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Manifest Miracles with the 'Ana B'choach' Genesis Prayer

So I'm super duper excited to tell you about the newest (yet quite ancient) kabbalistic prayer I recently discovered. I believe this may be one of the most powerful manifestation tools I have found. And I'm no newbie when it comes to manifesting! I've been practicing the Law of Attraction for quite a while now utilizing subliminal programming with pictures, symbols and auto-suggestion to name a few. I've been practicing reiki energy healing, Qi gong meditations, pranayama breathing, creative visualization... along with crystal healing, orgonite, shungite, tensor field generators and every kind of energy device one could imagine... Basically I've been experimenting with anything and everything that can provide protection, clear away negative energy and help me manifest abundance....or whatever else I am seeking to manifest!

So when my good friend/ spiritual mentor recently told me about the ancient hebrew kabbalistic genesis prayer and how powerful it is, I jumped right on it! First I looked it up online and found a great PDF by that explains the prayer in detail and then shows the hebrew and english transliteration of the prayer. This prayer is known as 'Ana B'choach' as well as the 42-Letter Name of the Creator. As the Kabbalah4All PDF begins to explain... This prayer is considered by the Kabbalists to be the most powerful and mystical prayer of all. Yes, I have discovered something quite special with this prayer! Perhaps the missing link in my manifestation studies?

So the Ana B'choach prayer has 42 words... 6 words per line.. 7 lines. One line for each day of the week. Now one may choose to speak the prayer or sing it. Supposedly the energy of this prayer is stronger when you sing it, as opposed to speaking it, so I searched online and found this beautiful Ana B'choach song on youtube: Ana B'choach The video for this song features words on the screen that describe how the energy of each line is affecting and transforming us. It's quite a powerful visual! Finally, at the end of the song a man dictates the words without the music playing which is helpful if you want to get the pronounciations correct.

I was so touched by the energy of this song when I first listened to it that I started to cry. I actually felt the energy shift in my living room. And I got a little spooked! This happens to me sometimes as I am super sensitive to energy. My cat Roscoe had a reaction to the song as well. He started to get aggressive towards my other cat Felix, which happens when he is affected by energy. Roscoe is a super sensitive cat. I was so impressed with the energy of this prayer/ song that I had to post it on facebook and send it to a few of my friends in private messages.

I believe a prayer such as this one should be shared as much as possible. What I find to be quite interesting is that this prayer was kept a secret and hidden from the public for a very long time. It was only recently, perhaps 30 or so years ago, that this prayer was revealed to the world. Once upon a time this prayer was only to be shared with highly advanced spiritual beings. However, now that we are in the age of Aquarius, the information age, times have changed, and this prayer is available to anyone and everyone! Ofcourse, I believe you will only find this prayer if it resonates with you...if you are truly on the spiritual path to enlightenment!

So to my astonishment my good friend surprised me with an amazing book called, "The Genesis Prayer: The Ancient Secret That Can Grant You Miracles" by Jeffrey Meiliken. I've got to tell you... this book is difficult to put down (if you're on the spiritual path that is)! The 'Ana B'choach' prayer is explained in great detail in this book. And the details go way beyond just understanding what the prayer means and how it transforms our energy. The gematria of the prayer is also discussed. There's quite a few mathematical equations in this book...which is not really my cup of tea... so I tend to speed read through all the talk of numbers...however it's still fascinating to see how there's a hidden mathematical code to this prayer.

Now in this book the author, Jeffrey Meiliken, tells quite a few stories of miracles that have occurred just by people reciting this prayer. I would explain all the miracle stories but I don't want to give the book away. The stories are fascinating though and some are quite touching! It appears that this prayer has the ability to shift and transform energy thus creating an alternate reality. A more positive reality! This prayer creates order and peace out of the everyday chaos that many of us fall victim to. Supposedly the best time to say this prayer is when you really need help. And the helps seems to manifest almost immediately! Even more interesting is that oftentimes when one recites the prayer they are not only manifesting for themselves but for other people they care about as well....whether they realize it or not! The effect of this prayer seems to know no boundaries! It is really a prayer for the greater good! And there is no limit to the good it can procure!

So let me tell you a little bit about my experience with the prayer... My car battery had died and I couldn't get it started. Thankfully I was home and my car was in the garage. So I had to call roadside assistance to get a jump start. I had scheduled an appointment at Honda to get my car looked at. The appointment was at 2pm. I called roadside assistance around 12:30pm or so... but I was waiting for the longest time to get a confirmation that my roadside assistance was on the way. It was getting late. At approximately 1:30pm I figured I would never make it to my scheduled appointment at Honda at 2pm. So I decided to sit in my meditation pyramid and recite the Genesis Prayer. Would you know that as soon as I finished the prayer I received a text roadside assistance was on the way! I wondered to myself... did the prayer just do that? And although I was a little late to Honda everything still worked out great. I got a new battery in record time and all was well!

I had another interesting moment with this prayer. I was reading Jeffrey Meiliken's book and taking notes. So this special prayer has 7 lines. Each line represents a day of the week. Each day of the week/line has a specific set of hebrew letters that you can meditate on. Also each prayer line corresponds to one of the Sefirot (dimensions) that we operate from in this realm. So I was basically going down my list of prayer lines and very carefully writing out the hebrew letters to meditate on along with the name of the Sefirot that corresponds to each line. So I'm starting to write one of the Sefirot and my pen just explodes a blob of ink. Startled, I look back at the book and realize that I was writing down the wrong Sefirot for that particular line. It was as if an other worldly energy had stopped my pen from writing so I wouldn't make the mistake of writing out the wrong word. Plus I had taken such care to write everything out with no mistakes that I would've been upset if I had to cross out a word. Somehow I managed to take the blob of ink and turn it into the correct word without having to cross out anything! It all worked out perfectly.

