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Next Level Kabbalistic Prayers and Meditations!

I was recently sent on a mission by my friend/ mentor to print out some Kabbalistic prayers. But to my dismay the prosperity prayer printed out a bit blurry and so I couldn't read all of the Hebrew letters. So I went back to the library to use the internet and look for a clearer version of the prayer. FYI I don't use a computer at home otherwise I would never leave my apartment! (Ha Ha) So upon searching for Kabbalistic Prosperity Prayers I found something very interesting. It was the very first thing that popped up in my google search. I found a book on amazon called "Kabbalistic Prayers & Invocations for Financial Prosperity" by Ariel bar Tzadok. It was only available on kindle so I asked my friend/ mentor to purchase/ download it and convert it to a PDF for me. However, try as he might, my friend/ mentor was unable to purchase or download this book. It became an impossible feat!

So I found the author's website online and emailed him an inquiry about this book. I also sent a $33.33 donation to his Kabbalah School "Kosher Torah" just to ensure that I received a response. I couldn't allow this book to slip through my hands! The Rabbi, or probably his secretary, responded to my inquiry by recommending that I purchase one of his other books that included the prosperity prayers from "Kabbalistic Prayers & Invocations for Financial Prosperity." The book that was recommended to me is called "Walking in the Fire: Classical Torah/ Kabbalistic Meditations, Practices and prayers." I was ecstatic and immediately went online to purchase this hard cover book for $45. Something told me it was worth a lot more than that!

So finally the book arrives! I was experiencing some anxiety on that particular day. But for some reason my whole energy seemed to shift as I held this book in my hands. It was powerful. I could feel it. I was getting ready to take a drive but for some reason I just sat in my car and started reading this book. A wave of relief swept over me. My anxiety disappeared. I felt very relaxed and then tears came to my eyes. However, I wasn't reading anything that seemed important. I was simply reading the initial 'Thank you's' and 'In memory of...' section in the beginning of the book. I thought that was odd. But the energy of this book was running through me! It was powerful!

I decided to look in the table of contents for the Prosperity Prayers- the prayers that I was initially seeking. I also found a protection invocation. I was overjoyed and started readings these prayers as I sat in my car. I texted my friend/ mentor and told him that the book arrived and that it was even more powerful than I imagined... Perhaps even more powerful than the Zohar if that is possible! We actually have a 23 volume set of the Zohar sitting in our meditation pyramid in the center of our living room. That's a pretty powerful set of books!

After running my errands for the day and eating dinner I started reading the book. I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable read. I didn't know what to expect. Then before going to bed I read through the Prosperity Prayers and the Protection Invocation. Interestingly, both the prayers and the invocation contains the names of angels that should not be recited out loud. Some of these names I have never even heard of. Something told me to sleep next to this book and so I did. Nothing would ever be the same after that night! An immense shift was upon me... and my friend/ mentor! He was part of the energy too!

I started reading the Prosperity Prayers and Protection Invocation every morning along with my other prayers. Then I started reading one of the Prosperity Prayers 3 times a day as is recommended. I was feeling calmer than usual. My anxiety/ nervousness had mostly dissipated. And I came to realize that I was being accompanied and protected by the angels named in the prayers I was reciting. I was practically holding hands with the King of Kings, the holy one, blessed be he and blessed me his name.... God! Adonai! Hashem! Yahweh! Yehovah! Ehweh! Havaya! The Shekina! Wow! God energy was running through me continuously all day long. I even found myself reciting parts of the prayers in my head throughout the day. I was euphoric!

I continued saying these prayers daily and reading the book. In Sefer Devekut The Book of Attachment to G-d, Chapter 9- Reshei Tevot and Cleansing The Mind, I came upon a meditation whose intention is to enable the sincere mind/ soul to begin to experience the inner spark of Divine Light and direction. This meditation is based on proverbs 19:21 "Many are the thoughts in a person's heart, but it is the counsel of Hashem that shall arise." In Hebrew it's Rabot Mahshavot B'lev Ish V'etzat hashem He Takum.

In order to create a special name to meditate on, the first letter of each Hebrew word along with its vowels are placed together and pronounced as Ra- Ma- B'Ih- WaYo- Hih- Tah. I followed the instructions in the book and began chanting this special name twice a day in silence (upon awakening in the morning and before going to bed at night) 20 minutes each time. Well, 20 minutes in the morning. I usually just fell asleep after a minute or so when chanting it at night. I'm just too tired to stay awake. I go to sleep exhausted. I must get to bed earlier! I'm working on it! :)

As stated in the book, the purpose of this meditative technique is to open one's heart to be able to recognize the "inner voice of G-d" and to distinguish it from our own ideas, feelings and desires. Well, let me tell you this folks... The very next day after I started chanting this special name/ mantra things started to change dramatically for myself and for my friend/ mentor. A lot of super positive stuff started happening! Every situation we were dealing with started to work out to our benefit! All obstacles appeared to melt away! Positive situations that seemed to have disappeared weeks ago all of a sudden reappeared and were back in motion! It was miraculous! Seriously miraculous! Then my friend/ mentor was given some super serious secret Kabbalistic Law of Attraction Tools! Even more next level then "Walking in the Fire." Were talking next next level stuff!

It was as if the floodgates had opened up and the universe was sending us all the information we needed to manifest everything we want and need in life. Not just information but situations! Everything was mysteriously synchronizing for our greater good! My friend/ mentor and I were both amazed...and were still amazed as this magical energy seems to be growing stronger and stronger everyday!

So in summary... if you're ready for the next level...if you're ready for the Law of Attraction to really work! If you are a sincere truth seeker... if you're ready to become super attuned to the God frequency... Get this book! Read it... Recite the prosperity prayers daily.... Recite the protection prayer daily... Practice the meditation Ra- Ma- B'Ih- WaYo- Hih- Tah twice a day and allow the spirit to guide you! That's all I can say! This book is serious! Super serious! Once you start reciting these prayers you will start to see and feel will begin to attract everything you want and need to make your dreams a reality in this physical dimension! Do you think you're ready? YOU'RE WELCOME!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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