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Turn Your Suffering Into Greatness! 7 Steps

Unfortunately we live in a world where pain and suffering exist for many people on a daily basis. All too often this state of suffering is considered just a normal everyday way of life. We live in a society that tends to suppress suffering with substances (ex: coffee, alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals, junk food and so forth). Many people believe they are stuck and there's nothing they can do about their suffering. Yet we all have the power to change our state of being and turn it into something miraculous.Whether it is mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial or social there are steps we can all take to help overcome the suffering and actually use it to our benefit to create greatness in our lives and the lives of others. The following are 7 helpful steps to overcome suffering and turn it into greatness:

1) Realize -The first step is to realize that you are in fact suffering! All of us have bad days. We wake up feeling sick. We get cut off in traffic. We have a fight with our significant other or we get fired from our job. These events may get us upset and may even leave us feeling depressed for a while. At some reasonable point in time though we should be able to recover and move on in life. However, do you wake up everyday feeling like hell? Do you go through your day dragging along with no enjoyment? Are you in constant pain mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually or financially? Has this been going on for a particularly long period of time? Perhaps it's time to admit to yourself that you are in fact suffering!

2) Decide – So now that you've come to the conclusion that you are in fact suffering, are you going to ignore the problem and try to block it out or are you going to decide to actually fix the problem and make a positive change in your life? Sometimes it takes a tragic event or extreme situation to force us to decide to change. Sometimes it just comes as a gentle knowingness. For some the suffering becomes so great that it can no longer be ignored and must get resolved. Regardless of the reason, you decide that it's time to end your suffering and you are really going to make the effort to do so.

3) Search - Now that you've realized that you are in fact suffering and you've decided your going to try to do something about this, it is time to get motivated to search for answers. We are fortuitous to be living in the age of information. The internet is an amazing resource for information and research. You can find just about anything by googling it. Start seeking answers. Ask the spirit to guide you. Meditate on it. Try to figure out what is causing your suffering and how you can resolve it. You'll be amazed how much information starts to come to you just by seeking answers. Whatever your thoughts are on you will attract. Seek and you shall find!

4) Implement- So you've been researching your dilemma and you've found some answers that resonate with you. It's time to implement your new strategy to end your suffering. Stick with it and see if it works. If one strategy doesn't work then try another! Many times you must use a few strategies simultaneously. Follow your intuition and do what seems most helpful.

5) Don't give up -Sometimes it can take a while to figure out what the real underlying issue is to your suffering and so implementing certain strategies may not work at first. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day! It could take some time to really figure out what works. Don't give up! If one strategy fails then move on to the next. If you've gone through all your strategies then go back and search some more. Sometimes you have to step off the beaten path and look for alternative strategies that most people wouldn't even consider. Try thinking outside the box. For some it could take a lifetime to figure out the cause and resolution to their suffering. Try not to be concerned about how long it will take you to figure things out. If you don't give up you should eventually find the solution(s)!

6) Gratitude - Be grateful that you've decided to find a way to end your suffering and that you are really making the effort. Enjoy the journey! You are taking a very important step in your life and you are well on your way to greatness! Your suffering is almost over! In fact, all the effort you are putting into researching and implementing strategies may actually help take your mind off of your suffering. Just knowing that you are really making an effort to end your suffering may give you a sense of fulfillment. This fulfillment may actually help relieve some of your suffering as well! Be grateful that you've taken this opportunity to become a better, more knowledgeable & enlightened being.

7) Help Others – Whether or not you've completely resolved your issue, at some point in time you will realize that you have learned a ton about your condition and probably many other conditions as well. Put those lessons to use. Help others! Start a blog! Write a book! Create art! Start a non-profit! Go out into the world and help others! You've suffered enough. You've learned so much. Now it's time to help others end their suffering! Perhaps you are still suffering a bit? Helping others should give you a sense of fulfillment and peace. Your suffering has not been in vain! You can use what you've learned to make a difference in the world. You are better for the challenges you've faced. You are an inspiration! Go out and inspire people with your story! Change the world! It's all possible! Congratulations! You are the embodiment of greatness!

This is how you turn your suffering into greatness! I hope that if you are in fact suffering this article has helped you to decide to take the initiative to implement change in your life. You'll be happy you did! Til next time... Peace and Blessings!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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