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8 Reasons Why You (or Your Loved Ones) Can't See The Truth!

*Oftentimes when I meet new people and engage in conversations I feel the need to practice self-censorship in an effort to avoid wasting my precious energy in heated debates with people who may never be able to see what I can see. This is especially the case with the topic of covid-19 and the vaccine. When I find out that the person I'm speaking with has taken the vaccine and they appear quite unwilling to hear alternative viewpoints... That's when I stop myself from giving my honest opinion.... which will most probably be met with anger or some type of hostility. Why put myself through the stress? Then perhaps later on I will write an article saying what I would've liked to say to the person I met. Therefore this article is dedicated to "May"- a nice young lady who I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with at Comicon this past Sunday! And yes, it's true, I don't normally attend conventions or go anywhere near large crowds but I was asked to give an interview at Comicon this past weekend.... So be it! I didn't stay long!

So here are 8 Reasons Why You (or Your Loved Ones) Can't See The Truth!...

1) A negative mind state which is created by negative emotions such as fear, doubt, indecision, anger, sadness, anxiety, etc. will ultimately blind and stifle your ability to see the truth in any situation. Once you are able to clear out these negative emotions, especially fear, and regain control of your mind so that you can think straight again your senses will be revived, especially your sixth sense of intuition, and the truth of all situations will easily unfold before your eyes...or better put, before your third eye! So how do you clear out negative thoughts which induce negative emotions? Stay away from anything that promotes negative thoughts and feelings and reprogram your mind with positive thoughts and feelings.

2) Fluoride is toxic to the human body (brain, heart and bones) and is non-essential to human life. It is a classified neurotoxin. It has the same brain damaging effects as lead, mercury, arsenic, PCBs, and toluene. So in regards to seeing the truth... Drinking and/or bathing in fluoride water (aka tap water) essentially calcifies the pineal gland (aka the third eye) blocking your natural intuitive abilities making it quite difficult to see the truth. So if you want to see the truth and stay healthy you better stay away from fluoride period! Don't drink it, don't bathe in it and don't brush your teeth with it! Take Lugol's 15% Iodine (that's 15%...not 5%) and/or The Ultimate Eye Opener to counter act fluoride poisoning and decalcify your pineal gland... That is...if you are really ready to see the truth! Not everyone is!

3) Speaking of fluoride...There are over 325 prescription drugs that contain fluoride including the popular psychotropic depression drug called prozac. You may wish to ditch any pharmaceuticals that you are currently taking if you are a serious truth seeker. But ofcourse, speak to your doctor first. Going cold turkey can be very dangerous. Once again, fluoride has a detrimental effect on ones pineal gland/ third eye making it very difficult to see the truth.

4) Not listening to your inner guidance/ intuition (which will be very difficult to do if you are harboring negative emotions or if you've been ingesting fluoride without detoxing it out) will always lead you far from the truth! Listening to your inner guidance/ intuition may in fact be the number one most important thing to do in order to see the truth. But, first you need to be able to hear/ connect with your inner guidance/ intuition which becomes easier once negative emotions and fluoride have been removed from your system.

5) Not believing in a higher power will ultimately cut you off from the highest power/ Creator/ God energy, or whatever name you wish to call it... Jesus, Allah, Life Force Energy, The Universe, The Force, Yahweh, Gaia, Ra...etc etc. The name doesn't matter. What's important is that you believe in something! The truth will always be found in this higher power which works through all of us if we believe in it and are open to the energy. If you have no belief I highly recommend finding some higher power to believe in. It doesn't matter what you name it but invite this higher power to connect with you and ask to be shown the truth. You may be completely astonished at what you discover! The most significant discovery may just be that you are one with God/ The Creator. You are God. You are the truth! The truth lies within you! If you are disconnected from this energy then you will have the most difficult time seeing or finding truth.

6) Watching the mainstream news religiously is not recommended for truth seekers. First of all, the mainstream news is a heavily controlled entity used to manipulate, indoctrinate and control the masses. We are being lied to all the time to promote the agendas of the elite who are hiding behind the scenes. But besides that, your thoughts become your reality! Whatever you pay attention to is what you create! It's the Law of Attraction! If you don't want everything that's reported on the news to become your personal truth then I highly suggest that you do not watch it! Plus watching the mainstream news is very negative and will contribute to you experiencing negative emotions which takes us right back to number 1! To reiterate...Stay away from anything that promotes negative thoughts and feelings (and reprogram your mind with positive thoughts and feelings)...if you wish to really see the truth.

7) Close-mindedness! You will never ever see or find the truth with a closed mind! If your personal truth is dictated by popular public opinion then I highly suggest seeking out new, alternative and opposing viewpoints. Usually the truth is kept quite hidden and away from the public. You must be willing to listen to new and alternative viewpoints and ideas with an open mind... no matter how crazy these new ideas and viewpoints may sound. If something sounds too crazy to be true you may be surprised to find out that you have actually stumbled upon the truth. As Ralph Waldo Trine states in his fantastic book, "In Tune With The Infinite", "There is a great law in connection with the coming of truth. It is this: Whenever a man or a woman shuts himself or herself to the entrance of truth on account of intellectual pride, preconceived opinions, prejudices, or for whatever reason, there is a great law which says that truth in its fullness will come to that one from no source."

8) When you listen to everyone else's opinions around you and make their truths into your own personal truths, then you will never find the real truth! You will never find the truth by searching outside of yourself! Instead of listening to everyone else and making them into your personal authority of truth and following their guidance and supposed intuition because you believe they know better than you do (friends, family, politicians, celebrities, doctors, scientists, organizations, etc), become your own personal authority of truth! Seek truth from within! As stated earlier, #4,...Follow your intuition! This is the very most important thing to do in order to discover the truth! And, number #5, Ask the highest power, your own personal God, to reveal the truth to you! This never fails if you are completely open-minded, receptive, unblocked and radiating positive, loving, faithful emotions and energy! Know that the answers will come! Expect them to come and sure enough they will most certainly arrive! Seek and ye shall find... the truth!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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