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How to Invest in Precious Metals and Cryptocurrencies Part 1

In case you haven't heard... Gold, Silver and Cryptocurrencies (particularly bitcoin) are the big investments right now! Perhaps my poems "Get Gold, Get Land, Get Free!" and "Investments" gave you a clue? So why invest in Gold, Silver and Crypto? The main reason for investing in these assets is because when the U.S. dollar loses its value and the digital fedcoin is introduced to replace the dollar and counter the monetary collapse, with gold, silver and bitcoin in your possession you will still own something of value that you may use for trading.

And at the time of the inevitable financial collapse, gold, silver and bitcoin prices are going to skyrocket! This means that instead of losing the shirt off your back, getting evicted, taking a chip/ vaccination and signing yourself into a fema prison camp, you will actually profit greatly from the collapse! But more importantly... you will survive! And you will be free from the confines of the new digital monetary system and all the tracking, surveillance and lack of privacy that comes with that! You will not have to comply with strange new government rules in order to receive your next digital paycheck! Just make sure you have some allodial land to go live on as well!

So how does one go about investing in these crucial precious metals and cryptocurrencies? If you're a newbie then you're probably wondering how to get started right? So let's begin with gold and silver! And then I will follow up in my next article with cryptocurrencies!

Now in regards to gold and silver, you may invest in physical gold and silver as well as digital gold and silver! There's also gold and silver mining stocks which come highly recommended, however I will not be discussing stocks in this article. Gold ETF/ Funds is also an option but these ETF/ Funds are not suitable for the long term. In this article I'm just going to discuss physical and digital precious metals ownership.

With physical gold and silver you actually possess the precious metals physically and store them yourself (in your home, backyard, etc, wherever), whereas digital gold and silver is stored at a vault for you. In some cases you can even access and spend your digital gold and silver with a precious metals backed debit card.

I believe it's beneficial to invest in both physical and digital gold and silver. Stay diversified! If for some reason the government decides that it's illegal to own gold and silver and they go around confiscating it, at least you will still have more gold and silver stored somewhere else where it can't get confiscated. Particularly in a vault in another country like Hong Kong or Switzerland is best! But just to clarify... when I mention storing gold and silver in a vault I do not mean a bank vault! Safety deposit boxes at banks are the most unsafe way to store your precious metals. In fact, banks are not a safe place to store anything of value really... including money! Banks and their vaults can always close down unexpectedly in times of economic turmoil or just decide not to give you back your precious metals (or money)! Remember what happened in Greece with the bail in? What makes you think that couldn't happen in the U.S? Or anywhere for that matter? You want to make sure that your gold and silver is stored properly so you have access to it when you need it the most!

So how do you go about buying gold and silver? And what type of gold and silver should you buy for that matter? In regards to physical gold and silver, I have been advised to purchase government issued gold and silver bullion coins. Gold and silver coins would be the easiest precious metals to liquidate when the time is right. After doing my research, I decided that the best coins to invest in are U.S. Gold and Silver Eagles and Canadian Gold and Silver Maple Leaves.

Now, at first I didn't really know where to buy these coins. My instincts led me to amazon and ebay because hey... you can buy anything on these two sites you know? Ebay actually has better prices for gold and silver coins than amazon. So that's where I started out. I made my first gold and silver purchases on ebay.

But then I was warned that ebay sells a lot of fake coins, and although the sellers I purchased from happened to have many many excellent reviews, I was still a bit concerned. I wanted to find a better way to purchase precious metals. I wanted to find a reputable dealer with decent prices ofcourse. A friend of mine that used to sell precious metals recommended a company called JM Bullion and some other company that I can't remember at the moment. Both company's websites looked pretty good, but then I became a premium member of the Dollar Vigilante site and read his report on how to own gold. In his report the Vigilante recommends buying physical gold and silver from a company called Miles Franklin or Kitco. I decided to contact and purchase my gold and silver from Miles Franklin as they are based in the U.S. and Kitco is based in Canada.

So I called the phone number on the Miles Franklin site because it's not possible to make a purchase online like on ebay. I left a voice message and after a day or so I received a call back from a very kind gentleman who explained the whole buying process to me. After quoting the rates for the coins I chose, I was told that Miles Franklin only accepts wire transfers and checks as opposed to ebay only accepting paypal. Since they were a bit backed up with orders I was told to save money on the wire transfer and just send a check. So I mailed a check and had to wait 7 additional days from the day they cashed the check before the company would even ship my precious metals to me. This is for security reasons as I could easily cancel the check within 7 days but still receive my order. That wouldn't be good!

