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The Power of King Solomon is Within Me!

It would appear that I've been battling demons, negative entities, energies, spirits and curses my entire life! I've been battling my own demons as well as other people's demons. I've purchased all kinds of protective medallions, crystals, sprays, audios... I've recited many prayers... Performed Reiki... Etc... But the battle just seems to continue... Over and over again... It's like a bad deja vu...

In the movie "The Matrix" Neo was constantly battling negative forces... That is until he stopped fighting back... Once he stopped fighting he could no longer be defeated! In essence, there can only be a battle if we choose to fight... Which brings me to a very important question... Must we always be engaged in some kind of battle with demons, negative entities, energies and/ or spirits? Or can we rise up above all the negativity and take control of the entire game? What if we could turn our worst adversaries into our very best friends? What if our angels and demons could actually work together for our benefit?

According to my spiritual mentor this is absolutely possible and in fact quite desired. Contrary to popular belief we should not be shooing our demons away at all! We should be working with them... Better yet, they should be working for us! Now, don't get me wrong... I have not gone to the dark side. Please hear me out... Allow me to explain!

According to my spiritual mentor, getting rid of one's demons is a very bad idea! Having our own demons around is important because they help guard and protect us from other people's demons! They also help protect us from curses! Without demons we can become very vulnerable! Our demons even have the power to convince our enemy's demons to join our team and help us instead of our enemy... That is ofcourse..., if our demons are already on our side and working for our benefit! Most of the time they are not! Sadly, that's what I've been dealing with for many years... A bunch of rowdy uncontrollable demons running amok! And even worse, I've been doing everything in my power to get rid of them leaving myself wide open to energetic attacks! Perhaps this is not exactly what's been happening... but it feels this way! I definitely have not exerted enough control over the situation and that is because I never knew how to control my angels and demons before! No one ever taught me how!

There is a lot of power to be gained if we can learn to control our angels and demons (especially our demons!). Supposedly this is exactly what King Solomon was able to do! He was able to control both angels and demons... his own angels and demons and other people's angels and demons! This talent benefited him greatly! He was one of the most powerful rulers to ever exist on this planet!

So now, with the guidance of my spiritual mentor, I am preparing the necessary tools required to practice the fine art of controlling both my angels and my demons...for my own benefit and for the greater good of this planet! I have purchased a Solomon's Seal Pendant, which in a matter of days, has already worked wonders! I have two Solomon's Seal rings being custom made for me at this very moment (in Turkey!) And I have started working with an amazingly powerful book called "King Solomons 44 Seals of Ancient Magic: Illustration Prayer Book" by Shoushan Hart. Everyday I am feeling stronger and more powerful! Yes, I think the time has come... I have finally found what I've been seeking! I no longer feel vulnerable and at the mercy of the spirit world...especially at the mercy of demonic forces! It's nice to really feel protected finally! And the timing on all of this is quite impeccable. A family member who has been cursing me for years is about to get a serious wake up call! Thanks King Solomon! Thanks Hashem, YHVH!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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