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A Candid Text Message Conversation (Rant) Between Mother & Daughter About Covid- -19

The following is a very candid and perhaps even eye opening text message conversation between a mother and daughter regarding covid-19. I'm sharing this conversation because I feel that it's most helpful to be exposed to various viewpoints. Some people believe the mainstream news while others don't. Some are trapped in fear while others refuse to succumb to fear. Some believe a virus exists while others do not. Perhaps it's not so cut and dry? But obviously, the mainstream media, which dictates public opinion, is not the only opinion out there. Many people choose to stay silent regarding their unpopular/ unconventional viewpoints for fear of being ridiculed. And many professionals hide their unpopular/ unconventional viewpoints for fear of being fired from their jobs.

Regardless, I find this to be an interesting conversation between a fearful mother who believes in the virus and her very outspoken daughter who obviously does not believe in the virus at all. The opinions expressed in this text message conversation do not necessarily reflect my own personal opinions...or do they? Lol

Unfortunately we are living in very dangerous times whereby expressing one's opinion openly may lead to false accusations of terrorism. Therefore this article is simply the sharing of a text message conversation between a mother and her daughter and not necessarily an opinion shared by myself, the author. But this conversation, more like a rant, may have you wondering... How many other family members are engaging in similar conversations? Perhaps we may even discover some hidden truths by reading this outspoken daughter's plea to her mother. So here goes...

DAUGHTER: "I decided that I should start working again in September."

MOTHER: "Wait until the Covid numbers are down in LA! This is not a good time to expose yourself to strange people!"

DAUGHTER: "There is no covid! And the numbers will increase this winter because they are doing this shit on purpose! People always get sick in the winter. Every sickness will be considered to be covid. Just watch! Its gonna be a deadly covid winter!"

"Ive already been given the script!"

"Its going to be worse than ever this winter! Want to know why? Because no one has been exposed to any bacteria or viruses or anything. The masks and constant hand sanitizing and sanitizing of everything everywhere is weakening everyone's immune system. Without exposure to bacteria and viruses our bodies are unable to create antibodies to fight off anything. Keeping this in mind, the common cold will probably start killing people. And they will call it covid. Then they will say we need mandatory vaccinations which will once again lower everyone's immune system and the vicious cycle continues. They are purposely killing people! The only way to not get sick is to boost your immune system naturally, get sun and d3 and stay exposed to pathogens! We are being lied to! Wake up!"

"You have to be blind not to see the plan."

"And doctors remain silent for fear of persecution and death. None of this is correct!"

"But continue believing the media and following blindly and see where you end up!"

"Exposure is necessary!"

"Try to step out of fear for a moment so you can see the bigger picture. Fear can be blinding!"

"It's not healthy to be so scared to die that you cant even live! Fear also lowers the immune system. I hope you go get acupuncture and herbs soon. Wish you could come see my guy!"

"I just don't know how you cant see the stupidity in all of this!"

"Wear a mask and stay 6 ft apart, except at the dentist when getting teeth examined...except at a restaurant when eating food, etc. Then people start protesting and rioting! And the catch phrase is 'I cant breathe'! Playing on everyone's subconscious thoughts making us all feel like we cant breathe. Doesn't help that we actually cant breathe cause were all suffocating in our masks! Are you f*cking kidding me?"

"Come on mom"

"Wake up"

"The dark side controls us with fear. Once you stop fearing they lose all control."

"Why is everyone so scared of death? There is no death. Death is a lie. We just leave our bodies. Our energy doesn't die."

"We are infinite."

"and covid is a bullshit fear mongering lie."

(The MOTHER never responded)

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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