I send my father a lot of gifts... usually something health conscious or spiritual in nature like supplements, books, crystals or energy devices. He's never too excited about anything I send him. He can be a bit negative and pessimistic at times. But I'm always hoping that one day I will send him something that he likes that perhaps makes a positive difference in his life. So for some reason I decided to send him something different this month. I sent him a special flashlight that has all types of features: a magnet, a glass breaker, rope cutter, alarm and strobe light. Anyway, after I started saying this prayer I received a very surprising phone call from my father. He was ecstatic about the flashlight. He was saying how he didn't even understand why he liked the flashlight so much and his own reaction to the flashlight surprised him. He told me that it was the best gift I ever gave him. He liked it because it was so practical. I don't think I ever received such a positive response from my father regarding a gift. I thought about it and realized that perhaps the prayer had something to do with this. Regardless of the reason... I'm glad I was finally able to get a positive response from my father regarding a gift! This made me very happy!

I had decided to recite the prayer while taking a bath and directed reiki energy at the water to create a cleansing effect. While I was saying the prayer there were a few startling moments when the drain started to make noises as if it was responding to some of the words in the prayer. My body hadn't moved at all! But somehow the words seemed to be making things move. After reciting the prayer I dunked my head under the water a few times. When I finally stepped out of the shower I experienced a tingling sensation all over my body... almost like I had been hit with some type of static electricity. It was an odd energetic sensation. I kept feeling like I had a fly or a mosquito land on me, but when I looked nothing was there! It was just energy!

The prayer had definitely affected the water in some way...and ofcourse it affected me! I would also like to note that there have been other moments when I've felt physical sensations in my body as I was reciting or singing the prayer. I've had quite a few moments when I've felt tingling in my head signifying to me that something was definitely shifting in my brain! Pretty cool!

I drove to the farmer's market the other day approximately 30 minutes before it was supposed to close, but the market was empty! There were only one or two vendors there packing up. I knew one of the vendors so I asked what had happened. I was told that the market closed early because of the extreme heat. Yeah, it was quite hot that day. A serious heat wave actually. There was an elderly man there that I knew that wasn't looking so well. The heat was affecting him in a bad way. He didn't have a ride home. All he had was a bicycle and a ton of fruits and vegetables. It really seemed like I had arrived just in time to help this man!

So I told him I would help him out and drive him and a bunch of his groceries back to his home. But I still had to drive him back to his bicycle. And he was planning to ride his bicycle back to his home. The vendor I knew told me to keep an eye on this elderly man. He wasn't looking so well at all. Anyway, long story short... There was a moment in the car when I felt compelled to recite some of this prayer to the elderly man. He was familiar with the prayer and chimed in. I told him that he should go sit in an air conditioned business and drink more water and not bicycle home until he felt better. Although he seemed to be in a rush he took my advice and didn't ride his bike back to his home in the blistering heat. He waited a while until he felt better. I know that he made it back home safely because I took down his phone number and checked on him a little while later.

Now I can't say for sure if the prayer helped him or not... but he was really looking terrible and he had told me that he felt terrible too. He had seemed very concerned about his condition. Thankfully, nothing bad happened that day! I'd like to think that the prayer had something to do with that.. Who knows?

Final story... I had actually finished writing this article when my good friend started complaining about how he couldn't purchase his 4 egg mcmuffin sandwiches from McDonalds on the Uber Eats website. On a side note... I do not recommend eating any fast food! But back to the story... Although breakfast was available all day at the McDonalds he chose to purchase from, it just wouldn't show up on the Uber eats website. My friend was getting extremely frustrated. He seemed close to his breaking point. So I asked him if I could try reciting the prayer for him. He agreed. It took some time but my friend figured out how to make the order go through. Not only that... he received 2 extra egg mcmuffins for free (6 in total). He was so happy and agreed that the prayer definitely did something!

Anyway, my stories are not quite as miraculous or exciting as some of the stories in Jeffrey Meiliken's book. But I feel compelled to share what I have experienced with this prayer thus far. Miracles happen everyday! Both big and small. Many times we are not even aware of the miracles that are taking place. I believe this prayer raises one's awareness ánd allows us to see some of the miracles that often go unnoticed. I believe this prayer creates synchronicities. I believe this prayer gives us power when things seem hopeless and unchangeable. This prayer changes the unchangeable and creates an alternate reality.

I can definitely feel that energy is shifting since reciting this prayer daily. I can intuitively feel that this prayer is important. And this is just the beginning folks! Supposedly the more you recite this prayer, and the more you share this prayer and pray for others, the stronger the connection gets. So I shall continue experimenting with this omnipotent energy! According to my mentor... this prayer is kemetic magic! I've got to say... these are exciting times! If you are interested in learning this prayer please check out's PDF and "The Genesis Prayer: The Ancient Secret That Can Grant You Miracles" by Jeffrey Meiliken. If you are serious about taking your energy to the next level I doubt you will be disappointed. This prayer is the ultimate prayer. It's what we all need! It's what the world needs! Til next time... Stay well! Peace and Blessings!

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Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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