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"Old Shelter Dog" Poem (from the "A Lover in the Land of Hell" Spiritual Poetry Book)

In honor of the emotional Full Moon/ Mercury Retrograde that has taken place this week I present to you the poem "Old Shelter Dog" from the "A Lover in the Land of Hell" Spiritual Poetry Book...

My owner dropped me off here

He left me in this cage

I lived with him for many years

until I grew sick and aged

I thought he really loved me

and I’d be with him all my life

but here I am in this cold shelter cage

so now I’m thinking twice

At night when all the lights go out

I hear the painful cries

of all the animals left in here

Perhaps they’re left to die?

I dare to hope my owner returns

to take me home again

but as the days go by and by

my hope diminishes

Sometimes I feel awfully scared

sad and all alone

I wish I could feel loved again

I wish I could go home

People visit here everyday

yet they hardly look at me

I bark and beg, make eye contact

but I’m too old for them to see

I try to stay optimistic though

thinking of the good ‘ol days

when I was just a young pup

not set in my old ways

I remember taking lovely walks

and running on the grass

I remember happy squeaky toys

eating yummy food real fast

I remember snuggling closely

as my owner rubbed my face

Sniffing butts when at the dog park

running through the gate

Lying peacefully by the window

as the sun would warm my fur

or in my big soft doggy bed

that’s where I would prefer

Getting tasty chicken treats

when I was a good boy

Playing fetch endlessly

with my favorite toy

Alas, all my joy is gone

my good days have come to an end

ever since I was abandoned here

by my very own best friend

Maybe I wasn’t a real good dog?

Maybe I did something wrong?

Perhaps I made my owner mad

Was my barking a little too strong?

Did I not cuddle up to you

as much as you might like?

Running to the door with joy

when you came home at night

I gave you all the love

and affection that I could

Perhaps it all was not enough

I’m sorry I misunderstood

I wish I knew what I did wrong

to end up in this place

I wish you would come back to me

just want to see your face

But as the days keep moving by

my grief becomes too much

I start to wish this all would end

I no longer crave your touch

The people, they pass by my cage

but I don’t see them anymore

I’ve lost my will to live

so I just lie here on the floor

But then one day my cage door opened

Am I adopted? Am I free?

They walked me to a cold sad room...

That’s where they euthanized me

*** If you have room in your home (and in your heart) for a new best friend/ fur baby, please consider adopting an older dog or cat from your local animal shelter... These elderly animals need you more than ever! If you are not ready to adopt then please consider volunteering at your local animal shelter and/or making a donation! Every positive caring action creates a rippling effect in the universe! Be the good you wish to see in this world! You have the power to make a positive difference!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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