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Shopping Demons: Do They Actually Exist?

I've come to the conclusion that there may be some truth to the idea that shopping demons do in fact exist! Just as some demons feed on alcohol, drugs, food, sex, fear and violence, I am now thinking that there must be certain demons that feed on the act of shopping...or over-shopping (or over-spending)! Where has this idea originated from you ask? Well, the thought simply popped in my mind while contemplating my 7 year old step daughter's shopping habits/ behaviors.... Especially after taking her to target the other day to spend her $100 gift card...

I've began to notice that the simple act of shopping has a profound effect on her attitude. In fact, it makes her worse! She becomes mean spirited, uppity, obnoxious, extra rude and down right annoying! Maybe this is just a 7 year old thing? or Maybe the target we went to the other day had extra bad energy (It actually did! It was awful!) Perhaps my analysis would've stopped right there if I hadn't known my step daughter's history or the history of her mother who was in fact a shopping addict (and unfortunately, to her greatest detriment, a drug addict.) Perhaps this shopping demon is genetically communicable as many demons are known to be? I am thinking so.

Ofcourse environmental effects must be taken into consideration as well. When a young child watches their mother add items to an amazon cart for hours on end, day after day- this must have an impact on the child's consciousness and will in fact predict their future behavioral patterns! Yes, this is all understandable and at the same time quite disturbing. I'm sure if shopping demons do exist, they are salivating at the chance to drain the life force of any and all unsuspecting shopping addicts! Even better if they can obtain some of that pure unadulterated 7 year old energy! What power that must obtain!

I've watched and analyzed the situation closely... My step daughter is addicted to shopping on her tablet (on amazon)... she's addicted to food deliveries (as opposed to preparing food at home) and she wants just about everything she finds wherever we go! Yes, again, I get it... she's in that age category to want everything! However, my step daughter becomes visibly irritated and upset when anyone, especially myself, tries to remove the tablet from her grip when she is engaged in one of her online amazon shopping sprees. Again, this could just be a 7 year old thing...or an EMF thing as well!

Many are aware of the dangers associated with computer/ cell phone/ tablet addiction. And I'm sure that there must be demons associated with these detrimental frequencies as well. If it wasn't for the fact that this young child arrived at my home with a tablet addiction I would be doing my very best to keep her from even knowing that a tablet exists... But I suppose it may be too late to fix this... Her father and I just have to do our best to keep her tablet time limited. So far this has not worked out so well! So be it! The kid is a shopping addict and a tablet addict. Welcome to capitalism!

Interestingly, in comparison, when I was a young child I hated shopping. I found the whole routine quite exhausting... But maybe that's because I am an empath and I find being around people quite exhausting! My mother used to drag me to Loehmanns to shop for clothing. I found it to be the most boring torturous experience ever! In my teens I became a little more excited about shopping when my father would take me on shopping sprees for trendy shoes and clothing. I would actually get high off of the experience and for a moment my teenage depression appeared to be cured. There was nothing I wasn't allowed to buy when I went shopping with my father. No limit! Even $500 boots were okay to buy! It was awesome! Then afterwards, after I came down from my shopping high, I would realize that the act of shopping for anything and everything I wanted changed absolutely nothing in my life. I actually ended up feeling worse! Perhaps even guilty for over-spending my father's hard earned money. No, I must admit that "shopping therapy" was not quite "therapy" for me. It actually left me with an even deeper sense of emptiness...

There comes a time when one must come to the realization, as I did, that all the material possessions in the world, fancy clothes and shoes, cannot and will not fill that empty void. Things only begin to change when we begin to change within. I've been trying to explain this to my step daughter, but she's only 7. Perhaps in due time she will start to realize what I am trying to tell her. Perhaps in due time she will realize that feeding shopping demons is not the path to true happiness. Unfortunately there are quite a few adults that at this very moment struggle with shopping addictions and have still not yet learned this profound and crucial life lesson... and perhaps never will? But I would like to believe that we are each faced with the specific challenges and lessons that we need to help us grow, evolve and become more enlightened. So if we don't learn our lessons in this lifetime, we will probably have to try again in the next! But eventually we will all get it right... whatever right is?

But as for my step daughter... I think from now on I will opt out of the public shopping experience. I didn't enjoy it as a child and I really don't enjoy it now. The only shopping I truly enjoy is shopping for things that uplift my foods, supplements and spiritual/ energetic items. Things that make me feel good inside and out! So that's the story! Until next time... Have you been affected adversely by negative shopping habits? Do you believe in shopping demons?

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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