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It's Inauguration Week! So What Should We Expect?

A while back, right before the United States Presidential election, I wrote an article titled "Dark Winter" in which I explained that an election fraud scenario would unfold in which the democrats would rig the election for Biden to win. Or so it would appear that way! This did in fact occur and Trump initiated quite a few election fraud lawsuits. Then supposedly, around a week ago, on January 13th Trump was impeached- or the impeachment proceedings were initiated since there has to be an impeachment trial. You don't just impeach a President overnight. Now attempting to impeach Trump right before Biden's inauguration sounds a bit suspicious if you ask me. If Trump is about to leave office, why should anyone even bother impeaching him right?

The rest of my prediction, which entailed President Trump getting back into office along with Marshal Law and a potential war with China, has not come to fruition as of yet! And at this point in time such a prediction may appear to be an impossibility. However, I wouldn't be so certain! One must ask themselves... why is there such a heavy military presence in Washington D.C. right now for a virtual inauguration? And why are Chinese troops stationed at the Mexican border? What is really being planned?

So here's a few scenarios of what I've been told is likely to occur within the next few days/ weeks. It's quite possible that right before the inauguration, during the inauguration or right after the inauguration Biden, Harris, Pence and/or Pelosi are arrested for their crimes and/or impeached. I've been hearing that there's plans to start Biden's impeachment on January 21st. If this occurs there will be nobody to assume the Presidency. Since Trump was not certified as the Presidential winner he cannot remain President. And he definitely cannot remain President if he's being impeached! If there is no President on January 20th then the United States Corporation will be dissolved.

At this point the truth will be revealed... The election was stolen by foreign entities and Trump had actually won by a landslide. Trump then assumes the Presidency as the 19th President of The United States. FYI Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President of The United States, was the last President elected before America became a corporation. That's why Trump would become the 19th President!

Another possibility is that on the day of the inauguration or soon after there is an assassination attempt on Biden (Harris, Pence and/or Pelosi). It's possible that some or all of them actually do get assassinated or that plan doesn't work out. It's also possible that Biden, Harris, Pence and/or Pelosi are already dead and that their clones get assassinated. Another possibility is that Washington gets attacked with a nuclear bomb or something to that effect. That too could be an assassination attempt that either fails or succeeds.

Now this assassination attempt or nuclear attack may either be an inside job or it's actually China or some other country attacking us. Regardless, Marshall Law must be enacted as we are to go to war with China (or whoever they tell us we're at war with). I suspect it will be China. However, who is the President at this point? Perhaps once again, the corporation is dissolved, Trump becomes the 19th President, and now were at war with China!

It's certainly possible that a war with China could simply be a cover up for the dissolving of the United States Corporation. I believe the end goal may have always been the destruction of the 1871 United States Corporation and the return of America to the people as a democratic republic. Now I understand why Trump's slogan is "Make America Great Again!" He's been planning this all along! That's why the media has led such a vicious campaign against him. They had to make the American people hate Trump so they could impeach him. Otherwise this entire plan to dissolve the United States Corporation could not work!

Now there's one more piece to the puzzle that I forgot to mention which would explain why China would want to declare war on the United States. On November 3rd, election night, the bankrupt United States Corporation (filed in Delaware) officially dissolved and a new United States Inc was created in London that same night. The United States citizens were all collateral for the debt of the bankrupt United States Corporation. So in order to save the citizens and all their assets from being taken by other countries (namely China) as payment for the debt that was owed, the mail in election ballots were used to officially sign up all the U.S. citizens to the new corporation. Now the U.S. citizens are no longer collateral for the old debt! And the new corporation can safely dissolve without having to hand over its assets, the people, to other countries that they owe money to, namely China. We can now return to being a sovereign nation as was originally intended by the forefathers of this great country. However, this sneak move is going to anger countries that we owe money to (China) so were going to have to go to war!

Another possibility is that the new Corporation and the new sovereign nation both exist simultaneously. Some people (the public) will be United States Inc. citizens and other people (private citizens) will be sovereign. If this is the case we will have two Presidents! In this scenario if Biden does gets assassinated then Kamala Harris would become the first female president of the United States Corporation. Trump would become the 19th President of the sovereign nation. That would be interesting. Regardless... expect the unexpected!

So in summary... This week or the weeks to come could get quite crazy! Prepare for anything folks! And don't get angry or upset! Make sure you comply with the National Guard and the United States Marine Corps. They have sworn an oath to the nation and not the corporation. Perhaps it's time for things to change! Remember that everything happens for a reason! Be well and stay safe! PS Make sure you invest in bitcoin when it takes the big dip!

UPDATE January 23, 2021: So the Inauguration was not as eventful as I may have expected it to be! But I've received new information! The United States Corporation is in fact owned by China, therefore U.S. citizens (especially democratic citizens) are now owned by China. That's the big secret! The sovereign American nation also exists but only for private citizens who have opted out from being U.S. citizens. Biden, Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Obama and quite a few others have all been executed over a year ago. What we've been seeing are their clones! Washington is currently locked down and the Inauguration was actually taped in Hollywood. There's going to be a war- but it will be staged...not real! With either China, North Korea or both? On January 22nd a new Georgia Congress woman began the process of filing impeachment papers on Biden. He will not be staying in office for very long! He will either be impeached, assassinated or die of natural causes... (although he is a clone). Kamala Harris may be impeached as well. She may also be a clone that was already executed. Perhaps Trump will make a surprise reappearance as President? Wouldn't that be crazy? The truth will slowly be dispersed to the public through emergency public service announcements mainly broadcasted late at night. So if you're up late watching television you will start seeing them! The government basically made marijuana legal to help people cope with the truth being revealed. Magic mushroom dust is also being dispersed into the atmosphere to help people cope. They are trying to prevent a massive uprising which is completely understandable. Are you mentally, emotionally, spiritually ready to hear the truth? Stay tuned!

PS Ethereum should be a great investment as well!

UPDATE January 25, 2021: Just found out that Biden is the first president not to fly in air force 1 to his own inauguration which partially proves that he's not really the president. There's more proof but I won't go into all the particulars right now. Did you know that the WHO just declared the pandemic officially over? Now that Biden is supposedly in! I wonder who the WHO really works for? Could it be the Democrats and China? The virus was a means to place the public in a state of fear and confusion, blame Trump, divide and conquer! Now onto the next phase of the New World Order/ Population Control Agenda 21! I wonder how many billions of people will die from the soon to be mandatory (but completely unnecessary) Covid-19 vaccine?

UPDATE January 26, 2021: Trump just opened an office in Florida called the office of the Republic former President of the United States. Based on the wording it appears that he is now the President of the Sovereign Republic... A separate entity from the United States corporation that is now owned by China. This should get interesting!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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