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Dark Winter

So it's election time, and although I'm not too keen on discussing politics, I think it's important for us to prepare for the inevitable New World Order that is upon us! So it appears that we have two opposing candidates for Presidency: Trump- The forever vilified Gemini jokester who keeps us all entertained with his outlandish off-color remarks and antics... and Joe Biden- an elderly "sleepy" man who can barely remember his name! Sorry! Not trying to be mean! I'm sure they're both great guys in real life...maybe? But just so you know... I'm not trying to insinuate that I'm for or against any party. I choose to remain impartial (and detached), especially when publishing an article publicly. We're living in dangerous times folks! A time when one's political opinion/ affiliation can get them in a lot of trouble. Once again, I'm not advocating either candidate. That's not what this article is about!

So everyone seems to be feverishly enraptured by this election. The whole world is entranced by it! Especially the United States! I suppose if you're watching the news everyday it's too easy to become mesmerized, perhaps even emotionally attached to an outcome. This is the job of the mainstream media! To keep us entertained... To keep us distracted! And to reel us in! They play on our emotions to make us feel a certain way! Get us all riled up! And ofcourse, give us the impression that our vote really counts, that we are important and that we can really make a difference in the world!

Now I've always felt like the Democrats and Republicans were secretly working together. Perhaps I've been paranoid? However at this juncture in time I'm not completely convinced that this is the case. It does appear that there's a real battle going on between the Democrats and Republicans right now. But regardless of whether the entire U.S. government (Republicans and Democrats together) are conspiring against it's people or not there does seem to be an agenda for a New World Order. Perhaps it's more like an internal battle? Like the Italian mob for example. The mob has different families that all work together but they don't always agree. And sometimes people die because of this. Then they all have to have a sit down and try to resolve the problem. Perhaps the Democrats and Republicans are fighting over how they will implement this New World Order? Will they crash the entire system this year or perhaps wait til next year? Should they force us to vaccinate or chip ourselves in January of 2021 or should we gradually force this on the entire population by 2023? Should they release another virus soon? Etc? Who knows?

There's a book my friend/ mentor recommended to me called "The Darkest Winter." Supposedly this book explains what's about to happen here in the U.S. with this election. My friend/ mentor also says that we can look to the Disney Marvel movies for answers as to what's occurring on our planet as well. If this is true, and the Disney Marvel movies tend to foreshadow events to take place on this planet, then in the marvel universe we are now up to the movie "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." So if you wish to get a better idea about what's going on then read the book ""The Darkest Winter." and watch the movie "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." FYI I haven't watched this movie or read this book yet. I suppose I'm not that interested in knowing what's about to happen. I've already been exposed to enough bad news! I try to keep my mind occupied with positive thoughts! But it's still important to be prepared for the worst!

As my mentor has been told by his mentor... Trump is going to win by a landslide. Then a week and a half later they're going to tally up the mail-in votes and say that Biden actually won. Trump is going to claim fraud and refuse to leave the white house. Then a civil war breaks out! Even if this scenario does not play out exactly as predicted, a civil war is still destined to ensue... As the media has been promoting hatred and separatism all along in an attempt to incite violence on the streets. All you have to do is listen to Busta Rhymes's new CD, "Extinction Event Level 2: The Wrath of God", and you'll witness some of the most anti-semitic, hateful and war mongering lyrics imaginable. Just a heads up...I didn't actually listen to the cd, but my good friend did and he told me that in one song they actually list a bunch of Jewish neighborhoods in the U.S. and talk about going into these neighborhoods

with weapons and taking back what was stolen from them! This is not good folks! They are purposely getting people amped up, especially urban minorities, in an effort to create a class war at the very least! So you have to wonder...with all the censoring that's been going on, how is this album even allowed to be out right now? The answer is...This powerful expression of anger, hatred and anti-semitism has been commissioned to put people in a certain state of mind. And how is it that the release date is just one day before the election? This is no accident folks!

Now had you read the best selling book "Hollywood Propaganda: How TV, Movies and Music Shape Our Culture" by Mark Dice, you would have found Chapter 2 'War on Trump" quite enlightening indeed! Perhaps then you would be more apt to comprehend what I'm taking about! You would see without a doubt that your thoughts, feelings and emotions regarding this election (and perhaps even your hatred for Trump- a man you've never even met), have been meticulously implanted within your subconscious mind to achieve a desired result! The result... WAR! The other chapters of this book will reveal who exactly is controlling the media and their actual agendas! A most awakening read!

United we stand. Divided we fall! So a civil war breaks out! Many arrests will be made and people will be carted off to empty detention centers (aka fema camps) just waiting to be filled with angry anarchists! Man!... Fema camp stocks are gonna go up like crazy! I'm not too big on investing in slavery though! So back to the synopsis... Planned food shortages...when actually there won't be any food shortages! However, the prices on food will surely become inhibitive for the majority of the population. People will go hungry. Then the stock market crashes, etc, etc.. I don't mean to sound bleak, but this is what we're supposedly in store for!

So you must be wondering why? Why all this planned chaos? The reason is so that order can be created out of chaos. Then we can all ring in the New World Order together! Will this new world order make the world a better place? Perhaps! But not without quite a bit of death and destruction first. So what can we do to protect ourselves from the impending doom? My recommendation... First- Don't get tempted to join in the battle! You're not gonna win! Stay busy. Keep your mind occupied. Don't get bored (and decide to join in the fight out of boredom). Bad move! Yes, it may be of benefit to have some weapons around just in case you need to defend yourself, your family and your home. But I wouldn't be buying weapons and getting ready to march on the streets with them!

Stay even keeled! Don't submit to anger, fear or hatred! I recommend meditation, prayer and living mindfully. Practice compassion, be generous and give to charity! Study abundance manifestation techniques. I recommend turning off your television, social media and other negative mind altering media. Quiet the mind and turn inward for self-reflection. See the humor in everything! Don't take life so seriously! Be a good person- good to yourself and good to others! Invest in gold, silver and bitcoin and do your best to get off the grid. Learn to grow your own food! We'd be better off not depending on this corrupt system which does need a reboot!

And if all else fails... get yourself a 23 volume set of the Zohar from the Kabbalah Center! I just started reading/ scanning the Zohar daily. Very interesting stuff! You don't have to be Jewish or know Hebrew to benefit from these books. They were put here to help everyone! I also recommend reading Esther and Jerry Hicks's "Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires." Very good conscious stuff! I've been listening to the audio book daily! Til next time... Remember- you are living in this crazy time for a reason! Uncover the truth, unplug from the matrix and discover true and lasting inner peace! Don't worry! It will all work out in the end! Stay positive and stay out of trouble! The dark side only has a small amount of time left to wreak havoc!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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