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"Who is Your Enemy?" Poem

Who do you loathe, fear, hate, blame, despise, resent? Who irritates you? Angers you? Plagues you? Who do you wish never even came into existence on this physical plane?

Who is your enemy? Is it your next door neighbor with the sour face? Or that lady who always turns you down for a date? Is it your co-worker who waits around for a ride? Or that man who smokes a cigarette outside? Is it your boss who always gives you a hard time? Or that plaintiff accusing you of a crime? Is it your landlord with the eviction note? Or that patriot with the republican vote? Is it your brother who beat you up as a child? Or your drug addict mother who lives in denial? Is it your uncle who sexually molested you? Or your close-minded father with his pessimistic view? Is your daughter to blame 'cause she can't stand your wife? Or is your husband to blame 'cause he's ruined your whole life? Is depression the cause of your miserable fate? Or are you upset that you can't get a date? Does your know-it-all sister annoy you to death? Or is it your dentist's terrible breath? Is it the homeless man who always begs for money? Or the comedian who's not really funny? Is it that spider who scared you when it crawled out the wall? Or that thing you didn't see that made you trip and fall? Are you angry at God 'cause you can't conceive? Or are atheists the enemy 'cause they don't believe? How about cancer, covid or aids? Or that darn wheel that broke off your rollerblades? Do you blame your psychiatrist and his faulty meds? Or is it the hospital that you truly dread? Could you have lived without that terrible massage? Are you upset that a parked car blocked your garage? Is that building to blame for blocking your view? Or is it that everyone always blames you? Is the enemy Israel, Russia or China? Or that bad food you ate at the neighborhood diner? Does the government appear to be your arch nemesis? The central bank or the IRS? Are aliens really the ones to blame? Or have robots corrupted this earhtly plane? Is the enemy radiation, emf's, 5G? Or perhaps it's the sugar you add to your tea? Does your anger cause you to say bad things? Or is the problem that you had too many drinks? Is the enemy that scam artist that took you for money? Or that swarm of bees protecting their honey? Is it your alcoholic boyfriend that brings you to tears? Or that horror flick that brings out your fears? Is it that damn mosquito that keeps biting your skin? Or do you blame the devil for all of your sins? Is the enemy fluoride that's been added to water? Or your baby's mother with that restraining order? Is the enemy the black man, jew or latino? Or is the enemy simply everything that you don't know? You see... Everyone and everything is a potential enemy! When you think in terms of fear and hate the enemy is just what you'll see! You may believe that someone else is to blame for all the ills you face in your life But it's the perception of an outside enemy That's the enemy you truly fight! When you focus blame on others you forget a vital truth You are responsible for your own life What you manifest is up to you! You see... You don't have to have an enemy You can choose to live in peace You can respect the differences around you and just agree to disagree However, just in case you harbor resentment and you feel that you've been wronged Try to find it in your heart to forgive the guilty and move one You see... You MUST forgive your supposed enemy This is the best thing for your health because in the end you will discover Your greatest enemy is yourself!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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