2 grams of magic mushrooms. So I ingested 1.4 grams in total (or something like that)! As I was eating I started to feel a bit relaxed but nothing too crazy yet. I went to sit at my computer so I could finish publishing my article, “Why I Don't Celebrate Holidays!” My computer just happened to be acting up quite a bit and things were taking forever! Then the waves of nausea started kicking in!

It wasn't terrible nausea though. Just mild nausea...and like I came in waves. I'd feel a little nauseous. Then I'd feel a bit euphoric...then I had the chills...then normal... then nauseous again. Something like that. But the most astounding thing to me was that I started noticing that my headache was going away. Could it be that magic mushrooms is the headache cure? I've been hearing that this is the case. However this was the first time I took the mushrooms while suffering with a migraine. As the pain faded, the nauseousness became a welcome replacement.

I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable being on the computer though. I managed to publish my article but then I realized that my social media links were not redirecting to the article. It was a big mess. I finally had to step away from the computer because I just couldn't handle being on it anymore. I figured I'd fix the social media issue later on when my computer was working a little better....and when I wasn't high anymore. The computer seemed to be seriously malfunctioning!

All of a sudden someone knocked on my front door. I didn't want to answer it but I didn't want to miss any important packages. I was waiting on a credit card delivery actually. So I asked, “Who is it?” It was my neighbor delivering me a Christmas card with a Trader Joe's gift card inside. I couldn't open the door though. I was too mushroomed out. No anxiety thank goodness... but I couldn't handle the face to face interaction. My neighbor was really cool though. She told me she would leave the card at the door which she did. When I knew she was gone I quickly opened the door and grabbed the card. It said, “Thanks for being a great neighbor!” ...and some other stuff... I couldn't figure out why I was a great neighbor. I typically just stay away from everyone and keep to myself. The next day she told me why. I had let her use my cell phone one time when she had lost her cell phone after coming back from a trip to Egypt. I told her to just go ahead and make all the phone calls she needed to make... no problem! She spent about an hour on my phone that night! Okay... so I guess I am a good neighbor! :)

At this point I stepped into my meditation pyramid and lied down in my ergonomic chair. I felt wonderful. I could feel the immense energy in the pyramid. It was overwhelming. I had just added a tensor device to the top of my pyramid and the energy was so very intense and beautiful. I started to cry... out of joy. I was thinking about how far I had come in this lifetime. I thought about all the pain I had been through but how I am past that now. It was an amazing feeling. It was as if I was purging all built up negative energy out of my body, mind and spirit. Then my friend started cracking jokes. The most hilarious jokes. I went from crying to laughing hysterically! Then back to crying....then laughing. Wow!

My friend had decided that he was going to leave for a moment and walk to the grocery store. I wasn't sure it would be so good for me to be left alone. Well, I had my 3 cats...but still. I was slightly concerned that negative entities, spirits or energies may try to find there way into my sacred space and mess with me. I've been through this in the past. My friend seems to keep them away somehow. He is highly melanated and has a very protective energy. But then I thought to myself, my energy has become very strong and there's a ton of protective energy devices and crystals in my apartment now. There's no way anything negative could break in at this point. So my friend walks out the door and I immediately feel a cold empty feeling. Something was waiting at the gate of my energy field to get in. But I was too strong! Ha ha! It couldn't break through and like a breeze this energy just drifted away. I was safe by myself! Relief set in. Ofcourse, I had my abundance affirmations playing in the background the entire time. So I had positive reinforcement keeping negative energy away. If I had been sitting in silence that entire time, I may have not been so good. However I do very well hearing constant talking or music playing. It's actually in my Primary Health System chart in Human Design. I digest optimally listening to talking or music.

