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Getting Hit with the Wave of insanity?

I'm going to try to keep this article short and sweet as I'm writing this article on a computer at Fedex Kinkos! I've already ran up a $19 tab and I've barely begun to write this article. Something is off with the settings and so I cannot even add a photo. Use your imagination! My computer crashed on Monday and it's looking as if it cannot be revived! So let's start with Sunday night. I had decided to try a new supplement called TrimethylGlycine. It's suppose to help with methylation for people with the MTHFR gene mutation (like myself). I found this supplement powder on amazon about a day or so before it arrived and I decided to try it. I was actually looking for something that would help me go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier, basically balance my circadian rhythm (which has been totally off for a while now.)

I took approximately 1/8 of a teaspoon and felt a wave of relaxation come over me. I still went to sleep at 2:30am though... but 3 hours later, at around 5:30am, I woke up feeling huge waves of energy running through my body. It felt like entities were touching me through the blanket, but it didn't freak me out like back in the old days. I was sure it had to be the effects of the supplement and so I fell right back to sleep. I'm not sure how I managed to do this as I felt pretty wide awake. But I went back to sleep...and woke up late as usual.

That afternoon I felt very irritated. I was convinced that this irritation was caused by my TrimethylGlycine supplement and that this detox effect would soon pass. I had some pain in my neck and so as usual I took my colloidal molybdenum supplement to help my body detox. I decided to take a walk to return an amazon package at the UPS store. it was very hot out. Perhaps over 100 degrees? On the way to the UPS store I passed a gym whose window had been shattered. I began to wonder if perhaps I wasn't the only one experiencing massive irritation.

I was guided by my intuition into a store called "Out of the Closet". I decided to try on a top even though all the signs in the store said not to try on the clothing. An old lady gave me a dirty look. Her anger ran through me. I gave her the thumbs up and with a big sarcastic smile I said, "It fits!" This nasty old lady retorted, "I suppose the store's rules of not trying on clothing doesn't apply to you?" A wave of insane anger ran through me and I replied obnoxiously, "Sure don't! Have a great day!" I walked away quickly to avoid further confrontation and pay for the item that I had just tried on. A hispanic male, that appeared to be the manager, looked like he was preparing to approach me. He stared at my deeply in my eyes as if to say "how dare you". I stared at him right back as if to say "how dare you!" He didn't say anything to me. He knew not to. I was too fiery at that moment and so he walked away.

I left the store and walked into an Italian restaurant that I had never walked into before. I asked the bartender a few questions about the food and asked to look at the menu. Then I asked some more questions about the food. I'm very picky and health conscious. Perhaps my energy was really off because of my experience with the negative old lady at "Out of The Closet." I asked the bartender if they sold water. Mind you, it was like a million degrees out. He told me, "No, we do not sell water." I was astonished! I said, "Not even a fancy glass bottle of water?" He said, "Yes, but it's $8 and you probably don't want to spend that." Wow! What a rude judgmental jerk! I said, "You're right, I'll just dehydrate as I walk to Vons (grocery store) and buy a $1.50 water. I was very thirsty and would've paid the $8 but this bartender's energy was so disgusting that I couldn't even see myself staying in his bad energy a moment longer. The bartender said nothing as I left. Quite inhumane if you ask me! I decided I would write a bad review...

But then my computer totally crashed on me! Come to find out, my best guy friend's family had experienced a serious incident that same day. Two young girls ended up engaging in a fist fight. Then my friend's young teenage nephew had a heart attack. Then I found out that my mom went to the emergency room at 4:30am that morning when she woke up and couldn't move. She was diagnosed with some inflammatory condition called Costochondritis, but ofcourse the Moderna vaccine didn't cause this! Just like the vaccine didn't cause her recent Vertigo.

Finally, early the next day, my guy friend tells me that he went to Staples with his 5 year old daughter and his baby's mother. Some pedophile type guy was playing with his 5 year old daughter running in and out of the aisles. So my friend screams to his daughter to "Come here!" This grown man that's playing with my friend's daughter screams to my friend, "Who the F are you?" My friend screams back, "I'm her F***ing father you F***ing pedophile, etc etc..." Long story short, this pedophile is waiting for my friend in the parking lot with a switch blade. As my friend prepared to defend himself the police show up and arrest the guy with the blade. This is where my story ends! Between Monday and Tuesday this week there was definitely a wave of insanity! I now know that it wasn't caused by my supplement because the craziness was experienced by way more people then just myself. Were you hit with the wave of insanity? Do you think there's more waves of insanity to come? I wouldn't be surprised as we are in the heat of a very aggressive Mercury Retrograde season. Til next time...Meditate, double up on your good mood pills, and stay away from the drama! Be safe! Stay sane!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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