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What if the Universe is Preparing Us All For Something Else?

The universe has a divine plan and things are not always as they seem... Life is fragile and reality can change at any given moment, perhaps as quickly as the blink of an eye... as we've all recently experienced on this planet. After watching quite a few videos and reading quite a few articles about this covid-19 pandemic.... and on top of all that, receiving information from my spiritual mentors... I just can't help but wonder if we are all collectively being prepared for something else? Perhaps something bigger than this covid-19 virus...even if this virus seems bigger and badder than anything we've experienced before in this lifetime.

Hypothetically speaking.... What if a comet or an asteroid just came out of nowhere and disrupted our existence on this planet? Would we all be ready for such a catastrophic event? Or perhaps a financial/ economic collapse? A civil war? Famine? Aliens? A stronger and more deadly strain of covid-19 (or some other pathogen)? What if mass chaos ensued? Would we all be prepared for such drastic events? What if this pandemic has simply been an exercise, much like a school fire drill, to see how we would all react in a state of emergency? Or perhaps we are all subjects of a worldwide psychological experiment? Perhaps after experiencing this covid-19 pandemic, we are all just a little more prepared than usual...for the unusual? Perhaps some of us are finally experiencing a spiritual awakening? Or at the very least, some of us are starting to question things instead of just believing everything we are being told to believe.

Is it possible that the universe has just blessed many of us with some extra time to spend with family? Some extra time to spend with loved ones? Some extra time to forgive people that we've needed to forgive? To touch base with old friends and associates that we haven't been in touch with for a long time? Some time to consider living healthier more conscious lives? Some extra time to think... perhaps to think about our life's purpose in this reality? Or some extra time to stockpile food and water which may be necessary to have in the near future? Perhaps we've needed this time to get better prepared... Perhaps prepared for something else?... Perhaps prepared for when shit really hits the fan? Only time will tell. It's not always so easy to see the big picture at first. But there is always a bigger picture!

So as this pandemic emergency exercise starts to come to an end... or perhaps as the first phase of this pandemic emergency exercise starts to comes to an end... We should all now feel just a little more acquainted with ourselves and our loved ones. We should be a little more aware of our weaknesses and our strengths, individually and collectively. Did we get stronger from this experience or did we become our own worst enemies? Did we rise to the challenge or fall victim to it? Did fear get the best of us or did we turn into fearless warriors? Now that you know how you and your loved ones would react to a worldwide crisis... what do you think you could do better next time? What improvements can be made? What lessons have you learned from this experience? I think we've all learned quite a few lessons. This is part of why we are all here right now in this physical reality at this particular juncture in time. We face challenges so that hopefully we can evolve and become stronger beings... individually and collectively.

Anyway, this has been quite the wake up call for all of us I'm sure... Let's take some time to examine the lessons we've learned from this experience so that we're all adequately prepared mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for whatever may come our way next! Remember to stay healthy! Stay strong! And stay ready! There is always more to come...

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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