At one point, while my friend was gone, I started giving a dramatic speech to my 3 cats about how much I love them. I told them that I know they need me for food, water, treats, etc... and I realize that it's in their nature to survive and that they depend on me for their survival... But I said... beyond all that survival stuff I know that there is love. There is so much love here. The love is immense. I was so grateful for my beautiful cats and I was telling them this. It was a very emotional monologue. I was crying a lot! My cat Roscoe looked a little concerned. He's my security cat- my protector. He watches over me to make sure I'm okay. Dottie, my skiddish cat, looked a little disturbed, afterall, I don't usually get so emotionally charged or cry so much. She's quite sensitive and the emotions I was expressing may have been a bit overwhelming for her. But Felix, my orange tabby, he's pretty mellow. He didn't seem too alarmed. Nothing alarms him really. He's been through a bit of hell himself after struggling with some serious health issues. He made it through tough times and so he has had his kitty cat spiritual awakening. Still, to make them all feel comfortable I explained to them that I was acting weird because I had ingested some mushrooms. I told them not to worry. I would be back to normal very soon. The love vibration was so strong however, that I don't think they could really worry anyway.

So my friend returns and I start going on an incredibly hysterical rant about the book, “The Power of Now.” I had come up with my own interpretation of this spiritually enlightening book. In the human design system I happen to be a splenic projector. Splenic types have no choice but to live in the now... just like animals have no choice but to live in the now. They have no time to consider the past or the future. They have to just focus on survival which is all in the now. But for a human to always live in the now...well, that's pretty difficult considering how society is structured. To really live in the now, one would have to give up everything, stop paying rent, stop paying bills, stop working a 9-5 job... and perhaps even become homeless! You cannot make future plans when living in the now. This is not an easy feat in such a controlled left brained society. And the craziest thing about the book “The Power of Now” is that the writer was supposedly homeless before he wrote the book. Yes, you want to really understand the power of now?.... Become homeless like a cat on the street trying to survive...then you'll know. I was laughing hysterically at this thought. I can't tell you how many times in this lifetime I have personally struggled living in the now. It's not all it's cracked up to be folks!

All of a sudden my friend and I get into a conversation about our relationship. He asks me if he ever makes me feel bad or something like that. I mention how there's certain moments when he gets upset and that this upset energy seems to affect me in a bad way. But I'm unable to explain how exactly this occurs. My friend starts pressing the issue. He wants to know what he does wrong. I attempt to avoid the question but he keeps asking. I get overwhelmed by his persistent energy. I start to feel hot... very hot! Without much notice my whole body heats up to an extremely uncomfortable level. I need air. I'm struggling to breathe. I start screaming that I'm hot and I need air. I run to the balcony and aggressively open the door and dive out. I get wet! It's raining! My socks are soaked. I jump back into the apartment and it dawns on me. “That's the problem!”, I said. “You don't take criticism well.” “If I tell you that you do anything wrong you beam me with a wave of very uncomfortable energy.” I just happen to be super sensitive... an empath. My friend starts to laugh. He gets it. He totally gets it. It's not that he does anything wrong. He just doesn't take criticism very well and that's the issue. As I explained what I was feeling in detail we both had a good laugh. We reached an understanding and we were both able to move on from the conversation.

This mushroom trip was amazing. I was consumed with love. Pure love. No anxiety. No pain. Just the high frequency love vibration emanating from the divine universe! I didn't have an appetite but I decided to force myself to eat dinner. This helped ground me actually and I started to come back down to normal. Then the storm hit! A crazy rain storm! Supposedly we had snow in Los Angeles and a tornado! The winds were extreme. I thought to myself, “Did my highly charged mushroom trip create this chaos?” Ha Ha! Later that morning the power went out at my building for over 24 hours. It was insane. My friend was going crazy. He was so upset. But me... I was calm as could be. I was full of love...still so full of love and you know what else? My headache was completely gone! And my body was getting a nice break from the emf's that we are constantly bombarded with. In my opinion, the power outage was the perfect crazy ending to an incredibly beautiful and powerful mushroom experience! Glad I did it! Perhaps 2 grams next time? We shall see!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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