Now as I write this article I am actually still waiting for my precious metals shipment to arrive. It is scheduled to arrive this week! If not, I will be sure to update this article. But I'm positive that everything will work out just fine. The Miles Franklin company is licensed and the specialist I've been dealing with has a real good honest vibe. They also have a few good reviews online and no Better Business Bureau complaints! So that helps! I just want to mention one more interesting thing that the Miles Franklin precious metals specialist told me. He said that buying on ebay through paypal (or using a credit card) for precious metals purchases is not optimal due to lack of privacy and government tracking. Apparently, purchasing precious metals from Miles Franklin with a wire transfer or a check is as private as it gets... in case you care about privacy!

As for digital investments with Gold and Silver, there's a few different companies one can choose to invest with such as Glint, GoldMoney, BullionVault, OneGold, GoldSilver and SilverBullion. My mentor originally recommended Glint to me. Glint is a pretty cool concept because when you sign up for the Glint app you receive a debit card that is backed by Gold! After going through a verification process and getting approved... You just add funds (U.S. dollars or whatever your currency is) to your account through a "free" bank transfer and then your funds go directly onto your very own debit card. Then you just click on a button that converts your funds to Gold! Now instead of spending U.S. dollars (or whatever currency you normally spend) you are spending gold! The only issue I have with Glint is that you need a smart phone or tablet to sign up with them. I use flip phones... I don't own any smart phones! So would you believe I actually purchased a tablet just so I could get the Glint card! Well, when shit hits the fan this Glint card may come in really handy. I think it's a good investment!

There's another highly recommended company called GoldMoney (recommended by the Dollar Vigilante and co-signed by Max Wright) that I recently signed up with. I became interested in GoldMoney because they too offer a debit card backed by precious metals... or so I thought! The verification process is a bit tedious. They do ask for a lot of info, photo verification, etc! No privacy whatsoever! But that's the tradeoff with these digital investments. So how it works is that fund your account through an international bank wire. GoldMoney is located in Canada! So yeah, there's a higher bank wire fee! Ehhh! Then you purchase gold and silver on and you get to decide where it will be stored. Hong Kong and Switzerland are the recommended storage countries! So you will actually own this gold and silver but not physically have it on hand...Therefore it is digital!

GoldMoney also offers options to redeem your digital precious metals for actual physical precious metals that they will ship directly to you. Many of these digital precious metals companies offer this option. GoldMoney is also supposed to offer a precious metals backed debit card! However, upon further investigation I read online that they stopped issuing debit cards around 2 months ago. What a disappointment! I will still invest with them, but I am preferable to a digital investment that provides easy access to my funds. A debit card option is optimal!

The other digital precious metals companies I mentioned earlier are Bullion Vault (recommended by the Dollar Vigilante), SilverBullion (recommended by Max Wright specifically because they offer low interest loans), GoldSilver (I think Max Wright recommended this one as well) and OneGold (I found this company myself). These companies all appear to be pretty much the same as GoldMoney. Although I haven't really looked closely at BullionVault, SilverGold or SilverBullion. But basically you fund your account, invest in the precious metals of your choice and then decide where they are going to be stored. Well, with SilverBullion your metals are only stored in Singapore! I believe with all of these companies there's also an option to redeem your digital metals for physical metals. This is definitely the case with OneGold (after a 6o day waiting period from the time you sign up with them).

I actually found OneGold through a bad review about Glint. Glint encountered a little glitch last year... Some kind of hostile corporate takeover and accounts getting frozen. But supposedly everything is ok now! So based on this bad Glint review that I read, I actually decided to invest with OneGold. It's been a pretty positive experience. They are legit. But there's no debit card option! So in the end... out of all these companies... Glint seems to be my top pick right now... because of their gold backed debit card! Easy access to funds is vital in times of economic uncertainty! But again... diversification is a wise choice! So I'm using Glint, OneGold and GoldMoney!

On a side note, please be aware that some precious metals companies are scams. I almost got taken by a scammy precious metals company recently. But the universe just wouldn't allow it to happen. Here's some clues... If you feel weird on the phone like you are being pressured or given an aggressive sales pitch that's not so good. Gold and silver sells itself! If you have to sign a 14 page or longer contract that speaks of lawsuits a few times and you waiving your right to sue... you might want to look elsewhere! Stay intuitive and don't rush into anything!

So there you have it! Invest in Gold and Silver and be prepared for the inevitable financial collapse! And if you haven't done so already... I recommend becoming a Premium Member of The Dollar Vigilante and Max Wright. They will both steer you in the right direction with your investments. Stay tuned for my next article (Part 2) on how to invest in cryptocurrencies (another very important investment right now)!

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2, 2020: So a week has gone by since I wrote this article and I'm not liking how my GoldMoney investment keeps going down, yet my OneGold investment is going up! I'm starting to think that GoldMoney is not the way to go! Perhaps too many fees and/or the fees are just too high! Regardless, I may be removing my investment from GoldMoney soon! So please consider this when deciding who to invest with! Peace and Blessings!

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Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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