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Yes! Ebay Customer Service Reps are Humans too!

My funds are not being sent to my bank account... This is my third time contacting customer service about this! The first guy told me I needed to upload more documents. The 2nd guy told me there's technical difficulties... what's the problem?

It’ll be about 9 minutes until an agent’s free. Is that OK?

Yes No



Got it! One of our agents will be with you in about 9 minutes.

You can leave and try again later if you're unable to wait, Jennie.

Leave the queue


7:02 pm Sayan has joined the conversation

Hi j***********, this is Sayan, one of my favourite colleagues. I'll leave you both to it, and I'll be back when you guys are done.


Hi, my name is Sayan, please allow me a few moments to catch up on your conversation so far.


Hello Jennie, how are you doing today?


Okay... thanks... just trying to get my money sent to my bank account...

Sure will help you on that. Could you please give me 2-3 minutes to do further checking on the concern?



Thank you. In the meantime while I am doing my research please feel free to share how was your day so far?


Ha! An ebay therapy session? lol I'm fine... the day was good. I just want my funds to get transferred into my bank account...

I have a very sweet squirrel that's been visiting me on my balcony... she makes everything better... but I still need my money!

Haha understand that, seems like you are enjoying the company of the little squirrel. However I am just checking with the back end team directly on what exactly blocking the payout for you.


So it may take 5-6 minutes in the process, so would that be okay with you>



I also have 3 cats. Not sure what I would do without them. They are amazing!

and I have a hummingbird I feed sugar water to everyday

I think it's the simple things in life... connecting with nature that brings me more happiness than anything...

Contacting ebay customer service 3 times in a row does not bring me happiness...

But I appreciate that you're trying to make the conversation more organic... and less ebay customer servicy

Absolutely I have my own company in the form of a Dog and he is my life too. Hence I can understand how amazing it feels to be honest.


Now that you connected with meI will make sure that it is your last contact for this reason and I will make sure that this gets resolved on priority for you.


I love dogs too. Never had one... but I really enjoy animals... much more than people.

That would be great! Thanks!

My pleasure always.


I really hope this time things can get resolved...

3rd time is a charm!

Absolutely, it will.


Thinking positive always helps too

Hopefully you don't encounter too much negativity in this line of work... but I'm sure you deal with quite a few frustrated people on a daily basis...hopefully you don't allow that to effect you

I'm sure your dog probably makes everything better immediately

Animals are really precious

Yes they are the most loyal being in the earth for me.


Absolutely not, I do not take negative feedbacks to heart as being a seller in the past I can understand the frustration that you guys goes through.


Dogs are pretty loyal... but I do enjoy a great challenge... and cats are challenging... you have to earn their love and respect... and squirrels too! Their sassy!

My cat Roscoe likes to roll his eyes at me! lol

They are some serious characters...

Haha absolutely.


Thanks for waiting patiently and giving me sufficient time to research in this matter. I really appreciate your kindness and cooperation.


No prob!

I'm enjoying the random conversation...

Are you a water sign? cancer, pisces?

How do you know, it is cancer for me, a wild guess I believe on your end.


I felt cancer... a warm friendly family energy

I'm a pisces...

I could be a bit psychic/ intuitive

but cancers can be that way as well

very sensitive

Ahh that is awesome. Compassionate, artistic and deeply emotional as well, I felt that though.


That's why I mentioned not letting people's frustrations effect you...

Jennie, I would like to share with you that the document you are uploading is not getting transmitted to us, hence I am filing a technical ticket on this so once there is a resolution shared by them I will get back to you via email, would that work for you?


Because we are always affected by other people's energy whether we want to believe it or not

Sure, that would be great!

Yes superstitions plays a huge role as well.


I'd rather receive an email from you... than have to go through this entire process again with someone else!

Thank you, so kindly keep on checking your eBay messages section and I will get back to you with in 72 hours maximum.


Awesome Sayan... interesting name by the way!

Well you don't have to be as I have taken complete ownership of this case, I will make sure that we get this fixed together.


Does Sayan mean something?

Thank you, appreciate though. I must say you are an emphatic Gennie (Jennie ) always a blessing for others.


Ahhh Sayan is hindu

I just looked it up...

Yes Sayan in the Indian origin name, means A kind hearted friend


I had a feeling it meant something good! You were named well! Anyway, I enjoyed your positive energy! Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much, kindly keep on checking the eBay messages section as I have filed the technical ticket on high priority so I will get back to you real soon.


Thanks so much! You have a great evening... or morning... or afternoon? Depending on where you are!

Be well!

Well it is early morning at my place. Thank you for the blessing. Before closing this chat session, I will take this liberty to tell you that it's been my utmost pleasure talking and assisting you today. I am confident when you remember eBay service, you’ll remember my service. Have a great time ahead!


Take care and keep smiling. ☺


You too my brother!

Thank you bye!


7:29 pm Sayan has left the conversation

7:29 pm

Hi again Jennie, looks like your chat with our agent has finished. I'll send a copy of your conversation to your email shortly.


Still need help

*19 hours later I still haven't heard back from Sayan...but he did say it could take up to 72 hrs to hear back from him... so I shall be patient! On a side note... I mention a squirrel visiting me on my balcony... and if you've read some of my past articles you will know that I am trying my very best to keep squirrels away from my balcony because of the neighbor who lives under me. He is not very friendly towards squirrels and I do not wish to see any of my little friends get hurt. But it was the strangest thing... My favorite little special squirrel Ms. Perfect Patches appeared in a dream I had over the weekend, and then the next day she was on my balcony again! The good news is, Ms. Perfect is very smart and knows not to go to the 2nd floor neighbor's balcony. She visits me from the roof and then leaves by way of the roof. We just have to make sure none of the other squirrels discover our little secret! I must keep the peace!

Til next time... Yes, Ebay customer service reps are people too! Even if they do sound like robots sometimes! We should try our best to be nice to them! What goes around comes around... Love thy neighbor as thyself! Even if your neighbor is on the other side of the planet! We are all more connected then we may think!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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