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Reaching Out To A Kabbalistic Rabbi...

Subject: Inquiry Regarding Hebrew Israelite/ Ancient African/ Ethiopian Kabbalistic Shabbat Ritual

Dear Rabbi **** ******,

I hope this email finds you well. I emailed you approximately 1 year ago when I was searching for kabbalistic prosperity prayers. That's when you introduced me to your book ""******* ** *** ****." I've been reading the invocation for protection and the prosperity prayers almost everyday now. I feel that these prayers have helped me greatly on my spiritual journey and I thank you for that.

Last Friday morning I was inspired to leave you a voice message asking you if you had any information about alternative Shabbat rituals, particularly the Hebrew Israelite Shabbat ritual. I wasn't sure if your phone number was still the same or if it was even okay to call you, but since I did not hear back from you I decided to email you instead.

My close friend, spiritual mentor and Prince Hall masonic brother insists that no European Jewish Rabbi is going to share the Hebrew Israelite Shabbat with me. He tells me that the only European Jewish Rabbis with this information are typically 33rd degree masons and they have been sworn to secrecy. Another one of my masonic brothers has informed me that I can receive this information by joining a secret group that allows women to join. I will be joining this group soon. All of my spiritual mentors are melanated masons of african amercian descent. One of my mentors is half african american / half European Jewish. I mention all of this because based on what I read in your book, it appears you have studied some kabbalah in Africa. This leads me to believe that you may have the information I am seeking.

Something has not felt completely right to me about the conventional European Shabbat ritual. I am an empathic reiki energy healer, a pisces, a loner, a truth seeker. I feel that we share some common traits. I am highly sensitive and I've been attacked energetically many a time on Friday before Shabbat and Saturday during Shabbat. I wear every kind of protective medallion, rings (King Solomon's seals, etc) and I even just started wearing tzittzit to sleep. I am making progress...

At this point I am seeking the real authentic Kabbalistic ancient Shabbat (Hebrew Israelite?) prayers/ ritual. Is this something you can provide? Have you written any books on this subject? or must I become one of your students to learn this information? Or are you sworn to secrecy with this information? (I'm sure if you are you're not going to tell me) Please let me know if there is anything on this subject that you can share with me? Or if there's a document/ book I can purchase?

Thank you for your consideration! Peace and Blessings!


Jennie - ******* : ******

Subject: Re: Inquiry Regarding Hebrew Israelite/ Ancient African/ Ethiopian Kabbalistic Shabbat Ritual


I find your email to be rather strange, and possibly containing some incorrect information.

With regards to the ritual observance of the Jewish Sabbath, the ways and means as to how it is performed is covered in numerous books in all languages, as well as in many online videos from reliable Orthodox Jewish sources.

As for how the Sabbath was observed in Biblical times, as opposed to later Rabbinic ordinances, this subject is also covered in many places.

This is one area in Judaism where there are no secrets. Sabbath observance is very much out in the open.

I cannot see any relationship between Masonry (regardless of its levels) and Sabbath observance. The two, to me, seem to have no relationship whatsoever.

If you are seeking to observe the Jewish Sabbath is the ways that Jews observe it, you may want to consult with a local Orthodox Rabbi and consider pursuing a full course of conversion to Orthodox Judaism.

Blessings to you.

Shalom, *. ***** * ******

Subject: Re: Inquiry Regarding Hebrew Israelite/ Ancient African/ Ethiopian Kabbalistic Shabbat Ritual

Okay Rabbi,

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my email.

Take care,


Subject: Rabbi? May I ask you 2 more questions, Please? Regarding your book "******* ** *** ****"

Rabbi *. ***** * ****** ,

I apologize for taking up your time with all these questions. I'm sure you are very busy and must receive many questions. But I do have two more important questions (at least important to me) that have been concerning me for a while. I probably should've emailed you much sooner to ask you about this. I'm not sure why I didn't. Perhaps I just like to take risks? However, these should be my last 2 questions and then I won't bother you anymore (bli neder).

My first question is regarding Chapter 9, The Protection Invocation in your book ""******* ** *** ****." You mention in the beginning of the chapter not to recite aloud any angelic names and that the names not to recite aloud are underlined in the transliteration. However, no names are underlined in the transliteration. Does this mean that all the names in the protection invocation may be recited aloud? (Berakiel, Yaluwiel, Shamariel, Argiel, Sargiel, Nargiel, Agaf, Shagaf, Nagaf, Paniel Uriel, Adiriroon, Niohriroon Agla, etc...) I was wondering why you would add a warning at the beginning of the chapter if it was okay to recite all these names aloud.

My second question is... if I were to accidentally, or perhaps even purposely recite forbidden angelic names out loud, is there a remedy for this? Rabbi, I think I may have made some mistakes out of ignorance. I'm trying my best to get back on the correct path here. I am still learning and far from perfect. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions.

Thanks you.


Jennie * ******

Subject: Re: Rabbi? May I ask you 2 more questions, Please? Regarding your book "******* ** *** ****"

the rules state not to recite angelic names out loud, I just repeat the rules when I translate the prayer. as for actually saying them, as long as one's devotion is sincere, I would trust in God that Heaven understands.


*. ***** * ******

Subject: Re: Rabbi? May I ask you 2 more questions, Please? Regarding your book "******* ** *** ****"

Okay Rabbi, the instructions are a bit confusing, but thank you for clarifying! My intentions and devotion have always been sincere. And I sincerely hope I haven't upset or offended any angels (or any spirits/ beings for that matter). I will remember to trust in God. I was reminded of this quite recently when I was guided to #74 in the Holy Goralot of Ahitophel of your book (while praying/ meditating). Your book literally turned to this page and my eyes were instantly guided to #74. I had been wondering if I was being cursed. Thank you for all your help and your wonderful book! Have a great rest of your week!


Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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